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Board Recall Efforts

posted Jul 9, 2013, 8:06 AM by Ana Jiménez   [ updated Nov 9, 2013, 10:24 PM ]

Plans to recall the 'Flores Four' are underway. The effort will begin in September for those who have not resigned.  We still believe resignation is the best path, but at this point none of the Flores Four will hold themselves accountable and do the noble deed of resigning, despite calls from College faculty, exempt staff, non-exempt staff, the Southern Arizona Leadership Council, the Arizona Daily Star, and many others in the community.

Click on the Recall page under PCC Board of Governors for updates. We will need hundreds of volunteers to help obtain tens of thousands of signatures in only 120 days in order to hold a recall.

PCCEA Informational Meeting - 06/18/2013

posted Jun 19, 2013, 5:12 PM by Ana Jiménez   [ updated Jun 20, 2013, 11:01 AM ]

Video Recording (2 hours)

What: Informational meeting
Date: Tuesday, June 18th, 2013
Time: 9:00 – 11:00 am
Where: Downtown Campus, Amethyst Room

  • Blueprint for Healing – a grassroots effort (Blueprint Board Presentation | 41:25)
  • Administrator Evaluations – a summary of faculty responses
  • Incoming Chancellor Lambert – a report on our meeting
  • Working with S.A.L.C.* – community efforts to help the College
  • Call to Action – letter writing campaign

Letter Requesting Board Member's Resignation

posted May 24, 2013, 7:13 PM by Ana Jiménez   [ updated May 24, 2013, 7:29 PM ]

Write a personal letter to the Flores Four, inviting him/her to please resign for the good of the College.
Sample letter below:
Dear Brenda Even, David Longorai, Scott Stewart and Marty Cortez,
For the good of the College, I invite you to resign your post as Board Member of Pima Community College. Complete reformation of the Board is an integral step in ensuring probation be lifted from the College. I believe that your resignation would not only be in the best interest of the College, but it would also be a model of integrity and accountability in leadership.
Thank you for making this sacrifice for the benefit of the College.
Postal and email addresses can be found on our PCC Board of Governors page.

Chancellor Search Statement

posted May 9, 2013, 10:22 PM by Ana Jiménez

Yesterday afternoon a group of employee leadership met to review data from the PCCEA electronic poll (attached), comments from that poll*, as well as forum feedback form summaries.  Based on the all of the data and feedback, we have agreed to submit to the public the following position statement:
Pima Community College Employee Leadership Statement
It is clear from the PCCEA poll and the forum feedback that none of the chancellor candidates rose to the top. We, representatives of ACES, AFSCME, PCCEA, Faculty Senate, Staff Counsel and members of administration, agree that Pima Community College deserves a chancellor who garners the support and respect of all those vested in the future of the College. We do not wish to have a full-time chancellor who has lesser credentials than our current interim chancellor. While we regret this situation and appreciate the good-faith participation of these candidates in this process, we cannot recommend a candidate.
Additionally, I want to share with you that it is our recommendation that Interim Chancellor Harris be offered an extended contract that runs through the entire probationary period and that a new search for a permanent chancellor be implemented after our probation is lifted. We understand that Dr. Harris has given no indication that she is able or willing to extend her contract: she maintains the highest standards of integrity and would never do anything to derail the hiring process the Board put in place prior to her arrival.  However, our recommendation to extend Dr. Harris’ contract is based on what we believe would be in the best interest of the College.  Not only would this path ensure leadership with the highest level of expertise, it also would provide the College with the most stability so we can focus on probation.  We firmly believe this outcome would be overwhelmingly accepted by employee groups, students and community members who share our concerns.
Ana Jiménez
* Out of respect for the candidates and privacy of poll participants, PCCEA has chosen to not publish publically the comments submitted via the electronic poll.

PCCEA Action

posted Apr 6, 2013, 5:01 PM by Ana Jiménez   [ updated May 11, 2013, 10:26 AM ]

PCCEA will be calling for action here. Since this may involve political activity (such as working for the resignation or removal of some Board members), we cannot use College resources to discuss this and implore faculty to also refrain from using College resources when discussing or working on any political activity.

