Exemplar 1: Comparing Fashion from the 1920s to the Victorian Era

Differences between Victorian & 1920's Fashion


Differences in fashion styles from the Victorian Era to the 1920's can be seen through the length of gowns, the discontinuation of the corset, and the length and styles of hair.

Length of Gowns

  • The Victorian length in dresses were so long they were touching the ground, you weren't able to see there ankles or feet.
  • 1920's length in dresses were shorter, you were able to see there ankles and feet.

Victorian Dress
  • Long, touching the floor
  • