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Draft Personnel Policies - public comment

posted Mar 3, 2019, 8:16 AM by Ana Jiménez   [ updated Apr 12, 2019, 7:13 PM ]
Apr 4, 2019
Dear faculty,

Hope your semester is progressing well as we approach the final stretch! Realizing this is a busy time, I wanted to share
  • Summary of Changes for the third set of personnel policies that are now up for 21-day comment. Of particular note are the Sick Leave and Tuition Waiver policies, for which we keep seeing changing drafts that are still lacking important provisions.

  • The April Report to Faculty Senate, which has information about other recent activities. PCCEA will meet with the Chancellor and Provost on April 29 to follow up on our concerns regarding budget priorities and other faculty issues.
More policies will be coming your way shortly. Please don't assume that PCCEA "has got it"... we do have 2-3 hour meetings three times a week, but it is a skeleton crew, and not all of our initial feedback is always incorporated. Please speak up on the policies and issues you care about through the official feedback form and get in touch with me if you'd like to be more closely involved with the policy team.

Have a great weekend,


Matej Boguszak
Mathematics Faculty
Pima Community College

Mar 3, 2019
Dear colleagues,

PCCEA has been meeting with administration weekly to discuss the proposed changes to our personnel policies for next year. We are finally at a stage where the AERC is releasing a second draft of these policies to all employees for 21-day public comment on MyPima @Work (full message below).

Along with taking a hard look at the College budget and advocating for appropriate resources to be devoted to faculty and core services, the policy rewrite is PCCEA's top priority this spring. It is comprehensive in nature, and while there is an opportunity to improve what we do and how we say we do it, it also has the potential to alter all kinds of working conditions and ways we conduct business. It is being done on an ambitious timeline using a new Meet and Confer process, where the Board has delegated all final approval authority to the Chancellor, and it remains to be seen to what extent our input so far is actually incorporated.

It is therefore imperative that we obtain feedback on the new policies from as many of you as possible during public comment. Our request to provide changes to policies in legislative style was denied due to reported logistical issues, so to keep you informed, PCCEA is offering a summaries of changes for each policy, and we will continue to do so for future cohorts. This is to make your task of sifting through the policies more manageable and alert you to any areas where working conditions or the faculty voice may be curtailed. We feel it is important to provide context and draw contrasts with current policy when substantive changes have occurred.

Your voice matters! Please help us keep an eye on this project and provide constructive feedback so that our College can continue to be a great place to teach, learn, and work. There is nothing of major concern in Cohort I released today, but there may be times that we have to call on you for more urgent action to avert disastrous consequences. Please keep an eye out.

PCCEA will hold another open All Faculty Meeting on Friday, March 8, at noon in the Amethyst Room at the Downtown Campus to provide more updates and answer questions. Please don't hesitate to contact me or a campus rep before then.

Hope you all had a chance to enjoy the snow on Friday!

Best regards,


Matej Boguszak
Mathematics Faculty
Pima Community College

On Mon, Feb 25, 2019 at 12:26 PM Wesson, Angie <> wrote:
This message is sent on behalf of Ted Roush, AERC Co-Chair

Dear Colleagues,

After some unexpected delays, I am happy to announce that we have released the first five revised Employee policy topics for your review and input.

To see the new policies, log in to MyPima.  Select your @Work tab.  The newly released policies appear in a box on the left side of your screen under Personnel Policies.

Once you've read over a new policy, you can submit your inputs via the link "Feedback Form" that appears in the same box.

The new policies are written to be concise and direct and are worded with an emphasis on mission fulfillment and service to students.  

In reviewing the new draft policies, you should view the drafts with two questions in mind:

a) What is missing from the draft policy?
b) What needs to be clarified in the draft policy?

If you decide to submit an input, please be as specific as possible. General comments about liking or not liking a new policy are okay, but don't help us improve the draft. Tell us what you believe is missing or needs clarification.  Your name is ALWAYS optional for your inputs.  However, including your name and email with an input can be helpful, especially if we need help in understanding your input.

We will compile all of your inputs (names omitted) and provide responses to each input.

Each set of new draft policies will follow a similar process to what the College uses for new Administrative Procedures.  Each policy will undergo a 21-day comment period.  Once the comment period closes, we'll develop final versions of the policies. Our goal is to release the new policies this June with implementation effective July 1, 2019.

Ted Roush
AERC Co-Chair
Management Lead