Information for Landowners

Please visit Survey Activities for details on surveys, engineering, and natural/cultural data collection.

While most of the pre-construction surveying has been completed, if your property is within the RWS project boundaries and further data collection is needed, Reclamation may contact you in order to respectfully request permission to enter your property for the purpose of performing surveys. It is possible that none, some, or all of these types of surveys may need to be performed at your property; however, the survey visits will be brief, infrequent, and will only involve non-ground disturbing survey activities.

Representatives from Reclamation and government contractors may enter on your property, only with your permission, to perform surveys. The representatives will carry appropriate identification and will show you that identification on request. You will be contacted by a Reclamation representative to obtain your written permission prior to anyone entering your property to perform this work.

For more information, call Ms. Michele Gallagher, Realty Specialist, at 505-462-3652 or email The success of this project depends on the cooperation and support of landowners like you. Thank you for your consideration.