Notice: Election of Delegates to the 2021 AFT-Oregon Convention and Proposed Amendments to the Classified Constitution and By-Laws - March 23rd, 2020.


Delegate Nominees: 

Rachael Black Elk Susan Buckley Watson Elisabeth Garcia-Davidson Juanita Lognion Luis Nava Shannon Olsen Denyse Peterson Sherese Williams


Electronic ballots will be sent to Eligible Voting Members via e-mail.


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Winter 2021 General Membership Meeting

Date: Saturday, March 13th 

Time: 2:30pm

Place: Virtual

2019 Tentative Agreement Summary


Salary Structure/COLA Changes

June 21, 2019
June 21, 2020
June 21, 2021 
June 21, 2022 
 4 Yr
 "Topped Out"
2.5% Annual COLA*
= 2.5% Increase
2.5% Annual COLA*
+ 5% Catch-Up COLA*
= 7.5% 

2.5% Annual COLA*
= 2.5% 
2.5% Annual COLA*
+ 3% Catch-Up COLA* 
= 5.5% 
 Still on Steps
2.5% Annual COLA*
+3% Step Movement
= 5.5% 
  2.5% Annual COLA*
+ 5% Catch-Up COLA*  
+3% Step Movement 
= 10.5%

2.5% Annual COLA* 
+3% Step Movement
= 5.5% 
 2.5% Annual COLA*
+ 3% Catch-Up COLA*
+3% Step Movement
= 8.5% 


*COLA stands for "Cost Of Living Adjustment" and makes up for increases in Cost of Living, both Annual (at 2.5%) and "Catch-Up" (8% total over 4 years)

Keep in mind that "Steps" are movement from well below market-rate pay, through the mid-point, to the top of the wage scale at 3% per year. This agreement's salary adjustment catches us up to the 8% COLA deficit over the last 10 years, as well as provides for a reasonable annual COLA in order to keep pace with inflation.

**In order to achieve the security and predictability of a four-year contract, both parties agreed that in the unlikely event that our state funding or enrollment forecast dramatically changes up or down in the Summer of 2021, then a small graduated change (tenths of one percent) in COLA would occur in years 3 and 4. This would only apply to Annual COLAs, not “Catch-Up” COLAs or Steps.

Maintain health insurance caps at current levels.
This is due to current caps already being higher than the long-held, jointly agreed upon goals of the cap covering the premium at 100% for self only, 85% for self+partner, 95% for self+child(ren), and 75% for self+family.

Parental Leave (Article 17.44)
Increase from 2 to 4 weeks of employer-paid time off; employee may retain up to 40 hours of their own leave if applicable and does not need to match use with own leave time.

Vacation Leave (Article 16.111)
Increase in Vacation leave accrual as follows:
Months of Service Old Hours per MonthOld Days per YearNew Hours per MonthNew Days per Year
 0-24 (0 -2 years)6.6710812
25-60 (+2-5 years) 8121015
 61-120 (+5-10 years)11.34171218

Union Release Time (Article 5.5)
Increase from 80 to 108 hours of employer-paid time to conduct Union Business, with no restriction on the amount of hours paid by the Federation.

Health Coverage Continuation During Extended Illness (Article 18.51)
Addition of Part-Time Classified Employees to employer-paid health care coverage continuation during extended illness.

Classification Review.
Additional positions to be reviewed in Year 3 (2021-2022) of agreement, with exact positions and details to be determined during Contract Administration Meetings.

Leave Bank (Article 17.38)
Addition to the Sick Leave Bank of "caregiving" of family member with serious health condition, with a maximum of 250 hours per person (no more than 2500 hours per year for this purpose)

Classified Early Retirement (Article 20.4)
Increase from $525 stipend to $773, for a maximum of 4 years. Program will be funded at a maximum of $1,000,000 and will end on December 2021. Eligibility is twenty consecutive years of full-time employment (excluding temporary appointments) with the College and EITHER thirty years of creditable service in the State Public Employee Retirement System or who is at least 58 and not more than 64 years of age.


Grievance procedure (Article 24)
The Federation and Administration agreed that if the College fails to comply with grievance timelines, the grievance will proceed to the next step. If the Federation fails to comply with the grievance timelines at Step 1, the grievance shall be withdrawn.

Various other changes to the language and steps to make the process more clear.

Overtime (Article 15.9)
Addition of the following statement to 15.92: "Overtime work shall be distributed as equally as practicable among employees working within the same job classification within each work unit, provided they have indicated to their supervisor in writing their desire to work overtime"

Federation Security (Article 6)
Restoration of original language for maintenance of membership and various edits to reflect changes due to "Janus v. AFSCME" Supreme Court Decision.

Notice of Change in Working Conditions (Article 10.5 & 10.6)
Addition of "working hours" to language requiring notice to employees.

Breaks Between Shifts (Article 10.35)
Employees are guaranteed at least 10 hours of rest time between shifts and if this is not possible, will be compensated at the overtime rate for those hours that reduce the break below 10 hours.

Protection of Closure Leave for Employees Working During Closure (Article 17.645)
Employees not designated as essential personnel assigned by their supervisor to work (from home, in most cases) during college closure will be compensated at their regular rate (vs. having to use closure hours)

Leave of Absence (Article 17.5)
Various changes to clean up language, and the addition of Article 17.55 - "Political Leave of Absence" to allow for employees to run for and/or serve as elected public officials.

Nondiscrimination (Article 3)
Clarification of complaint process and interaction with grievance process.

Probationary Period (Article 13.2)
Clarification (specifically, addition of language to Article 13.22 that, as in other cases, leaves of absence do not count as probationary time).

Various changes to titles of positions which have changed over the years ("Director" changed to "Associate Vice President", etc...

Pay Policies (Article 15)
Various changes in compliance with Pay Equity Act.

Parking Fees (Article 15.11)
Language clarifying current practice of reasons why and conditions when parking fees may be increased. Federation would be notified during Winter Term, and enter into impact bargaining over changes.

Personal Leave (Article 17.31)
Clarification per historical agreement that Personal Leave Hours would be pro-rated based on FTE.

Tuition Waiver (Article 19.25)
Clarification of current practice that classes which may not have run without "tuition waiver students" would be conducted at management's discretion.




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