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Why I am so Passionate About Google Sites for Portfolio

Google Apps for Education can support a widely 
integrated approach to learning in the 21st Century.

Google Apps for Edu - all the apps combined with sites are a great way to integrate a variety of 21st century projects and showcase grade level, course competencies or project based learning.    This is an ideal way for students and teachers to fully utilize the GAFE Suite while exposing students to rich 21st Century online learning.

 One Stop Shopping - who doesn't love that?

With a focus on the actual implementation and management, learn how to implement and facilitate an online project or course using all core applications in Google Apps for Edu.  Templates, examples, and many resources are shared! 


Allison L. Mollica

Learn, Create, Share

Resources For Developing a Learning Portfolio Project.
Generic Template - Have students use this template and customize for your project OR take this template, customize for your project and make a template from that!  

Planning & Preparing  
#1  Define your purpose.  Is this a project, course competencies, each unit in a course?
#2  Details -  How will each assignment be submitted?  Will students submit to the portfolio first or last?  Assignment Collector?
#3  What will be included?  How many assignments, what type of assignments? Is a term or year long project?  Schedule?
#4  Create a "template" -  PAC Template  |  Writing Template  |  Generic Template  |  K8 Portfolio Template
#5  Develop a "sample" w/ content so your students know where they are going (and you do as well!) - Guatamala Example
#6  Create Online Instructions - Site with instructions, assignments, rubrics, how to videos, examples- Project Instruction Site
#7  Create a Portfolio 'Link" Collector for students to "post their site address"  Assessment Collector Template 
#8  Post an Assessment Collector form for all the assignments (with a checklist for all the assignments, thus only one form)

Tips for Success
#1 Students need to make their assignments "public" or "anyone with the link" or shared with you so they can be viewed.
#2 Have students create and share assignments when they get started rather than finished so assess (formative).
#3  Create a portfolio and an assignment collectors (forms) so
    a.  You have easy access to the 'portfolio'
    b.  You have easy access to each individual assignment
#3  Create a You Tube Playlist to quick post instructions.  Then you can link the playlist from the Instructions page.
#4  Enable comments on the template so you can leave feedback on the page when you review it.

Project Adopt A Country Specific

Comprehensive Academic Portfolio
PAC Project "Course" Site (Project or Course Based)
Templates - Take, modify and repurpose.

How To for Google Sites: Google Sites Tutorial @ Google Apps for Education Training Center

How to for Google Drive: (use with your students)

How to for Google Forms
Google Forms 4 More - Assignment Collector, Auto Graded Quizzes and more! Great tool for the classroom.

The purpose of this presentation is to highlight the ways that the Google Apps (all the apps) AND SITES can be used to create "project portfolios" not as a product but a way to engage and teach 21st century skills. Google sites are easy to create, share, and customize and can accommodate a variety of purposes. Using sites in your course or classroom can help students become more engaged and interested in their learning while helping them build a showcase of their success. You will leave with the information and resources to implement these online projects in your own school.

Outcomes: Leverage use of the cloud with Google Apps and Web 2.0 tools to "Demonstrate Understanding" and incorporate them into a course portfolio, topic portfolio, or other "project based" portfolio.

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