PCCEA Elections 2015

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A Sample Ballot has been posted on the Elections page. Voting will begin on April 21st. 

Blog Post: Campus Leadership Changes

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The College has offered a wonderful opportunity for the entire College community to provide feedback regarding the substantial structural changes being considered for campus leadership. To provide an open forum to discuss pros and cons of these various scenarios, PCCEA has posted a new blog, Proposed Campus Leadership Structures,*  a venue to share ideas, perspectives and concerns. It is our hope that collectively, we can provide a more complete picture to these complex scenarios and our opinions on the survey may shift after considering each others' posts.
Thank you for participating!
Ana Jiménez
PCCEA Past-President


PCCEA Presentation to the Board

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This spring's Meet and Confer Presentation along with the Faculty Survey Summary that was shared with the PCC Board of Governor Members are provided below for your information.

SB1172 - Silencing Our Voices

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Last week, Arizona lawmakers amended SB1172 with a punitive measure that would silence school employees' voices advocating on behalf of their students. The bill has been amended to fine an employee of a school district or charter school $5,000 for distributing written or electronic materials to influence the outcome of an election or to advocate support for or opposition to pending or proposed legislation. If this bill passes, all educators could face a fine for forwarding this message in an email or contacting legislators about a bill next session. This bill is expected to go for a final vote in the Arizona House the week of 03/30/15.

The bill is written so broadly that, even beyond advocacy, it prohibits distribution of factual information about topics that affect education. "This bill is basically putting a gag order on school officials when it comes to providing any kind of information that is factual to stakeholders. ... The provision would prevent school officials from speaking about issues even when they directly affect school funding," [school board representative] Vega said. "We wouldn't be able to provide information on what programs would be cut."

Take Action Now to contact your legislators and tell them to vote NO on this anti-free speech legislation. 

AZ Budget

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The House  goes to the floor today at 1:30, and they have HB2442 community college expenditure limits; recalculation (Rep. Olson) on the schedule for committee of the whole (COW= floor debate).  Once it gets through COW, it is eligible for a floor vote of every House member (known as “Third Read” vote).  That may occur as early as tomorrow (Tuesday).

If you want to watch floor today starting at 1:30, go to and view “live proceedings” (House floor).

In addition, for your information HB2610 community college collegiate special plates (Rep. Olson) will be voted on by the full House in Third Read vote today.  This bill allows the Maricopa Community College District to develop a license plate where proceed go to student scholarships (the bill applies only to community colleges with over 50,000 students). Click here to read the bill summary:

[03/07/2015] The Arizona Senate and House have passed a budget after working all day and through the entire night. The budget finally cleared the House at around 8:30 this morning.

In the end 12 of our Democratic friends in the Senate, all 24 of our Democratic friends in the House, and six courageous Republicans stuck to their values and opposed this budget. A big thanks to the Democrats as well as Republican Senators Jeff Dial and Steve Pierce and Republican Representatives Chris Ackerley, Kate Brophy McGee, Heather Carter and Bob Robson for sticking up for public education and opposing this budget package. 

Of biggest disappointment is the fact that the Senate was only able to pass the budget to cut K-12 education and higher education with the last vote needed coming from Democrat Carlyle Begay (LD7). Senator Begay is one of two Democrats who sit on the Senate Education Committee, so he knows the effect this budget will have on our schools. The reductions to education would not have been possible if Senator Begay had not betrayed education and his party and voted for this budget. He gave Senate President Biggs the last needed 16th Senate vote to pass the budget.
[03/05/2015] The House and Senate Appropriations Committees met into the late hours last night approving a budget that has been negotiated between Governor Ducey, Senate President Andy Biggs, and House Speaker David Gowan. The details for this budget can be found on AEA’s website. The budget was approved on a party-line vote (Republicans supported and Democrats opposed).

The House and Senate Rules Committees meet at 10am. The House then goes to the floor at 11:30 and Senate at 12:30. The budget bills are calendared for Committee of the Whole (COW = floor debate, where amendments are added). Both chambers are expected to vote on this budget today.

At this point, the votes are holding to defeat this budget proposal on the floors of both the House and Senate. A coalition of Republicans and Democrats are standing together to force this budget back to the negotiations table. AEA urgently requests that you call and email your state legislators today and through the weekend to ensure our pro-public education friends stand strong against this budget.
- From Arizona Education Association "Action Alert"
Read more and watch an interview with Governor Ducey regarding the AZ Budget Proposal.

What can you do?

  1. Call Ducey today: 602.542.4331 and press 2 to leave your message.
  2. Sign the petition.
  3. Find and contact your legislators directly to tell them to stop cuts to education.
  4. Spread the word.

HB 2442

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HB 2442: Community College District Expenditure Limitations

Update: 03/16/15: Good news - HB 2442 is Dead! "HB2442 (the community college expenditure limit bill) was held last week and not moved again to House Committee of the Whole (COW).  This means that it is “dead” at this point.  This week is the last week to hear bills in committees, and so far there are no strike-everything amendments relating to this bill subject or the study committee for community college funding." J. Loredo (AEA Lobbyist)
Update: 03/10/15 -   HB2442 community college expenditure limits; recalculation (Rep. Olson) was held yesterday in House Committee of the Whole (COW).  This means it was retained on the floor calendar and not moved forward which is good news in our efforts to defeat HB2442. Here is a summary of the bill:

02/21/2015 - If passed as written, Bill HB 2442 revisions include a paragraph* that would require community colleges to recalculate their yearly expenditure limit on December 1 according to fall FTSE enrollment. So for example, if a college suffered a 10% decline in enrollment in a year, said college would have to reduce its expenditure limit by 10% and cut the funding accordingly.

