Species dynamics in a changing world
One could summarize my research in terms of "interactions": how individuals interact, making complex population dynamics arise, how local mechanisms interact to produce large-scale patterns, how large-scale patterns affect individuals, and how human societies interact with their environment...In practice, I have dealt a lot with woody plant dynamics: forest species migration under climate change, how mechanisms like re-sprouting or seed masting affect community dynamics, forest expansion with changes in grazing practices. I have also had a long interest for the consequences of these dynamics on other organisms, notably birds.

I favour models as tool to address these questions for theoretical or applied studies. I have long used individual-based modeling, which allows to simulate different situations with great flexibility. Combined with adequate statistical analyses or GIS utilities, it gives a good insight into ecological phenomena in space and time. Other types of models (differential equation spread models, niche-based models) are also part of my toolkit, and I like to juggle with approaches to study a system from different angles.

I am currently working for BECC (Biodiversity and Ecosystem services in a Changing Climate) as a researcher. I lead an interdisciplinary project focussing on species range-shifts, an exciting job that put me in contact with many different researchers, allowing me to slowly get a broad understanding of the methods and objectives related to this topic.

Current research projects:

Developing metrics of range-shifts for mobile organisms (typically, birds) (with Åke Lindström and Cath Davey, Lund University)

Identifying the best habitat descriptors for forest bird distribution (with Henrik Smith, Keith Larson and others, Lund University)

Dispersal barriers in a changing world (with Eric Petit, CNRS, and many others)

Combining bird population models and dynamic vegetation models to study the consequences of land-use and climate change on bird distribution in Sweden (with Ben Smith, Åke Lindström, Henrik Smith and many others, Lund University)

Past research projects:

Management of invasive trees (with Bruce Maxwell, Cang Hui, Duane Peltzer, Dave Richardson)

Transfers of concepts and methods from invasion ecology to climate change research (with a dozen of researchers from all over the world!)

Understanding the mechanisms that allow invasive trees to invade, with a focus on long distance dispersal and demography (with Yvonne Buckley, UQ, and Ran Nathan, HUJ, Israel) - see "the Black Pine Project" link on the left

Implication of temporal cycles for population dynamics and invasions
Tree species coexistence: relating spatial patterns and species life-traits
Response of the boreal forest to climate change (with Madhur Anand, Env. Biol. and Chris Bauch, Maths and Stats, University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada)

Open habitat bird response to grassland fragmentation (with Jocelyn Fonderflick, SupAgro Florac, France)
Importance of farming practices for biodiversity conservation (with Pascal Marty and Jacques Lepart, CEFE-CNRS)