HB 2442

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HB 2442: Community College District Expenditure Limitations

If passed as written, Bill HB 2442 revisions include a paragraph* that would require community colleges to recalculate their yearly expenditure limit on December 1 according to fall FTSE enrollment. So for example, if a college suffered a 10% decline in enrollment in a year, said college would have to reduce its expenditure limit by 10% and cut the funding accordingly.

It does not specify where funding would have to be cut, but realistically, such a drastic cut in the middle of the year would almost certainly result in layoffs.

The bill was introduced by Rep. Justin Olson who, before being elected to the legislature, was the President of the Arizona Tax Research Association (ATRA). It has been assigned to two committees in the house.  The best chance to kill it or defang HB 2442 is in the Senate**.  It is unknown whether Governor Ducey would sign the bill if it makes it to his desk.

*The new paragraph (a.k.a. 'section 5') is in blue when you read the full bill (blue is used for additions and red for deletions from the old language)

Attendance Information

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PCCEA Informational Meeting - 06/18/2013

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Video Recording (2 hours)

What: Informational meeting
Date: Tuesday, June 18th, 2013
Time: 9:00 – 11:00 am
Where: Downtown Campus, Amethyst Room

  • Blueprint for Healing – a grassroots effort (Blueprint Board Presentation | 41:25)
  • Administrator Evaluations – a summary of faculty responses
  • Incoming Chancellor Lambert – a report on our meeting
  • Working with S.A.L.C.* – community efforts to help the College
  • Call to Action – letter writing campaign

PCCEA Action

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PCCEA will be calling for action here. Since this may involve political activity (such as working for the resignation or removal of some Board members), we cannot use College resources to discuss this and implore faculty to also refrain from using College resources when discussing or working on any political activity.

Current Action Items:

  • Board Communications. Take a moment to Find your "Pima Comm College District and if you are in Districts 1 (Brenda Even), 2 (David Longoria), 4 (Scott Stewart) or 5 (Marty Cortez):
    • make a Public Comment at the next Regular Board Meeting, speaking directly to your representative as a member of his/her district, inviting him/her to please resign for the good of the College. Note: You must arrive early and fill out a Public Comment card to be eligible to speak at a Board Meeting.
    • write a personal letter to your representative, as a member of his/her district, inviting him/her to please resign for the good of the College. Postal and email addresses can be found on our PCC Board of Governors page.
  • Weekly PCCEA Meetings (location: La Fuente Restaurante (1749 N Oracle) near Downtown Campus) on Fridays from 3:30 - 4:30 PM to mobilize and discuss action items and next steps. All PCCEA members are welcomed to attend. If you are not a member but wish to join, we will have membership forms available at these meetings so that you can join and participate.
  • Board Replacements. Identifying and Creating Packets of information on viable replacements for the following Board members: Scott Stewart, Marty Cortez, Brenda Even, David Longoria. If you are interested in working on this, please contact Ana Jimenez at or one of the organizers listed below (do not use College email or resources).
    • District 1 (Brenda Even): Ken Sternstein  - Packet organizer: Denise Meeks
    • District 2 (David Longoria):  - Packet organizers: Eric Morrison & Suzanne Desjardin
    • District 4 (Scott Stewart): -
    • District 5 (Marty Cortez): Richard Fridena  - Packet Organizer: Rita Flattley
  • Students. Facilitating education and mobilization of students in the Board's response to the HLC Report.
  • Healing Forums. A group consisting of representatives from ACES, AFSCME, PCCEA, Faculty Senate, Staff Counsel and Administration have had a couple of meetings with facilitator Catherine Tornbom from the Center for Community Dialogue(CCD). At our first working we shared the perspectives from our constituents and found there was a lot of common ground regarding a desire for respect, inclusivity, accountability and transparency. We also identified some obstacles to attaining those goals. We will be meeting again on May 14th to formulate a framework for actions to reach our goals. One possible action may be holding campus forums moderated by CCD where employee groups can meet and share their stories. Another action may be a more anonymous, written process for folks to share their stories. PCCEA invites you to share any ideas you have to ensure all employees have an opportunity to be heard and heal from the difficult environment they have had to work under.
  • Administrator Evaluations. This year's annual Faculty Review of Administration gives faculty an opportunity to rate the effectiveness of their Supervising Dean, Vice President, Campus President, our new Provost (Jerry Migler), and Suzanne Miles as our outgoing (gone) Interim Chancellor. This year, in a departure from previous years, we are asking faculty to express Confidence/No Confidence in each of the current Board of Governors. Faculty Senate has passed a resolution expressing no confidence in the 4 Board of Governors from the Flores era and has called for their resignations. The PCCEA Executive Board has also called for the Flores 4 to resign. We are uneasy taking such a stand without hard data from the Faculty supporting such a position. This is the Faculty's opportunity to tell us if we are in alignment with your thinking or not. Lastly, we have taken a few hesitant steps toward giving Faculty Members, who feel informed enough to do so, the opportunity to evaluate some administrators who are based at District Office.
  • College-wide Evaluations. Creating a proposal for 360-degree evaluations for all college employees to be used in a constructive, proactive, positive manner.


