21st Century Skills in Action: Rigor, Relevance and PBL
Your students explore their world with an expectation of choice and control that redefines traditional notions of learning and literacy. Increasingly educators are discovering that they can motivate students with a PBL approach that engages their students with the opportunity to think like STEM professionals while solving real-world problems.

This pre-conference will use an interactive approach that lets participants experience the why, what, and how of PBL in the STEM curriculum. This workshop promises to be rigorous and relevant for K-16 teachers. They'll leave with many instructional strategies ready for use in their classrooms and insights into - what is PBL, how to get started, how to manage and share projects, best practice for reflection/assessment and free online resources.

Use this website - it has some Google tools* for the PBL classroom!

Facilitated by Peter Pappas                                                
Twitter @edteck
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* Hat tip to my friend, and Google Doc guru - Mike Gwaltney