Services & Benefits

The benefits of PBSMA- The Broker’s Virtual Assistant


In this busy, ever changing industry, do you ever wish for a support system to help guide your advertising dollars?

 We can assist you in every way and our Co-op not only decreases the money you spend in advertising dollars, but also gives you a larger percentages of qualified buyers.  

We work in this business so we know how important a seamless, easy transition to our program is to you and we have mastered the art of making your on-line advertising of our listings tranquil.

 Please call today with any questions to (805) 305-0579. 

 Benefits of Our Program

1.PBSMA is a co-op of Business Brokers run by experienced Business Broker support personal with the purpose of saving you money and time on the advertising and marketing of your listings.

2. This is not a new program. We have been doing this for many years with great success.

3. You own and have full access and complete control of your listings at all times.

4. Buyer inquiries go to YOUR email and phone number.

5. YOUR name is attached to each of your listings.

6. Most brokers spend big money to list on the many business-for-sale websites. Plus the cost of an assistant.

7. Month-to-month agreement that can be canceled at any time.

8. Any changes (example: price adjustment) to your posted listings are done with ONE email or phone call to us. We then make the change on ALL the business-for-sale websites for you.

9. Our program gives you complete coverage of the market, a cross platform with print media, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and marketing tips. You can confidently tell your Sellers you advertise on ALL the business-for-sale websites.

10. Our experience in using “keywords” in the writing of your on line ads will make your phone ring.

11. Our internet listing professional knows all the secrets and tricks for placing your listings so they rank highest and are seen by the most buyers.

12. It is a seamless transition to our service. We capture and place your current listings, with no additional work for you. We will even manage your listings on your personal website if you like.

13. Auto billing each month to only one account (instead of you receiving multiple monthly billings, at different times of the month, from each business-for-sale website), makes this program smooth and easy, freeing you up to get more listings.

14. We offer other advertising and marketing opportunities for the business broker’s listings and income streams.

15. When you delegate this work to us, your expertise and experience can be better utilized when you are in front of clients, not in front of your computer!

Services we offer:

(Call or Email for Pricing)

  • Online advertising of all your business listings to over 40 websites and on-line publications.       
  • Marketing and public relations assistance
  • Virtual Assistant (Qualifying buyers)
  • Business summary and CBR (Confidential Business Summary) creation

  • Marketing your listings in traditional media and public relations
  • Metrics/Marketing Report for Listings
  • Valuations and Appraisals
  • Consulting    
  • Manage Social/Website Marketing