PCCEA Endorsements

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The PCCEA Executive Board endorses Debi Chess Mabie for the Pima Community College Governing Board in District 5. Based on her responses at the candidate forum and written responses to PCCEA's questions, many of us expressed confidence in her ability to make thoughtful, informed decisions that will help our college be the best it can be for our students and the whole community. Her background suggests she is well-equipped for the position, and we trust that she would be a constructive, independent voice on the Board, willing to listen to all stakeholders on important matters. 

We do not oppose the candidacy of Luis Gonzales and would be eager to work with him, as well. Unfortunately, Mr. Gonzales has not provided sufficient information to warrant a PCCEA endorsement.

The PCCEA Executive Board endorses both candidates for Pima Community College Governing Board in District 3, Maria Garcia and Vikki Marshall. We are confident that both would make valuable contributions and keep the interests of students, faculty, and Tucson community in mind. They have both been very forthcoming, and we look forward to keeping an open line of communication with them.

PCCEA sincerely appreciates the commitment to service that all four candidates have demonstrated.

October PCCEA Update to Faculty

posted Oct 7, 2018, 6:35 PM by Ana Jiménez

From: Boguszak, Matej <>
Date: Fri, Oct 5, 2018 at 5:21 PM
Subject: PCCEA Update

Dear colleagues,

I wanted to share a few updates on select topics that PCCEA discussed with administration in recently.

Faculty Reduction-in-Force (RIF)

It turns my stomach to type this, but October is the month when executive college leadership will most likely make the decision to reduce at least some non-vacant instructional faculty positions, meaning that some of our colleagues' contracts will not be renewed. Declining enrollment was not brought about by the faculty and should have been addressed with more urgency. Now we, as all employees, are faced with the dim consequences. PCCEA met with David Bea, Executive VC of Finance, last Friday to discuss the budget reduction alternatives, both in the general fund and within instructional funds specifically. The Finance office provided additional data on supervision lines and funding levels and will be making available a list of institutions bench-marked to arrive at the 50:1 FTSE:Full-time faculty ratio target used to justify the reductions.

Meanwhile, the Deans have been meeting to discuss enrollment data, program viability, and other unique factors within their disciplines to inform the Faculty Allocation Criteria developed previously (you may remember the August survey). They will present their recommendations to the Provost and Presidents this Monday, October 8, who will then make decisions for both need-based hiring and reductions over the coming week or so. Any faculty affected by this RIF will be confidentially notified before the end of October, so that they may still have time to apply for jobs in the academic hiring cycle for 2019/20. HR will conduct training on how to appropriately notify affected employees, and compensation package options for them are under consideration. PCCEA stands ready to help any affected faculty in working through their difficult situation and analyzing any data used to justify their selection; please don't hesitate to reach out to us!

We are meeting with the Provost and Presidents this Wednesday, October 10, to ensure the entire process is transparent, any decision to cut faculty positions is in fact based on instructional need, all other viable alternatives to reduce expenditures have been exhausted, and policy is being followed. In our previous meeting with the Chancellor and administrative leadership on September 18, PCCEA emphasized that enrollment must be our first priority, so it would be detrimental to cut faculty positions that are needed to support course and relevant program offerings.

Finally, note that Educational Support Faculty (counselors and librarians) already lost a large number of positions through attrition and are not being considered for non-vacant position reductions this year. Of the roughly 23 instructional faculty positions targeted for reduction, some will certainly be vacant or soon-to-be-vacated through retirements, and I am still hopeful that we can further lower the number a bit by identifying alternative expenditure reductions. Certainly wish I had better news, though.

Mandatory Training

In part to limit the College's exposure to liability and help the Chancellor accomplish his goals, HR has asked employees to complete a long list of mandatory training modules. PCCEA has repeatedly pointed out multiple issues with the request and was able to get some clarification from Jeffrey Lanuez, Executive Director of HR.
HR is working on a clarifying message, to be sent to all employees any day now reportedly, in order to extend the timeline, prioritize the different types of training, offer additional options and flexibility to adjunct faculty, and provide an estimate of how long each component is expected to take. They have come up with a workaround for finding out who has taken which training already, but a permanent solution is being researched with IT and the software vendor. Employees will not be expected to retake training they have already completed.

Employee Policy Rewrite

Traaen and Associates, the HR consultant retained to help rewrite our employee policy statements (including the FPPS), returned a first draft to the administration over the summer, but it was said to be more of a cut-and-paste job than a rewrite. Administration felt that in-house expertise was needed to rewrite many policy sections returned. Different administrative offices have been tasked with further editing these policies under the guidance of Traaen.

PCCEA expressed concern that Administration rather than Traaen is now rewriting the policy and asked that employee representative groups be involved early and often on anything substantial. We also noted that this project should not take precedence over other critical work the College is undertaking. It was agreed that although step-by-step procedures may not be something included in the final employee policy book, those procedures absolutely needed to be housed somewhere that would be easily referenced as people use these procedures on a regular basis.

    The AERC and employee representative groups are to receive the first sections of policy for review later this month in order to help shape the first public draft. There is hope that all employees will have some input into the proposed changes by the end of the semester.

      Proposed Future Required Use of D2L

        During our last meeting with the Chancellor and administrative leadership, PCCEA requested that additional discussions be held before requiring all faculty to use the D2L gradebook and inquired about the College's goals in this regard. The Provost may pull together a group of faculty to identify the best way to accomplish these goals, which include being able to have all students have access to grades online, data collection through eLumen, and separation of CLO performance by student for data reporting purposes. We emphasized the importance of faculty being given maximum reasonable flexibility in accomplishing these goals and not necessarily requiring them to use a tool that is far from ideal for everyone.

