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GroupTeach is a piece of software designed to emulate MS Paint, but in such a way that is suitable for Teachers to demonstrate points to children. Please note that if you are a teacher, I strongly recommend that you do not download GroupTeach until version 0.5 (without the B), because this will include support for the We-learn Teacher Toolkits ( and similar systems from RM ( Please also remember that this is a hobby project. I don't intend it to become as popular as TextEase ( or MS Office (, so please do not treat it that way (i.e. Install it on all computers around you, etc.) because it is certainly not going to get that way. If you want something like that, I would recommend EasiTeach (also at because it intergrates with TextEase well (I think you go something like Tools Menu > EasiTeach, etc.).
Those wishing to download please read the notice below, and then click the download at the bottom of the page.

This is coded and compiled using a scripting language that commonly gets caught in Anti-Virus programs. You install it at your own risk, but the source code is included if you do not trust me. Download the help file for the language at, and if still not, do not install it. I do not force anything on anyone.
  For Techies:
For GroupTeach's Teaching Mode, but across a network, which would be best?

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