Current Action Items:

  • Board Communications. Take a moment to Find your "Pima Comm College District and if you are in Districts 1 (Brenda Even), 2 (David Longoria), 4 (Scott Stewart) or 5 (Marty Cortez):
    • make a Public Comment at the next Regular Board Meeting, speaking directly to your representative as a member of his/her district, inviting him/her to please resign for the good of the College. Note: You must arrive early and fill out a Public Comment card to be eligible to speak at a Board Meeting.
    • write a personal letter to your representative, as a member of his/her district, inviting him/her to please resign for the good of the College. Postal and email addresses can be found on our PCC Board of Governors page.
  • Weekly PCCEA Meetings (location: La Fuente Restaurante (1749 N Oracle) near Downtown Campus) on Fridays from 3:30 - 4:30 PM to mobilize and discuss action items and next steps. All PCCEA members are welcomed to attend. If you are not a member but wish to join, we will have membership forms available at these meetings so that you can join and participate.
  • Board Replacements. Identifying and Creating Packets of information on viable replacements for the following Board members: Scott Stewart, Marty Cortez, Brenda Even, David Longoria. If you are interested in working on this, please contact Ana Jimenez at or one of the organizers listed below (do not use College email or resources).
    • District 1 (Brenda Even): Ken Sternstein  - Packet organizer: Denise Meeks
    • District 2 (David Longoria):  - Packet organizers: Eric Morrison & Suzanne Desjardin
    • District 4 (Scott Stewart): -
    • District 5 (Marty Cortez): Richard Fridena  - Packet Organizer: Rita Flattley
  • Students. Facilitating education and mobilization of students in the Board's response to the HLC Report.
  • Healing Forums. A group consisting of representatives from ACES, AFSCME, PCCEA, Faculty Senate, Staff Counsel and Administration have had a couple of meetings with facilitator Catherine Tornbom from the Center for Community Dialogue(CCD). At our first working we shared the perspectives from our constituents and found there was a lot of common ground regarding a desire for respect, inclusivity, accountability and transparency. We also identified some obstacles to attaining those goals. We will be meeting again on May 14th to formulate a framework for actions to reach our goals. One possible action may be holding campus forums moderated by CCD where employee groups can meet and share their stories. Another action may be a more anonymous, written process for folks to share their stories. PCCEA invites you to share any ideas you have to ensure all employees have an opportunity to be heard and heal from the difficult environment they have had to work under.
  • Administrator Evaluations. This year's annual Faculty Review of Administration gives faculty an opportunity to rate the effectiveness of their Supervising Dean, Vice President, Campus President, our new Provost (Jerry Migler), and Suzanne Miles as our outgoing (gone) Interim Chancellor. This year, in a departure from previous years, we are asking faculty to express Confidence/No Confidence in each of the current Board of Governors. Faculty Senate has passed a resolution expressing no confidence in the 4 Board of Governors from the Flores era and has called for their resignations. The PCCEA Executive Board has also called for the Flores 4 to resign. We are uneasy taking such a stand without hard data from the Faculty supporting such a position. This is the Faculty's opportunity to tell us if we are in alignment with your thinking or not. Lastly, we have taken a few hesitant steps toward giving Faculty Members, who feel informed enough to do so, the opportunity to evaluate some administrators who are based at District Office.
  • College-wide Evaluations. Creating a proposal for 360-degree evaluations for all college employees to be used in a constructive, proactive, positive manner.


This announcement will be updated as new action items are added, so please check back regularly.

PCC in the News

posted Mar 28, 2013, 5:57 PM by Ana Jiménez   [ updated May 25, 2013, 10:27 AM ]

Here are some recent articles about the current situation at our beloved Pima Community College. (We will update regularly.)

Faculty Meeting 03/22/13

posted Mar 28, 2013, 2:15 PM by Ana Jiménez   [ updated Mar 28, 2013, 6:08 PM ]

Thank you to all who were able and willing to attend. Please feel free to view the video of this past Wednesday's Board Meeting (03/20): [click on "Video" under March 20] 

