Portuguese Cultural Center - Camões IP - Bangkok

The Portuguese Cultural Center - Camões  IP aims to promote Portuguese language and culture in Thailand.

Camões IP is the Portuguese implementing agency for external cultural and educational policy. It operates under the responsibility of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Camões IP has the mission of planning and implementing the policy of dissemination and teaching of the Portuguese language and culture abroad and promoting Portuguese as language of international communication.  In the domain of education and lifelong formation, the Institute co-ordinates and develops courses of distance learning, grants scholarships to students and teachers of the international network, supports investigation in the domain of the Portuguese language and culture. 
Another essential activity of the Camões IP concerns the dissemination and promotion of Portuguese culture abroad, designing, promoting, supporting and implementing actions that encourage the diffusion of different forms of artistic expression and support the publishing of Portuguese authors in foreign languages.

The main responsabilities of Camões IP are: teaching Portuguese culture and language, the promotion of Portuguese culture and also the negotiation of Cultural Agreements with third countries in the areas of education, science, culture, sports youth and mass media, in coordination with the competent Ministries.

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