Training Site for
Ass(essment) Building

Welcome to the Ass Building training site!  This training site will step you through the process of building your assessments, starting with your Student Learning Outcomes and resulting in a finished assessment with corresponding measurement tool to be used in your class. 
This training module assumes:
1. You are familiar with Authentic Assessment, if you would like to review it, please refer to the Resources.
2. You will be using this in an instructor-led workshop. If you are using this as a self-paced tutorial, please refer to the Training Notes.

1. SLOs

What are your students learning?


2. Measurable Knowledge & Skills

How are your students demonstrating what they learned?

line chart

3. Check-in with Industry

Is your student product relevant in the real-world?

man with a magnifying glass

4. Components

What specifics will your students demonstrate?


5. Create Assessment Task

Using your components, now build your assessment task.


6. Create Measurement Tool

Using your assessment, build your measurement tool.


7. Use It

Is it working for you? Revise as needed.


 8. Resources

Download the Assessment Guidebook, all training worksheets, and completed samples.

Image Credits:
Donkey, 1-Light bulb, 2-Tape Measure graphics by Pixabay licensed through Creative Commons
3-Chart graphics by
Search Engine People Blog licensed through Creative Commons
5- Task graphics by
Fiona Maciontosh licensed through Creative Commons
7- Question Mark graphics by
OCAL  licensed through Creative Commons
8 - Resources graphics by
Teresa Gardner licensed through Creative Commons
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