It does not specify where funding would have to be cut, but realistically, such a drastic cut in the middle of the year would almost certainly result in layoffs.

The bill was introduced by Rep. Justin Olson who, before being elected to the legislature, was the President of the Arizona Tax Research Association (ATRA). It has been assigned to two committees in the house.  The best chance to kill it or defang HB 2442 is in the Senate**.  It is unknown whether Governor Ducey would sign the bill if it makes it to his desk.

*The new paragraph (a.k.a. 'section 5') is in blue when you read the full bill (blue is used for additions and red for deletions from the old language)

Attendance Information

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PCCEA Informational Meeting - 06/18/2013

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Video Recording (2 hours)

What: Informational meeting
Date: Tuesday, June 18th, 2013
Time: 9:00 – 11:00 am
Where: Downtown Campus, Amethyst Room

  • Blueprint for Healing – a grassroots effort (Blueprint Board Presentation | 41:25)
  • Administrator Evaluations – a summary of faculty responses
  • Incoming Chancellor Lambert – a report on our meeting
  • Working with S.A.L.C.* – community efforts to help the College
  • Call to Action – letter writing campaign

PCCEA Action

posted Apr 6, 2013, 5:01 PM by Ana Jiménez   [ updated May 11, 2013, 10:26 AM ]

PCCEA will be calling for action here. Since this may involve political activity (such as working for the resignation or removal of some Board members), we cannot use College resources to discuss this and implore faculty to also refrain from using College resources when discussing or working on any political activity.

Current Action Items:

  • Board Communications. Take a moment to Find your "Pima Comm College District and if you are in Districts 1 (Brenda Even), 2 (David Longoria), 4 (Scott Stewart) or 5 (Marty Cortez):
    • make a Public Comment at the next Regular Board Meeting, speaking directly to your representative as a member of his/her district, inviting him/her to please resign for the good of the College. Note: You must arrive early and fill out a Public Comment card to be eligible to speak at a Board Meeting.
    • write a personal letter to your representative, as a member of his/her district, inviting him/her to please resign for the good of the College. Postal and email addresses can be found on our PCC Board of Governors page.
  • Weekly PCCEA Meetings (location: La Fuente Restaurante (1749 N Oracle) near Downtown Campus) on Fridays from 3:30 - 4:30 PM to mobilize and discuss action items and next steps. All PCCEA members are welcomed to attend. If you are not a member but wish to join, we will have membership forms available at these meetings so that you can join and participate.
  • Board Replacements. Identifying and Creating Packets of information on viable replacements for the following Board members: Scott Stewart, Marty Cortez, Brenda Even, David Longoria. If you are interested in working on this, please contact Ana Jimenez at or one of the organizers listed below (do not use College email or resources).
    • District 1 (Brenda Even): Ken Sternstein  - Packet organizer: Denise Meeks
    • District 2 (David Longoria):  - Packet organizers: Eric Morrison & Suzanne Desjardin
    • District 4 (Scott Stewart): -
    • District 5 (Marty Cortez): Richard Fridena  - Packet Organizer: Rita Flattley
  • Students. Facilitating education and mobilization of students in the Board's response to the HLC Report.
  • Healing Forums. A group consisting of representatives from ACES, AFSCME, PCCEA, Faculty Senate, Staff Counsel and Administration have had a couple of meetings with facilitator Catherine Tornbom from the Center for Community Dialogue(CCD). At our first working we shared the perspectives from our constituents and found there was a lot of common ground regarding a desire for respect, inclusivity, accountability and transparency. We also identified some obstacles to attaining those goals. We will be meeting again on May 14th to formulate a framework for actions to reach our goals. One possible action may be holding campus forums moderated by CCD where employee groups can meet and share their stories. Another action may be a more anonymous, written process for folks to share their stories. PCCEA invites you to share any ideas you have to ensure all employees have an opportunity to be heard and heal from the difficult environment they have had to work under.
  • Administrator Evaluations. This year's annual Faculty Review of Administration gives faculty an opportunity to rate the effectiveness of their Supervising Dean, Vice President, Campus President, our new Provost (Jerry Migler), and Suzanne Miles as our outgoing (gone) Interim Chancellor. This year, in a departure from previous years, we are asking faculty to express Confidence/No Confidence in each of the current Board of Governors. Faculty Senate has passed a resolution expressing no confidence in the 4 Board of Governors from the Flores era and has called for their resignations. The PCCEA Executive Board has also called for the Flores 4 to resign. We are uneasy taking such a stand without hard data from the Faculty supporting such a position. This is the Faculty's opportunity to tell us if we are in alignment with your thinking or not. Lastly, we have taken a few hesitant steps toward giving Faculty Members, who feel informed enough to do so, the opportunity to evaluate some administrators who are based at District Office.
  • College-wide Evaluations. Creating a proposal for 360-degree evaluations for all college employees to be used in a constructive, proactive, positive manner.


This announcement will be updated as new action items are added, so please check back regularly.

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