Special Needs

Resources to Assist Teachers Working with Special Needs Students

 Working with students who have learning disabilities or neurological disorders is both gratifying and challenging.  These students are just as smart if not smarter than their peers. However, the key differences are in how the children's brain are "wired." According to LD Basics, these students will continue to have difficulty in key content areas such as reading, writing, spelling, and math or in organizing their projects or daily activities if they are taught in conventional ways or left to their own devices to come up with how best to reason out a problem.  J. Pattarez has put together some information to provide you with an overview of learning disabilities.

The following resources are provided to assist you in your understanding of learning disabilities. They are not arranged in any order of importance, only alphabetically. Please read this information on autism and the possible grouping of ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and Autism.Remember we are looking for alternatives or out of the box thinking to 'labels' for children.

General Information about Learning Disabilities

Internet Special Education Resources

LD Online 

Learning Disabilities of America

National Center for Learning Disabilities  (Links for K - 8 and High School) 

Special Education Law

Specific Information on Various Disabilities 

The Secret Life of the Brain - PBS Specials 

Neuroscience for Kids

Accommodations, Techniques and Aids for Teaching 

From Learning Disabilities of America 

From National Center for Learning Disabilities 

Monitoring Student Progress

Technology Resources for Special Needs from 4Teachers

Reading Instruction Tips for Teachers 

From Learning Disabilities of America 

From National Center for Learning Disabilities

Suggestions for Parents

Parents Helping Parents

Schwab Guide for Parents to Help Kids with Disabilities

Here is an example of an online tool that you can use to assist future parents and/or students when talking about educational terminology. 

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