The video should provide insights to the Board's leadership style, especially for those of you who have not attended a Board Meeting in the past. Below I have listed some helpful time-stamps for the five faculty members who spoke during Public Comment as well as the Board Member's response to the HLC Report (the meeting lasted four hours, so it is a long video -- you are, of course, welcomed to watch the entire video).
  • Denise Meeks: 5:38
  • Joe Labuda: 18:25
  • Ana Jimenez: 26:12
  • Scott Collins (part 1): 31:11
  • Scott Collins (part 2): 1:42:10 *You will see that he was not allowed to finish his statement and, therefore, was later called to complete his statement later in the meeting.
  • David Bishop: 47:40
  • Board Response: 1:19:16
I believe it was a really productive meeting and I actually feel hopeful for the first time in a while. I would like to continue the conversation on our Open Forum blog for those topics under discussion.
Discussion Topics and Action Items:
  1. Confidence/No-Confidence Vote. Faculty expressed a desire to hold a Confidence/No-Confidence Vote for each member of the Board.
  2. Letter to HLC. Faculty wish to collaborate on a letter to the HLC. This is especially important because outside groups are not allowed to address the HLC in-person during their Executive Session where they will determine the sanction for the College. This letter would be submitted to the HLC immediately after the Confidence Vote results are announced so we can include those results in the letter. We will also release the letter to the press.
  3. Interim Chancellor. Everyone expressed a desire for a new Interim Chancellor. Although the majority stated that an external candidate is best, there was some discussion about someone in-house.
  4. Change from the bottom-up. Working to replace our ineffective Board members is considered change from the top-down. We also want to work on making positive change from the bottom-up. Some examples given at the meeting were:
    • Request for faculty input and consultation on topics that impact us like mission and admission changes.
    • Think of any negative changes in your department or campus and request that things return to their previous state. Start small & concrete.
  5. Halt New Chancellor Search. It was suggested that faculty request that the new Chancellor search be deferred until those Board members who are part of the problem are no longer providing input into the decision. There was some dissent for this idea but it was also pointed out that we are very late in the academic year to be offering someone a job. We have not reached consensus here.
  6. Strong Faculty Presence at the next Board Meeting. The next Board Meeting is scheduled for April 10th. It was suggested that faculty make a strong showing during public comment.
  7. HR, Payroll. Some folks have had unpleasant experiences or problems stemming from Human Resources or Payroll.
  8. Confidence Vote for Administrators. It was decided that this action item would be put on the back-burner. Our top priority is the Board. We will revisit this in the future if needed.
  9. Recall Board Members. A vote of no-confidence does not have any legal ramifications, but it does put pressure on those impacted to resign. However, if the Board members refuse to resign, the only way to remove a Board member is through a recall vote. We discussed this action item briefly. Whether a Board member is recalled or s/he resigns, there will be a vacancy in their district. PCCEA will be working with AEA to find out how we can submit recommendations to Dr. Linda Arzoumanian (the Pima County School Superintendent) who will appoint the replacement for any vacant board seat. If you have any suggestions for those districts we hope will have a vacant seat, or any other insights into recall elections, please share them.

All Faculty Day 2013

posted Jan 5, 2013, 3:25 PM by Ana Jiménez   [ updated Jan 5, 2013, 3:30 PM ]

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

  ·         Activities at your individual campuses
12:00 – 1:00 PM
  ·         Lunch, West Campus Music Recital Hall (provided by PCCEA)
1:00 – 1:45 PM
  ·         All Faculty Meeting, West Campus Proscenium Theater hosted by Joe Labuda, Faculty Senate and Rita Flattley, PCCEA
2:00 – 3:00 PM
  ·         CDAC Meetings, West Campus

The meeting rooms are listed below and should be unlocked by 1:00.  If you need assistance, please call 206-2700. 
3:15 – 4:15 PM
  ·         Faculty Senate, West Campus Rincon Building, Room F 204 

CDAC Meeting Rooms (West Campus map below)

CDAC Building Room
Business Management and Financial Services Sentinel Peak J205
Computer Software and Information Systems Technologies Sentinel Peak J201
Design, Building and Maintenance Sentinel Peak J210
Digital Arts Sentinel Peak J207
Education Sentinel Peak J209
English as a Second Language Sentinel Peak J101
Faculty Senate Rincon F204
Government, Public Safety and Emergency Service Sentinel Peak J206
Health Related Professions Rincon F215
Hospitality Tucson H101
Humanities Tucson H204
Library Santa Catalina Library
Life Sciences Sentinel Peak J303
Mathematics Santa Rita A234
Physical Sciences and Engineering Sentinel Peak J304
Professional Services Tucson H209
Reading Rincon F101
Recreation, Fitness and Physical Education Santa Rita A126
Sign Language and Interpreter Training Santa Rita A111
Social and Behavioral Sciences Science K220
Speech, Visual and Performing Arts Sentinel Peak J203
Student Success Sentinel Peak J204
Transportation and Machine Technology Sentinel Peak J301
World Languages Tucson H207
Written Communication Science K205
Youth and Social Services Tucson H203
West Campus Map

Happy Hour Fundraiser

posted Sep 27, 2012, 9:58 AM by Ana Jiménez   [ updated Sep 27, 2012, 10:03 AM ]

Join AFSCME membership from Local 449 for a happy hour fundraiser - meet & greet in honor of endorsed candidates for the Pima Community College Board
Richard Fridena
 District 5
Sylvia Lee
District 3
Friday, Sept.28
5:15 pm to 7:15 pm
Mariscos (on Grande)
No RSVP necessary, bring your friends.
For questions: Virginia Ortega at 289-6244 or
 email at

Proposition 204: Quality Education and Jobs

posted Sep 14, 2012, 9:18 PM by Ana Jiménez

The Quality Education and Jobs group sponsoring Prop. 204, the one cent sales tax for education, is asking people to help this Sunday.

WHEN:         3pm, Sunday, September 16
WHERE:       Yes on 204 Campaign Headquarters, 4252 E. Pima St., Tucson
WHO:           Tucson-area volunteers and supporters of Yes on 204, the Quality Education and Jobs Initiative, including parents, kids, teachers and business leaders.

Please attend to show your support!

Read More in the Tucson Weekly:

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