Article 1



For the purposes of this Agreement only, the following definitions shall apply:


1.1              "Federation" shall mean the Portland Community College Federation of Classified Employees, Local 3922 of the American Federation of Teachers, AFL-CIO, affiliated with AFT - Oregon.


1.2              "Board" shall mean the Board of Education of Portland Community College District as the elected representative of the citizens of the Portland Community College District.


1.3              The word "Management" used herein refers to the Board or to the person(s) to whom the Board has delegated its authority.


1.4              "President" shall mean the President of Portland Community College.


1.5              "Employee" shall mean any person employed in an approved part-time or full-time job.


1.6              "Full-time Employee" shall mean a person employed in a job approved for 40 hours per week for 12 months in a fiscal year.


1.7              "Part-time Employee" shall mean any person employed in a .288 FTE (600 hours) job but less than full-time. An employee assigned to more than one bargaining unit job will receive full benefits if the jobs equal one FTE.  Casual employees who exceed 599 hours in a single position in a fiscal year will be treated as a temporary employee under Article 11.3.  If the casual employee exceeds 600 hours in the next fiscal year the employee will be granted regular status. The College and the Federation agree that casual employees who exceed 599 hours by working in multiple casual positions receive no benefits and are not temporary employees as defined in Article 11.3.


1.8              "Confidential Employee" shall mean any employee of the College who is so designated in accordance with ORS 243.650(6).


1.9              "Supervisory Employee" or "Supervisor" shall mean any employee of the College who is so designated in accordance with ORS 243.650(23).


1.10          "Management Employees" shall include executive officers (Campus Presidents and Vice Presidents), deans, directors, department administrators, supervisors with titles as may be designated by the College.  Titles for Management jobs are subject to change by the College.


1.11          "College" shall mean the Institution of Portland Community College which includes students, Classified employees, Faculty, Academic Professionals and Management.


1.12          "Campus" shall mean a College facility operated and maintained by the College that may include lower division collegiate, vocational education, community and student services.


1.13          "Other Facilities" shall mean all other locations used by the College to supplement its campus environments.


1.14          "Department" shall mean an organizational unit of either central administrative services or of a campus/facility which groups together related services and/or instructional programs.


1.15          "Job Classification" shall mean the system whereby an individual job or group of jobs is assigned by Management to a class description and to a salary level on the Portland Community College Classified Salary Schedule.


1.16          "Salary Level" shall mean the level on the Portland Community College Classified Salary Schedule to which a job or group of jobs is assigned.

1.17          "Class Description" shall mean a statement which has been prepared by Management and is on file in the Human Resources Department and on the internet. The class description will address such areas as the nature and scope of the job, principal accountabilities, work environment, physical requirements, minimum qualifications and the salary level.


1.18          "Day" shall mean a day which falls on a Monday through Friday and excludes holidays and other days when the College is closed, unless the term "calendar days" is used in the Agreement.


1.19          "FTE". The full time equivalency budgeted and/or approved for the position. This is the ratio of annual hours for which the position is approved to two thousand eighty hours (2,080), the maximum hours an employee could work or be compensated for in a year (52 weeks times 40 hours per week).


1.20          "Faculty" shall mean any employee of the College who is hired to work as a Counselor, Librarian or Instructor.


1.21          "Academic Professional" shall mean any employee of the College who is hired to work in a professional capacity directly related to instructional programs and provides support for an academic or instructional program, or directly impacts student educational success, but who is not a Counselor, Librarian or Instructor.