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Tuition & Fees


 Annual Registration Fee     $25/$40 per family

 Costume Fees

$50: Creative Movement, Pre Ballet, Tumbling, Hip Hop

$65: Beginner

           $75 Intermediate, Advanced

           $50: Apprentice, Company


Company                                          $130

Apprentices                                       $120

Intermediate/Advanced                $90

Intermediate I                                   $80

Beginner III                                         $70

Beginner II                                         $60

Beginner I                                          $55

Pre Ballet                                           $50

Creative Movement III                    $45

Creative Movement II                     $40

Creative Movement I                      $40

Hip Hop                                              $45

Tumbling                                            $45

Adult Dance                           $10/Class


o   Siblings are 20% off/month (of lesser tuition) for a 2nd child

o   $5 discount for a second discipline.


Payment Policies: Payments should be made the first week of every month and payable to “PCBT”. Please have an adult give your payments to PCBT faculty at the end of class for security reasons. Receipts must be made for cash payments.  A $15.00 charge will be assessed if payment is made after the 15th of the month and for insufficient funds. Please make a notation as to the purpose of the check.

Private Lessons available upon request. Please contact the Artistic Director to arrange lessons.

Once in the Pre-professional Division, dancers may take any additional classes at lower levels at no additional cost. These classes may be used as make-up classes as well.

Additional Information on Tuition

  • The Registration Fee is due only one time per academic year (September through June).
  • No refunds will be made for any reason after the start of the program.
  • Payments are due the first week of every month (no later than the 15th) and payable to PCBT.  Please place your payment in the payment drop box located inside the studio.
  • A $15 charge will be assessed if the payment is made after the 15th of the month and for non-sufficient funds.
  • Make a notation as to the purpose of your payment in the “memo” portion of the check (i.e. tuition, sponsorship, summer intensive, costume, etc.)
  • Tuition for students who start after the first of the month will be pro-rated as follows:  1st to the 15th – full month’s tuition; 16th to the 30th – ½ month’s tuition.
  • PCA accepts personal checks and money orders.  Cash is accepted in a clearly marked envelope. Receipts must be issued for cash payments.
  • No refunds are given for classes missed because of illness, injury, or vacation. Contact your dancer’s teacher regarding makeup classes.
  • Any student who stops taking classes after the first day of any month must pay for the entire month.
  • Please notify the studio if a student intends to stop taking classes for any length of time.  The student continues to accrue charges unless you notify the faculty.
  • Report cards and Academic Records will be held for all PCA students who have a negative balance.
  • All payments must be made at the time of pick up or drop off by an adult.