What Do We Mean By Learning Anyway?
A Connected Educator Month 2015 Event 

Join in a collective, month long, discussion to:
  • extend and deepen our understanding of the term learning

  • participate in a knowledge building approach to collaboration

  • model deep practices for our professional learning environments (colleagues and/or classrooms)

Brief Description (see Activity Schedule below for details)

We will spend the month exploring, unpacking, and discussing what we mean by the term learning. This will include:

  • building background knowledge through sharing and reading resources related to the topic
  • introductory Twitter Chat
  • co-creation of a slidedeck of our ideas
  • reflective Twitter chat
  • contemplative rewriting of our slides
  • culminating creation of reflection statements

We will use a knowledge-building approach to this event. 

"If Knowledge building had to be described in a single sentence, it would be: giving students collective responsibility for idea improvement.  In Knowledge Building, students work together as a community to build and improve explanations of problems of understanding that arise from the group itself." (We will be the students in this project!)


Knowledge Building/Knowledge Creation Site

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What Is Learning?

Activity Schedule
Note: referenced documents and screeencasts will be available by the date mentioned!
October 1 - 12


Over these 12 days you will contribute to a collection of relevant resources to build our background knowledge and common language about what learning is.

Building Background Knowledge
Add your favourite resources about the topic:  What IS Learning Anyway? 


Getting Ready

  • If you've never participated in a twitter chat, check out this screencast to get you ready for October 13. (Just remember, you will be using the hashtag #CE15L - not the one shown in the video!)

How to Join a Twitter Chat using Hootsuite and Twubs

October 13    8:00 - 9:00 pm EST


Twitter Chat - What do YOU mean by learning anyway? #CE15L

  • Ensure that you've checked out the screencast in Step 1
  • Open your twitter client (Hootsuite, Twubs, etc.) - before 8:00PM EST!
  • Set up a search stream for the hashtag:  #CE15L
  • Watch for Q1 (question #1) and get chatting! 
    • Don't forget to add the hashtag #CE15L in each tweet. Tip: I paste it each time.
    • With Twubs, the hashtag is automatically added!

October 14 - 20


Co-create a slide deck capturing your current thinking about what learning means to you.

To edit the slidedeck, click the link underneath the slideshow or on GoogleSlides depending on your browser or device!!

What Do We Mean By Learning Anyway? A Co-creation

October 20  8:00 - 9:00 pm EST

STEP #4 -

Adobe Connect Chat - NOW, what do WE mean by learning? #CE15L


October 20 - 27

(Symmetric - all learners gain in knowledge through their participation in a joint effort)
This is an opportunity to tiptoe back through our work and our thinking.  You have an opportunity to comment, reflect and build upon the ideas we've collected. (SLIDE DECK will be announced here soon!)

  • Revisit your slides and the slides that others have created.
  • Use the comment feature to comment, reflect or build upon the thoughts of others.
  • On your own slide(s) respond to some of the knowledge building scaffolds that will be made available to you this week.

**Note - We are a new community, so let's not change the work that others have created on slides...let's comment instead.  In a community that has built trust over time, you might want to create content collaboratively as well.

October 28 - Nov2 


Let's think about what we have learned.

  • Look back over our slides about learning.
  • Check out the last slide - Add your thinking to the following prompt that we will post on Oct 27.

Here is where we will post the Storify versions of our twitter chats:
Chat #1
Chat #2

Thanks for participating! :)

Questions?  Either sign in to Google and ask your question in the comments section below, or email us at: