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(PCCEA) represents full-time Faculty members at the College. We speak for the Faculty during Meet and Confer - our interest-based negotiation process that addresses the salaries, compensation and working conditions for Faculty - while the Management Team speaks for the College's Board of Governors.  Visit the All Employee Representative Council webpage to review current Meet and Confer topics and submit any issue you need resolved. The outcomes of this work are presented in the Faculty Personnel Policy Statement. These policies govern the requirements and compensation for the full-time Faculty at Pima Community College.
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  • AEA Annual Legislative Reception

    Posted Jan 14, 2019, 7:25 AM by Ana Jiménez
  • PCCEA January Public Comment
    PCCEA President, Matej Boguszak, made the following public comment at the Regular January Board meeting on Wednesday, Jan 9, 2019.

    Good evening, chair Clinco, chancellor Lambert, Board members, colleagues, guests,

    My name is MB, and I serve as President of PCCEA, the faculty association. I’d like to wish everyone a happy new year and look forward to working with you all to make this a brighter year for Pima as we celebrate half a century in our community. A warm welcome and congratulations to our new Board members García and Gonzales, and sincere thanks to all of you for your care and service.

    As we start the budget development process for next fiscal year, I call on us all to stay focused on our core mission and take a hard look at spending priorities. We have laid off long-time, distinguished faculty members and asked the faculty to freeze their professional development funds to prevent losing even more. We lost invaluable support staff and have not replaced many campus academic and student services administrators. The remaining employees are being asked to do more with less and will have gone without a step increase for 5 years by summer. Crucial areas such as IT and HR appear to be short-changed.

    At the same time, we have added several new district administrator positions with various interesting titles, most recently an associate provost without any listing in the Board packet as far as I could find. I hear concerns from some employees about increased pay for certain directors and wasteful spending on travel.

    Student reporter Amaris Encinas from the Aztec Press reported last month how in just one instance the College paid $6,374 for a “flexible economy” ticket in case the chancellor needed to reschedule, even though normal tickets cost only about $1000-1500. It’s nice that the chancellor could pitch in a couple of thousand of his own money to upgrade to business class, but seems to me the College could have bought 4-6 more economy tickets for that money if there really was such an urgent need to reschedule. It just doesn’t add up and looks terrible in the face of all the other cuts. Don’t get me wrong, I personally support a number of the College’s international efforts, but this is just plain waste, and it accumulates quickly.

    Looking at the October financial statement in your packet, travel expenses increased 5% for July - October last year compared to 2017, and general expenses on administration increased 11%. Meanwhile, instruction - core mission - took a 4% hit. For the fiscal year 2018, travel was up by 15%, administration up by 3%, while instruction by only 1%. I may not be aware of all the context, and I look forward to discussing the budget and priorities more with the chancellor and Dr. Bea, but I see a worrisome trend of pushing work down and money up.

    Let’s be responsible stewards of the public dollars and invest them where they will return the most benefit for our students. Thank you for your time, consideration, and oversight.

    Posted Jan 14, 2019, 7:20 AM by Ana Jiménez
  • PCCEA Endorsements

    The PCCEA Executive Board endorses Debi Chess Mabie for the Pima Community College Governing Board in District 5. Based on her responses at the candidate forum and written responses to PCCEA's questions, many of us expressed confidence in her ability to make thoughtful, informed decisions that will help our college be the best it can be for our students and the whole community. Her background suggests she is well-equipped for the position, and we trust that she would be a constructive, independent voice on the Board, willing to listen to all stakeholders on important matters. 

    We do not oppose the candidacy of Luis Gonzales and would be eager to work with him, as well. Unfortunately, Mr. Gonzales has not provided sufficient information to warrant a PCCEA endorsement.

    The PCCEA Executive Board endorses both candidates for Pima Community College Governing Board in District 3, Maria Garcia and Vikki Marshall. We are confident that both would make valuable contributions and keep the interests of students, faculty, and Tucson community in mind. They have both been very forthcoming, and we look forward to keeping an open line of communication with them.

    PCCEA sincerely appreciates the commitment to service that all four candidates have demonstrated.

    Posted Oct 20, 2018, 4:53 PM by Ana Jiménez
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