Article 11



11.1          Classified Job Vacancies


11.10      Management shall identify those vacant Classified jobs which are to be filled.


11.11      Management encourages staff to consider opportunities for advancement and cross-training. Classified job vacancies will be advertised intra-departmentally and/or in-house for a period of at least 7 calendar days before advertisement to the public, except as follows:


11.111        "In-house" and public advertisement of jobs may be done concurrently when


a.             A job is in a highly technical area and/or there is a likelihood that there would be few (if any) qualified in-house applicants, or


b.            In job groups in which minority or female under-representation is identified in the College's Affirmative Action Plan.


11.112        Jobs may be filled without either in-house or public advertisement under the following conditions:


a.             Under the provision of Article 10.5, 10.6 or 11.5.


b.            Under the temporary assignment provision of Article 11.3.


c.             When hours are added to the job of an incumbent employee which increases the FTE up to and including full-time.


11.113        A classified vacancy may be filled from an established pool of applicants under the following:

a.       Intra-departmental posting requirement has been satisfied (Article 11.11 and 11.21).


b.      All interested current classified employees who meet the minimum requirements have been interviewed (Article 11.14).


c.       The applicant pool has been created from an open competitive recruitment.


11.12      When an official notice of layoff is issued, the closing date of any Classified vacancy that is open at the time the notice is issued will be extended to provide the affected employee(s) at least 14 calendar days to apply.


11.13      Job advertisements shall include working hours and work location(s) as provided in Article 10 and shall also indicate if the job is to be filled on a temporary basis.


11.14      Classified employees desiring to be considered for an advertised job opening shall apply prior to the closing date specified in the job advertisement. Employees who meet the minimum qualifications will be interviewed. If an employee is not hired, the hiring supervisor will provide an explanation either orally or in writing within 20 working days of the hiring decision. The non-selection and the reason for non-selection are at the sole discretion of Management.


11.15      Management may decline to consider any employee who:


a.       Has not completed initial probation.


b.      Who is or who has been within the last 12 months on disciplinary probation, suspension, or received a written warning.


11.2          Vacancies for Jobs in the Same Class in Departments with Multi-Work Shifts or with Multi- Campus Local Locations


11.21      Vacancies will be announced intra-departmentally in order to give employees in departments with multiple shifts or multiple campus locations an opportunity to apply for jobs in the same job class but with different shifts, days of work or campus locations.


11.211        Employees shall submit a letter of interest to the Human Resources Department. The most senior qualified applicant in the department who is not precluded under Article 11.15 shall be awarded the job.


11.212        As an alternative, at any point in the procedure described in 11.211, the supervisor may elect to meet with department employees to resolve the assignments to the vacancies based on seniority.


11.213        Any resulting unfilled vacancies will then be filled under Article 11.1.


11.22      Management may decline to consider applicants in accordance with Article 11.15


11.3          Assignment to a Temporary Job


11.31      Management may assign or select an employee directly or through the competitive process for placement on a temporary basis:


11.311        When the job is temporarily vacated by an employee on an approved leave of absence or the position is vacant, in which case the position can be filled temporarily for up to one year.

11.312        When the job is temporary in nature (a job of limited duration or an experimental job), or to allow for job sharing.


11.313        When the job is included in a "project under separate contract".


11.314        For the purpose of cross-training, see Article 15.642.


11.315        When the job is a job share as defined in Article 11.5.


11.32      No temporary job assignment shall be for longer than two years except for those employees assigned to jobs, as defined in Article 11.313 (projects under separate funding). Employees who temporarily replace employees in jobs in projects under separate contract shall also be exempt from this two year limitation.


11.33      If a temporary job assignment is to a different salary level, the employee shall be compensated in accordance with Article 15.64 beginning with the first working day.


11.34      Each temporary job assignment shall be so designated in writing prior to the effective date of such assignment. The written notice shall include the applicable class description, job duty list, salary level, working hours and anticipated duration of the job.


11.35      A performance assessment shall be completed annually for a temporary job assignment which exceeds one year. An assessment will be completed for a shorter temporary job at the employee's written request.


Employees not hired through a competitive process will serve a probationary period according to Article 13.1


11.36      An employee filling a temporary job assignment as defined in Article 11.311, 11.312, and 11.314, shall be granted a leave of absence from her/his current job and shall return to her/his job upon the conclusion of the assignment. If the former job has been eliminated, the provisions of Article 22 shall apply.


11.37      In the event that Management decides to convert a job from a temporary job (Article 11.312) to a regular job or if the job is continued for more than two years it will be declared vacant and filled in accordance with Article 11.1.


11.371        However, a temporary employee or a regular College employee who was selected through the College's competitive hiring procedures may be retained in the job if the job becomes a regular job.


11.372        If the regular employee is not selected or does not want the job the employee shall be returned to their former job under the provisions of Article 11.36.


11.4          Temporary Hours


11.41   Temporary hours may be added to a bargaining unit job for no more than two consecutive years. Within the same two year period, the job can revert to its original FTE without being required to follow the reduction in hours/layoff procedures in Article 22.


11.5          Job Sharing shall refer to one full-time position being shared on an approximately equal basis by two current employees. This article shall refer to general fund and soft-money positions. "Current employees" refers to both within and outside the bargaining unit. Employees outside the bargaining unit can be hired according to Article 11.3.  The two current employees must be similarly qualified.

11.51      Employees wishing to share one full-time position shall jointly submit a written proposal to the supervisor of the department or to the Human Resources Department when applying for a vacant position.


The proposal shall include a plan for the division of responsibilities and the work year schedule.  Proposals for temporary job share arrangements will also include a defined term of duration specifying the beginning and ending dates of the arrangement. Article 11.31 will apply in the case of the assignment of an individual (s) who is not a bargaining unit employee.


11.52      Salaries and Benefits. Payment of salaries, insurance, leaves and other benefits will be handled in the same manner as they are for other part-time bargaining unit employees.


11.53      If for any reason one of the participants is unavailable or unwilling to continue participation in the job sharing assignment, the remaining participant, subject to Article 11.3 and 13.1, must


a.       Work with the supervisor and the Human Resources Department to try and find another qualified employee within a reasonable period of time, or


b.      Request a return to full-time status, or


c.       Resign.


11.54      All decisions about job shares (initial approvals, any changes and whether or not to continue a job share) are at the sole discretion of Management.