        All Faculty Meeting

        PCCEA will host an open All Faculty Meeting two weeks from now on Friday, October 19, 10 - 12, at the Downtown Campus Amethyst room to provide further updates and answer any of your concerns and questions. It is likely that the Provost will also host a faculty forum that afternoon from 1:30 - 3 in order to discuss additional information related to the RIF; her office will send a message.

        These are sad and difficult times for our beloved Pima. Thank you for all you do to make it the life-changing College that it is for our students. I hope we can keep a level head, stay focused on what matters most, and get through this together. Please let me know if I can be of any assistance.

        All the best,

        PCCEA President

        Matej Boguszak
        Mathematics Faculty
        Pima Community College

        Passing of Lifetime Educator, Georgia Brousseau

        posted Aug 14, 2018, 9:26 AM by Ana Jiménez

        Anyone with a long history at Pima Community College knows Georgia Brousseau. Former PCC Board Member and strong advocate of employees and Meet and Confer, Georgia was instrumental in many things we take for granted at the College: from the implementation of syllabi to the formation of the East Campus. We were shocked and saddened to hear that Ms. Brousseau passed after a valiant battle with cancer on July 31, 2018. A Celebration of Life for Georgia Cole Brousseau will be held  on the 29 of Sept 2018 at Pima College East Campus in the Community Room at 10 am. We hope all who knew her or were touched by her leadership will join as we commemorate her life of service and stand with her family.

        God speed, Ms. Brousseau. 
        You are missed.

        ~Ana Jiménez
        PCCEA President

        Senate Reports and PCCEAExec Briefs Now Available

        posted May 24, 2018, 9:54 AM by Ana Jiménez

        An archive of the monthly Senate Reports and regular PCCEAExecutive Briefs are now available under the Reports, Briefs, Tips page. These have been added to the original "Tip of the Month" emails PCCEA sent back in 2011. 
        New files will be added to the archive regularly. Check them out!

        PCCEA Statement of Support: Arizona Public Education

        posted Apr 24, 2018, 1:55 PM by Ana Jiménez

        23 April 2018

        For the first time in history, the teachers across the state of Arizona plan a walk-out. No one wants to walk-out, and no one walks-out without cause. In this instance, it comes after almost two decades of decimating funding for public education which has led to a mass shortage of teachers across Arizona. The walk-out comes only after a proposal by Governor Ducey failed to address overall shortfalls of funding, promising to increase teacher salaries, but at the expense of financing the tools needed to help students succeed.
        Arizona public school teachers—the women and men who spend every day with our children—want to have their voice and experience respected and valued. They want to be treated as equal partners in making sure every student in Arizona succeeds. The students, teachers and educational support staff—and the state of Arizona—deserve a school system that provides enough resource for all students to succeed. In the end, that is what this walk-out is all about.
        Pima Community College Education Association (PCCEA) stands firmly with the K-12 teachers of Arizona, and we will support them in their efforts to secure adequate funding that will enable them to give their students the best opportunities.

        Arizona for Education

        posted Apr 20, 2018, 3:10 PM by Ana Jiménez   [ updated Apr 23, 2018, 1:12 PM ]

        PCCEA stands with our fellow educators in their fight for adequate state funding of public education.
        PCCEA encourages faculty and community members to show their support by...

        What is RedForEd?

          We’ll join together as educators, parents, students, and community members to demand the funding our students need to succeed.

          We will update this page regularly with news, activism, and other events happening locally to support public education in Arizona.

          Arizona Teachers Vote To Strike, Sparking Statewide Walkout

          The governor's plan to raise teachers' salaries by 20 percent is meeting with resistance from critics who say it is unrealistic.

          Read this story

          All Faculty Day 2018 PCCEA/Senate Presentation

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          All Faculty Day 2018

          Presented by:
          • Tal Sutton, Senate President
          • Matej Boguszak, PCCEA Vice President

          PCCEA Faculty Survey Summary is also attached.

          Message from David Katz

          posted Mar 2, 2017, 6:20 AM by Ana Jiménez

          Hi Everyone,
          I want to bring to your attention some recommendations for individuals at the college who run into similar problems with their administrators.  They can be found at   I'm printing them here to make it easier to disseminate them to all your faculty representatives.  (Note:  My website www.katzvpcc is still alive.)
          What does Judge Jorgenson’s ruling do for employees at Pima Community College?

          If you have any disciplinary or employment related hearing, first, read the College Employee Policy Statement.  Make sure that all the steps in the procedure are followed.

          For any complaint procedure/meeting, bring a representative from your representative group.  If a representative is not available, reschedule the meeting.

          To protect your 14th Amendment rights to due process, at the initial meeting, insist that it be chaired by an impartial individual.  Also, insist that the proceedings of the meeting be transcribed, again, by an impartial individual.  If those individuals are not provided, reschedule the meeting and leave.   (Based on my experience, and that of others, an HR representative is not an impartial individual.)

          You have a right to be provided with a copy of the complaint.  That must be a written, detailed description of the complaint with appropriate documentation including names, time, and date.  It must be delivered personally or by certified mail.

          If the complaint is delivered personally, at the meeting, ask for time to read that complaint and schedule a meeting to discuss and respond to the complaint.

          Do not accept any hearsay information.

          You must be permitted to respond to the complaint in the timeline outlined in the Employee Policy Statement.
          For those of you who supported me in my fight against the college administration, Thank you!   You now have some guidelines to prevent this from happing to others.
          Best regards,

          Capitol Visit 2017

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          All Faculty Day 2017: PCCEA & Faculty Senate Presentation

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          All Faculty Day 2017

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