2013 Mills Big Brew Winners

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Mills Big Brew - Results

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Press Release:

(Rochester, MI) – Rochester Mills Beer Co. and Production Brewery are proud to announce that the annual Mills Big Brew Day has yet again returned a wide spectrum of quality beers that showcase the talents of Michigan homebrewers. Warren resident Zach Typinski’s Imperial IPA and Grand Rapids (Beer City USA) resident Adam Campbell’s Saison triumphed over the 70 competing homebrews to become the 2013 Mills Big Brew Review Michigan Homebrew Contest winners. In addition to Adams’ and Zach’s winning brews, Rochester Mills also honors top four finalists Rochester Hills resident Scott HIlls’ Strawberry Blonde and Saint Clair resident Chelsea Harrington’s Hibiscus Wit for their exceptional entries. Zach will now have the opportunity to collaborate with the Mills’ head brewers on a recipe that will be brewed on the Rochester Mills Production system for distribution across Michigan, the Great Beer State, and Adam will work with Rochester Mills Beer Co. brewers to have his Sasion available at the brew pub in downtown Rochester.

For years, Rochester Mills has supported the Michigan homebrewing community and have hosted a Big Brew Day event. This year, founder Mike Plesz and the brewers at Rochester Mills decided to kick things up a notch to recognize the most talented homebrewers for their world class brews through the Mills Big Brew Review Michigan Homebrew Contest. The Big Brew Day on Saturday, April 27th, 2013 drew more than 250 homebrewers from across the State and far away as Maryland to the back lot of Rochester Mills Production Brewery in Auburn Hills to be part of the largest, single day, homebrewing event in the World.122 batches of beer, totaling 1012 gallons were brewed throughout the day.

In addition, 19* Michigan homebrew clubs were represented:
Pontiac Brewing Tribe (Auburn Hills), SNOBs (Waterford), KGB (Warren), SLAB (South Lyon), CRAFT (Macomb Township), Black Bottom (Detroit), No Restraints (Rochester), Lapeer Area Brewers (Lapeer), Sons of Liberty (Plymouth), Richmond Worthogs (Richmond), Greater Lansing Brew Crew (Lansing), MENZ (Richmond), Cass River (Frankenmuth), Ann Arbor Brewers Guild (Ann Arbor), Berkley Tied House (Berkley), Malty Dogs (Southfield), Brew Bubbas (Warren), Long Point Brew Club (Chesterfield), Toledo Glass City Mashers (Toledo*, Ohio).

“We were completely overwhelmed by the response and interest,” said Rochester Mills founder, Mike Plesz. “But thanks to all of our volunteers, staff and a great group of homebrewers, it turned out to be a great day for brewing and then a wonderfully social day of sampling.”

The brewers at Rochester Mills are currently reviewing their production schedule and coordinating with the winners to determine when the beers will be made based on their seasonality, the Mills current offerings and upcoming seasonal brews like Oktoberfest.

Ingredient sponsors for the 2013 Mills Big Brew Day supplying hops and malt to homebrewers participating in the event include Hopunion LLC, Briess Malt & Ingredients Company and Country Malt Group.

Rochester Mills is host to monthly meetings of local home brew club, The Pontiac Brewing Tribe, who helped coordinate and execute the event.

Rochester Mills Beer Co. has been one of the top producing brewpubs in Michigan since it opened in 1998. The pub offers a diverse beer menu with eleven different styles of beer consistently available as well as a number of reoccurring seasonal offerings. In 2012 the Rochester Mills Production Brewery was opened and began producing select year-round and seasonal offerings that are distributed across Michigan on draft and in 16oz. aluminum cans and is one of the fastest growing craft breweries in the State.

Big Brew Review

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June 1st - noon to 5pm at the Rochester Mills Production Brewery

More details soon.

2013 Mills Big Brew Day & Homebrew Competition

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April 27th - Mills Big Brew Day - the largest single day homebrewing batch event on record
June 1st - Homebrew batch tasting and panel judging
July 1st - Winning batch available through Rochester Mills distributor network

June Meeting

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June 13th - 6pm

The Pontiac Brewing Tribe is inviting all the homebrewers that joined us at the Big Brew Day to our June meeting.  Please bring a couple bottles or growler of the beer that you brewed at BBD.

6:00-8:00pmBurgers & brats
6:00-8:00pmBeer tasting from BBD (people's choice and sponsor's choice)
???Brew Bubbas interview with Mike/Eric/Bill
as neededBrewery Tours 
8:00pmOpening / BBD 2012Larry3-4 minutes
Michigan Beer CupDan3-4 minutes
RenfestRick3-4 minutes
Homebrew FestivalPat3-4 minutes
8:15pmTalk / Q&A / BBD 2013Mike Plesz?

Open House - Production Brewery on May 12th

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Rochester Mills Production Brewery
3275 Lapeer Rd W, Auburn Hills, MI 48326

Open to everyone on May 12, 2012 from 1:00 pm–5:00 pm

The Big Grind

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April 24th - 7pm at the Brewpub

We'll be preparing for April 28th Big Batch Day at the production brewery.
 - Weigh, grind, and bag the grain
 - Weigh and bag the hops
 - Bring your growlers for yeast

Big Brew Day at Rochester Mills

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Due to the fact that the Brewers Association / AHA has scheduled their Annual Craft Brewers Conference for the same weekend as their National Homebrew Day, the brewing staff at Rochester Mills will be in San Diego on May 5th...  Since we would like to continue the tradition of hosting a "big brew day" at the brewery, we have decided to give everyone the opportunity to bring their brew systems to our new Production Facility in Auburn Hills and brew in the parking lot on Saturday, April 28th - one week early.  We hope that this opportunity will attract several more Homebrewers who usually can't join us on Homebrew Day because their club is already brewing together, and we also hope that it allows many of you Brew Tribe members to go visit and/or participate in other clubs' Homebrew Day activities on May 5th.  Please see the information below for details.  And keep in mind that since we will be weighing and grinding all this malt at the brewpub, there will not be a chance to submit a last minute list of ingredients after April 24th.  This deadline is NOT flexible.


Saturday, April 28th 

Parking lot behind Rochester Mills Production Brewery in Auburn Hills - NOT THE BREWPUB!

Mash-in time around 10-11am

RMBC will supply all ingredients from the list below

There will be hot 165 degree water available

There will be cold water and electricity for chilling wort

Feel free to bring tables, chairs, tent canopies, etc. 


Please submit your recipe no later than Tuesday, April 24th by sending it to:



pale ale




munich 10L


crystal 70-80L

crystal 135-165L



roasted barley 







northern brewer










Wyeast 1272 American II 



Let me know if you have any questions.  Feel free to pass this on to anyone who you think would be interested.



April Meeting

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Tuesday - April 10th 7pm

- 6pm - burgers
- The Big Grind at the Brewpub on Tuesday, April 24th
- Big Brew Day at the Production Brewery on Saturday, April 28th
- Volunteers needed for BBD Chef (4 or 5 - for one hour each?)

March Meeting

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The meeting will be at the Rochester Mills in Auburn Hills at 7pm on THURSDAY, March 15th.

- Hats are in!
- Shirts are almost ready to be ordered!
- Dues are due

- 3 foot party sub is today's menu

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