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Message from David Katz

posted Mar 2, 2017, 6:20 AM by Ana Jiménez
Hi Everyone,
I want to bring to your attention some recommendations for individuals at the college who run into similar problems with their administrators.  They can be found at   I'm printing them here to make it easier to disseminate them to all your faculty representatives.  (Note:  My website www.katzvpcc is still alive.)
What does Judge Jorgenson’s ruling do for employees at Pima Community College?

If you have any disciplinary or employment related hearing, first, read the College Employee Policy Statement.  Make sure that all the steps in the procedure are followed.

For any complaint procedure/meeting, bring a representative from your representative group.  If a representative is not available, reschedule the meeting.

To protect your 14th Amendment rights to due process, at the initial meeting, insist that it be chaired by an impartial individual.  Also, insist that the proceedings of the meeting be transcribed, again, by an impartial individual.  If those individuals are not provided, reschedule the meeting and leave.   (Based on my experience, and that of others, an HR representative is not an impartial individual.)

You have a right to be provided with a copy of the complaint.  That must be a written, detailed description of the complaint with appropriate documentation including names, time, and date.  It must be delivered personally or by certified mail.

If the complaint is delivered personally, at the meeting, ask for time to read that complaint and schedule a meeting to discuss and respond to the complaint.

Do not accept any hearsay information.

You must be permitted to respond to the complaint in the timeline outlined in the Employee Policy Statement.
For those of you who supported me in my fight against the college administration, Thank you!   You now have some guidelines to prevent this from happing to others.
Best regards,