Greetings from the Board:

PCASC continues to outreach and educate commissioners, directors, staff and the public on the advantages of the “Merit System.” The number one priority of our organization is to ensure the best qualified employees are selected and promoted, which in turn supports student learning.In keeping with our priorities:1. As you are all aware, the Covid virus has seriously impacted all of our activities. We had scheduled a luncheon conference in April that was cancelled. We have tentatively re-scheduled that luncheon conference for October 16, 2020. We will keep you informed later this year on the status of that program.

2. Many of us attended the annual CSPCA conference in San Francisco last February. We’d like to congratulate our Northern California partners (PCANC) for coordinating a successful conference. Those that attended, participated in 2 days of excellent presentations. Next years CSPCA conference is being developed. We will advise you when we have more information.

3. Our affiliation with CSPCA allows us to have 3 members from our association participate as members of the CSPCA Board. Our representatives on the CSPCA Board are: Bernice Flatebo (Commissioner from Garden Grove, USD), BethAnn Arko, (Director from Downey USD), and Bernie Konig (Director from Centinela Valley USD).

4. I am pleased to announce that we have provided scholarships to 2 members of our association to attend the Merit Academy. The scholarship recipients are: Diana Hawkins, Lynwood USD and Bethzabeth Vazquez, Ocean View School District.

5. Despite the Covid impact, there is some Association business that needs to continue. Specifically, it is time to vote on the proposed slate for the 2020-2022 Board of Directors. We are pleased to announce that Paul Andresen (Commissioner from Anaheim HSD) and Susan Meyer (Commissioner from Newport Mesa USD) have volunteered to participate on the PCASC Board for the next term.. We normally do this at a business meeting during a conference, but Covid has changed many things. You will receive an email next week allowing you to vote on the slate.

6. We are sad to announce that David Iwata and Nora Roque have decided to end their terms on the Board. David has been on the Board for many years and was instrumental in coordinating the activities of the Board. We depended on David for his leadership and tremendous assistance in working on the conferences. It was through David’s efforts that we were able to schedule most of our conferences at those wonderful venues.

He will be sorely missed. Nora will also be greatly missed. Her incredible work ethic made her our conference coordinator for many years. Her endless energy and dedication made all those events very successful.

7. On a personal note, I am ending my term as President of PCASC. I think it has been at least 6 years in that position and I have enjoyed every minute of it. The members of the board that are there now and those that participated in the past have all been instrumental in making this organization very successful and my job very easy. All of them have been hard working volunteers that use their own free time to make sure our association presents our members with the best programs and conferences. Special thanks to David Iwata who mentored me from the beginning and became a good friend. We are very lucky to have Bernice Flatebo ready to take my place. With all of your support, she will do an excellent job.

Stay safe and healthy,

Bernie Konig

Former President, Personnel Commissions Association of Southern California

2022-2024 PCASC Board of Directors:

President: BethAnn Arko, Director, Downey USD

Vice President: Paul Deines, Director, Fullerton SD

Secretary: Pat Heineke, Honorary Life Member

Treasurer: Sergio Garcia, Commissioner, Centinela Valley UHSD

Past President: Bernice Flatebo, Commissioner, Garden Grove USD


Ken Kato, Executive Officer, Long Beach USD

Kristin Olson, Associate Vice President, Long Beach CC

Anil S. Muhammed, Director, Huntington Beach Union HSD

Eric Rowen, Executive Director, LACOE

Joan Stiegelmar Director, Rowland USD

Suzy Seymour, Honorary Life Member


Paul Andresen, Anaheim Union HSD

Susan Meyer, Newport Mesa USD

Judy Nieh, Rowland USD