Philosophy of Biology in the UK 2014

March 31 - April 1 2014, Christ's College, University of Cambridge

Please note: This meeting has now taken place. Thanks to everyone who attended!

The aim of this conference is to gather together researchers at all levels, and in all kinds of department, whose work intersects philosophy and the biological sciences. Graduate students and early career researchers are particularly encouraged to attend, and we hope for a diverse audience of philosophers and biologists from all parts of the country. Philosophy of biology is a growing area of research in the UK, and this conference will serve to celebrate and nurture that growth.

Theme of the 2014 meeting: Adaptation: New Perspectives on Natural Design

Plenary talks

                                            'Adaptation and Development'
                                            'Bacterial Individuality'
                                            'Adaptation: Beyond the Structure/Function Dichotomy'
  • Kevin Laland (Department of Zoology, University of St Andrews): 
                                            'Causation, Niche Construction and the Extended Evolutionary Synthesis'
  • Tim Lewens (Department of History and Philosophy of Science, University of Cambridge): 
                                            'Cultural Adaptationism'
  • Samir Okasha (Department of Philosophy, University of Bristol): 
                                            'Darwin's Argument Reconsidered'

Sponsored by Christ's College and the British Society for the Philosophy of Science