2019 Classified Executive Council Officer Election Results - Announced at Classified Retreat on June 19th, 2019

Contested Races:

Executive Vice President
Susan Odeh - 34 Votes (Congratulations!) Juanita Lognion - 32 Votes
Sara Rose Evans - 47 (Congratulations!) Jacqlyn Proper - 18
Uncontested Races:

V.P. Membership - Sherese Williams
V.P. Political Action - Denyse Peterson
Grievance Officer #1 (Sylvania/Newberg/Coffee Creek) - Cherie Maas-Anderson
Cascade Campus Representative #1 - Lyle Brown
Sylvania Campus Representative #2 - Scot Brooks (Recently Appointed to VP of Communications)
Sylvania Campus Representative #5 - Ty Graham
Downtown Center Representative - Maki Yoshinaga

(Full Executive Council List Here)

2019 Election Results for Delegates to AFT-Oregon and Oregon AFL-CIO Convention and Proposed Constitution & Bylaws Amendments - Announced at General Membership Meeting on March 23rd, 2019

AFT-Oregon Convention Delegates:
President is automatically the ranking delegate as part of their duties.
(11 Additional Delegates and 1 Alternate will be elected)
Jeri Reed - 54
Susan Odeh - 49
Maki Yoshinaga - 48
Ty Graham - 44
Sara Rose Evans - 44
Zahra Mirpourian - 44
Dennis Gonzalez - 42
Lyle Brown - 42
Rudy Jeffery - 40
Scot Brooks - 38

Unable to Attend/Declined/Not Elected:
Cherie Maas-Anderson - 52
Teresa Moore - 51
Sahar Heidar - 43
Patrice Bass - 40
Kyle Clark - 37
Alexander Smith - 27

Oregon AFL-CIO Delegates:
President is automatically the ranking delegate as part of their duties.  
(2 Additional Delegates will be elected -  No Alternate, as there are only 2 nominees...)
Jeri Reed - 68
Lyle Brown - 62

Constitution & Bylaws Amendments - These amendments were recommended for passage by the Executive Council.

Yes - 66
No - 9


e. Shall submit or cause to be submitted a proposed budget for the upcoming year to
the Executive Council at least 30 days prior to the end of the fiscal year (no later than
May 31st.) The Council will approve a budget at least 15 days prior to the end of the
fiscal year (no later than June 15th.) no later than the May meeting for approval by the

1. Dues will be set by the Executive Council via a tiered structure, and will be based on
members’ salary. , similar to the AFT-Oregon/AFT National dues structure. Part time
members’ dues will be prorated and set by the Executive Council. The monthly dues for
associate members shall be equal to $1.00 plus affiliation fees.
2. The Finance Committee will recommend dues changes to the Executive Council for
consideration and approval to be included in the next year’s budget.
3. All dues changes voted by our in affiliates fees will be passed through to the
members no later than the following month they go into effect.”

2018 Fall Membership Drive!

Welcome to Fall Term! Now that things are starting to settle down a bit, we're out and about talking to members about our Union. If you're looking for the online membership form, click here.

If you'd like to know how you can help with the drive, you can fill out this google form, or (probably more effective...) email Sherese at sherese.williams@pccfce3922.org or Mayra at mayravg@aft-oregon.org to coordinate.

Dates: Monday, October 8th through Friday, October 12th, 2018

Time: Generally 9am-4pm
Location: All over PCC!!!

2018 Classified Retreat. Union Power!!!

What a success!!! Our 2018 Classified Professional Development Retreat had RECORD ATTENDANCE... Over 1/3 of our entire bargaining unit was present throughout the day.

Wed. June 20th – SE Campus

PCCFCE Officer Election Results (Announced at the Classified Retreat)

(521) ballots sent out

- (160) valid ballots received

- (90) votes for Candidate A (Jeff Grider)

- (70) votes for Candidate B (Deborah Hall)

All other races were uncontested and not on the ballot.

President - Jeff Grider

Treasurer - Jean Garside


Sylvania Campus Representative # 3 - Ed Tjaden


Cascade/Swan Island Campus Representative # 2 - Debra Porta


Rock Creek Campus Representative # 2 - Cierra Schulman


Rock Creek Campus Representative # 3 -  Rudy Jeffery

Results of the General Membership Election held on March 24, 2018

20 total ballots counted

Constitution & Bylaws Amendment
YES - 20 votes 
NO - 0 Votes

Approved Amendment to the Constitution: Article VI: Meetings
A General Membership meeting shall be held at least once each calendar year. The day and time is to be determined by the Vice President of Membership, early enough to elect and register delegates to any AFT-Oregon, AFT and Oregon AFL-CIO Conventions being held later that year.

