Authentic Ways to Teach & Learn

Resources for Classroom Teachers

Differentiated Instruction

For a classroom that is student-centered and structured to identify and develop individual student strengths and needs, differentiation combines a well-defined curriculum based on standards and research-based instructional strategies to improve and enhance student achievements as well as engagement. This page will link you to resources to further develop this way of teaching and learning in your classroom.

Special Needs

Every student you work with will be a unique individual just as you are. Working with a student who has a neurological disorder commonly referred to as a learning disability is both gratifying and challenging. Each learning disability is unique as the individual child. This page provides you with resources to assist students with special needs.



According to David Warlick and Sara Armstrong, literacy in the educational setting is evolving from the 3R's (Reading, Arithmetic, and Writing) into the 4E's: Exposing Knowledge (Reading), Employing Information (Arithmetic), Expressing Ideas Compellingly (Writing), and Ethics, exploring the Internet's rights and wrongs. This page provides you with information about literacy in K - 12 schools.


ESS 33601 Course Syllabus