This announcement will be updated as new action items are added, so please check back regularly.

PCC in the News

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Here are some recent articles about the current situation at our beloved Pima Community College. (We will update regularly.)

Proposed Changes to the PCCEA Constituion & Bylaws 2012

posted Aug 29, 2012, 2:59 PM by Ana Jiménez

Article VII of the PCCEA Constitution requires proposed amendments to the Constitution to be posted for viewing and comment.

Please review the following proposed changes.  To add comments and/or join in the discussion, click here
Proposal #1: Modify Election Calendar.
Rationale:  The following date changes are being proposed to ensure that elected terms end on April 30th, the same date Meet and Confer is required to end by policy.  The PCC Board of Governors is requesting proposals earlier, so we need to also allow the Chief Spokesperson have sufficient time to assemble the Meet and Confer Team.
[Bylaws] ARTICLE VIII – Elections

Section 1 – Elections Committee - The President of the Association shall appoint an Election Coordinator no later than September March 1. The Election Coordinator shall form a committee by appointing no less than two other Association members. This Elections Committee will be responsible for carrying out the nomination and election of officers in a confidential and democratic manner.

Section 2 – Nominations - The Elections Committee shall organize the nomination of officers. The nomination period will last no less than 7 days and shall end by September March 30. Only active members may submit nominations.

Section 3- Public Discussion Period – The Elections Committee, with assistance from the Web-Master, shall post on-line a sample ballot, no later than October April 10. Actual balloting shall begin no sooner than seven days after this posting.

Section 4 - Balloting - The Elections Committee, with assistance from the Membership Coordinator and Web-Master, as necessary, shall conduct the election. Members shall vote for candidates by secret ballot in accordance with procedures developed by the elections committee and approved by the Executive Board. Balloting and counting will be completed and results posted to the Association website, no later than October 31 April 30.

Section 5 – The term of office begins November September 1 and runs for one year.

Section 6 – If after elections there remain vacant positions these shall be filled by the new Executive Board after November May 1 as delineated in Article V, Section 3 of the constitution.

Proposal #2: Modification of Representative to PCCEA Member Ratio.
Rationale:  The change from fifteen to eleven is in response to the workload of current campus representatives. 
[Bylaws] ARTICLE V - Campus Representatives

Section 2 - Each campus shall elect a minimum of one (1) Campus Representative and additional Campus Representatives based on the ratio of one (1) Representative for each fifteen eleven (15 11) Association members, or major fraction thereof, at that campus. Association members assigned at more than one campus shall be counted as a part of the campus Association membership where they are assigned a majority of their work time. Nominations and elections for Campus Representatives shall take place simultaneously with elections of officers. The Membership Coordinator shall inform the Elections Committee Chair of the number of Campus Representatives to which each campus is entitled.