AFT Oregon Convention - May 4-6th 2018 - Portland, Oregon
Jeff Grider - President - Automatic Ranking Delegate
Collette Keele - 19 votes - Delegate
Elisabeth Garcia-Davidson - 18 votes - Delegate 
Sherese Williams - 17 votes  - Delegate
Deborah Hall - 17 votes  - Delegate
Ida Jones - 16 votes  - Delegate
Alex Smith - 16 votes  - Delegate 

AFT-National Convention - July 13-16, 2018 - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Jeff Grider - President - Automatic Ranking Delegate
Denyse Peterson - 11 votes - Delegate
Elisabeth Davidson - 6 votes - Alternate
Deborah Hall - 6 votes
Ida Jones - 5 votes
Collette Keele - 5 votes
Alex Smith - 4 votes

Congratulations to all the delegates !! 

Along with the vote for convention delegates at the General Membership meeting on March 24th, full members will also vote for the following amendment to the Constitution, recommended by the Executive Council.


1. A General Membership meeting shall be held at least once each calendar year. during the month of February. The day and time is to be determined by the Vice President of Membership., early enough to elect and register dDelegates to the any AFT-Oregon, AFT and Oregon AFL-CIO Conventions shall be elected at the February General Membership meeting. being held later that year.

Bold = inserted language   
Strikethrough = deleted language

Say hello to our new Vice President of Membership, Sherese Williams

Her PCC job is Transit Service Operator out of the Southeast Campus.

Sherese would love to talk with you about becoming a full member if you're currently a fair share member. And if you're not sure whether you are a member with full voting rights, she can look that up for you!

If you've ever wondered how you can get involved, Sherese can share the different ways you can plug in!

We are looking for members who would like to plan our events or join one of our committees. And there's a lot of good work to do if you're motivated to take a leadership role at your campus or on the board.

Labor Relations Specialist

The Classified and Faculty & Academic Professional Federations have hired Vincent Blanco as our new Labor Relations Specialist! Vincent was one of several very well qualified applicants, and his official start date will be October 9th. As we all did, he'll need some time to settle in
and learn the PCC systems, but he's well equipped to hit the ground running.

Here's a little bit about him:
Vincent Blanco, Jr. graduated from San Diego State University with a Bachelor's degree in Political Science to gain an understanding of politics and governments and a Bachelor's degree in Sociology to comprehend the development, structure, and functioning of human social relationships.

After graduating from SDSU, Vincent attended Loyola University of Chicago School of Law where he successfully earned his Juris Doctorate Law Degree.  There he focused and sharpened his skills in Labor Law, Business Law and Negotiations.

Vincent has worked in the capacity of a Labor Representative for the Teamsters Union in Chicago where he represented the private soft drink industry workers of Pepsi Americas and Coca Cola Refreshments and most recently worked as the Labor Representative for AFSCME San Diego where he represented the 
city workers of San Diego.

As a Labor Representative, Vincent acquired experience in private and public-sector unionism, collective bargaining, agency shop, dispute resolution, political affairs, grievances, internal organizing, conducting administrative hearings and arbitration.

Vincent is a great addition to our team, and you can meet him at the "Federation Lunch Meetings" detailed below.

2017 Classified Employees Professional Development Retreat

Rock Creek Campus, 2017

Congratulations to Executive Board Member, Alex Smith!
Honored Graduate of the 2016-2017 Clackamas County
Sheriff's Office Inter-Agency Reserve Police Academy

PCC Classified Employee Appreciation Week 
March 6-10, 2017

The PCC Board of Directors proclaim March 6-10, 2017 to be PCC CLASSIFIED EMPLOYEE APPRECIATION WEEK!! The Directors strongly encourage all members of our community to join in this observance, recognizing the dedication and hard work of our classified employees.  Governor Kate Brown has also proclaimed this week to be Classified School Employees Week throughout the State of Oregon.  We celebrate because we are the staff members who perform vital services for students, faculty and administrators. Our extraordinary workforce keeps our campuses safe, clean and organized! Most importantly, we strive to improve the lives of our students every day! Celebrate yourselves and the work that you do!  Read Governor Brown's Proclamation

The General Membership Meeting for 2017 was held at John's Incredible Pizza Company on SW Hall Road in Portland.

Unions are about empowering people 
and changing lives!
Get involved!  
We need you!

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