Proposition 123

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All Faculty Meeting 3-25-2016

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1. Meet and Confer Update (Matej & Ana)
2. Faculty Performance Evaluation Update (Julia)
3. Benefits Update (Julia)
4. PCCEA Elections Update (Julia)
5. Personnel Governance Task Force Update (Ana)
6. Q & A

Annotated Presentation
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Faculty/Chancellor Forum 02/19/16

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Below is a list of questions and answers from the Faculty Forum. The first 16 questions were asked and answered during the actual forum. Because we ran out of time, the remaining questions were sent to the Chancellor's Office for a response. 
In addition to answering those remaining questions, the Chancellor's Office also provided additional information to the questions answered in the forum.
    List of Questions are below. Click here for responses.

  1. What is Pima doing to recruit local students?
  2. Please tell us what is happening with the reorg of administrators.
  3. What are key impediments to enrollment growth and what is the solution?
  4. How does dual enrollment work here? This needs to be a part of the enrollment conversation.
  5. Seems sometimes in responding to HLC and AZ funding issues, PCC is running scared and reacting.
  6. What can faculty do to support outreach to high schools and other organizations?
  7. Quality instruction is key to student success and employability.
  8. What is Pima doing to recruit local students?
  9. Please speak to job security and budget.
  10. Three years ago, you informed us that a lot of administrators will be retiring nation-wide and there will be channels for people to move up. What has happened to the leadership channels?
  11. What are Pima’s plans for district-wide centralized scheduling?
  12. What happened to training for procedures to follow if a shooter is on campus?
  13. Could you speak about what plans are in place to help the sophomores who are also close to finishing their program and degree?
  14. Why have we said 100% of faculty and classes will be assessed for SLos when this percentage does not align with recommendations from research or best practice? Why don’t we adjust the percentage?
  15. You have explained the cut in campus-based administrators. Will there be a similar cut at district? There seem to be new positions there.
  16. Why has the PCCEA committee and you allowed an administrator to enter a faculty member’s classroom, sit there and evaluate when the DEAN has little to no teaching experience at a community college?
  17. What changes are projected to take place due to the lack of funding?
  18. Who do you consider as the “most at risk” student? What happened to guaranteed schedules?
  19. Are you aware of how new financial aid standards are affecting students? FOr example, pulling approved Financial Aid appeals from previous years this semester? Students who were previously approved for FA are now being told, sometimes a year later, that due to new standards put in place this semester they have no FA. Students were told this there weeks after classes started and then were dropped from their classes overnight w/ 24 hours notice, Do you feel we are genuinely serving these students?
  20. My concern is when you say things like “I work for Pima full time” implies you don’t know we are grading papers on weekends and preparing classes or “enrollment is down because faculty are rude to students”. I’ve got evaluations that say different! Blanket statements like that based on anecdotal cases, not data are just insulting.

Special Election Results

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The results for the special election of PCCEA campus representatives are as follows:

Downtown Campus Rep:  José María Menéndez

East Campus Rep:  Theresa Riel

Their terms run from now until August 31st.  Thanks to both for being willing to serve!

All Faculty Survey Summary - 2015

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View the summary of the All Faculty Day Survey (administered Oct/Nov 2015).

Click Here

Special Election

posted Feb 13, 2016, 8:36 AM by Ana Jiménez

One campus representative position has recently become vacant at Downtown Campus, and José María Menéndez has offered to run for the position.  
Another campus representative position has also become vacant at East Campus, and Odile Wolf and Theresa Riel have both offered to run for the position.  
As usual, the ballot is anonymous and your name will be disassociated from your ballot.  

Click for the electronic special election ballot.

All Faculty Day 2016

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Thank you to all of those who made this year's All Faculty Day such a wonderful success.
Photographs by Antonio Arroyo, Ana Jiménez, Kyley Segers, David Stephenson.

Click the links to view PowerPoints from the 2015 All Faculty Day Presentations. [Schedule]

Constitution Changes Finalized

posted Aug 24, 2015, 9:16 AM by Ana Jiménez

At the last PCCEA Executive Board Meeting, the Proposed Constitution Changes S2015 were adopted. View the current version of the PCCEA Constitution and Bylaws in the Documents and Links page.

Proposed Constitution Changes S2015

posted May 7, 2015, 12:15 PM by Ana Jiménez   [ updated Jul 17, 2015, 7:38 PM ]

Article VII of the PCCEA Constitution requires proposed amendments to the Constitution to be posted for viewing and comment.

Please review the following proposed change and add any comments below.

ARTICLE II - Purposes
Section 1 – To work for the welfare of students, the advancement of education, and the improvement of instructional opportunities for all.
Section 2 – To develop and promote the adoption of such ethical practices, personnel policies, and standards of preparation and participation as mark a profession.
Section 3 – To unify and strengthen the teaching profession and to secure and maintain the salaries, retirement, tenure, professional and sick leave and other working conditions necessary to support teaching as a profession.
Section 4 - To enable members faculty to speak with a common voice on matters pertaining to the teaching profession and to present their individual and common interest before the Board of Governors and other legal authorities.
Section 5 - To hold property and funds and to employ a staff for the attainment of these purposes.

A vote will be held 30 days from the date of this post.

UPDATE: Vote has been postponed until the first week of accountability (August 19 - 26, 2015).

All Faculty Meeting

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Important decisions will be made THIS SUMMER.
These decisions will impact future STEPS and PERFORMANCE EVALUATION.
These actions directly impact YOU.
PCCEA needs to hear from you, whether you are a PCCEA member or not.
Date: Friday May 1, 2015
Time: 11:00 AM* - 12:30 PM
Location: Downtown Campus, Amethyst Room
It's time for faculty to stand together to determine our future - PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDARS and attend unless you are serving students!  If you absolutely cannot attend, send a proxy in case there is a vote as we want to hear from EACH and EVERY ONE of YOU!

* We will have some activities starting at 10:30 AM, so please arrive early if you can.

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