Proposal #3: Modification of Executive Board Composition.
Rationale:  The following changes ensure that appointed PCCEA leadership are included in Executive Board discussions; however, only elected officials will hold a voting position.
[Constitution] ARTICLE V - Executive Board

Section 1 - The Executive Board shall consist of the Officers of the Association, the immediate past President, and the Campus Representatives, the Election Coordinator, the Webmaster, the members of the Negotiating Committee, and the Data Analyst. The Election Coordinator, Webmaster, Data Analyst and members of the Negotiating Committee shall be non-voting members of the Board. The Executive Board shall be the executive authority of the Association, and it shall be the legislative and policy-forming body of the Association. A member occupying more than one voting position shall have only one vote.

PCC Board Candidate Forums

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PCCEA encourages all citizens to attend any and all PCC Board Candidate Forums.
Event: PCC Governing Board Candidates Forum
When: Saturday, July 21, 2012
Where: Las Cazuelitas Restaurant West [map]
Time: 8:30 am
Host: Macario Saldate and his Community Advisory Committee 

Event: District 5 Candidate Forum on the Steve Leal radio show

When: Thursday, August 2, 2012

Where: AM Radio station KWFM 1330

Time:  12:00 noon - 1:00 PM 

Notes: Richard Fridena and Marty Cortez, candidates for District 5, will be on from noon to one. Please take the time to listen and to call in your questions at 520-529-3508.

Event: PCC Governing Board Candidates Forum
When: Tuesday, September 11, 2012
Where: PCC Downtown Campus, Amethyst Room [map]
Time: 6:00 - 8:00 pm
Host: The League of Women Voters of Greater Tucson, Las Adelitas Arizona and the Pima County/Tucson Women's Commission
We will post all upcoming forums on our calendar as we become informed of them.

PCCEA Endorsement of Candidates for the Board of Governors

posted Jun 30, 2012, 5:04 PM by Ana Jiménez

In the election this November, voters will be choosing two of the five members on the Pima Community College Board of Governors.  PCCEA (Pima Community College Education Association) sent all candidates a set of questions. All responded.  Based on the candidates’ responses, full-time faculty feedback through our open forum, and membership recommendations, PCCEA endorses the following candidates for the College’s Board of Governors:
  • Sylvia Lee in District 3
  • Richard Fridena in District 5
Dr. Lee and Dr. Fridena both strongly support the role of Pima Community College in our community.  They have individually amassed years of experience as highly regarded educators and leaders.  They each possess an impressive knowledge of higher education and in particular, of Pima Community College. We believe they will each bring strong, effective leadership to the Board.
We thank all of the candidates for their participation in this process. The questions and the candidates’ responses are posted at on our Board Elections page.  We invite everyone to visit the site and read the candidates’ statements.


PCC Board Candidate Forums for Faculty

posted May 29, 2012, 5:26 PM by Ana Jiménez   [ updated Jun 26, 2012, 7:40 AM ]

Earlier this month PCCEA sent the email below to current and potential Board members who will be running in the upcoming election:
  • District 5: Marty Cortez, Richard Fridena and Francis Siatta
  • District 3: Vikki Marshall and Sylvia Lee

The email mentions the possibility of candidate endorsement and PCCEA would like member feedback prior to making an official endorsement. Unfortunately, because of the timing, many faculty are currently off-contract and may not have an opportunity to comment until returning in August. However, if you are able and willing, candidate responses will be posted here: as we receive them and you can add your comments below each candidate's response.

The comments require a sign-in. We apologize for any inconvenience that may cause, but it is important to us that we receive member feedback for this particular decision.
Please feel free to email me if you have any questions.
Ana Jiménez

From: <>
Subject: PCCEA Questions for Board Candidates
Dear Candidate,
The Executive Board of Pima Community College Education Association (PCCEA), congratulates you on your candidacy for the Pima Community College Board of Governors.  We commend you for your desire to serve our community in this way.
PCCEA has compiled some questions and ask that you take the time to respond.  These questions express issues we feel are most relevant and will provide you with the opportunity to express your vision for the College and your platform as a potential member of the PCC Board of Governors.  PCCEA plans to share your responses with our constituents and, in the circumstance where there is more than one candidate for a seat, PCCEA will use candidate responses to determine whether or not to endorse.
We look forward to reading your response.
Please complete and return your response by May 29.  You can send your response to
Thank you for your participation.
Ana Jiménez
PCCEA President

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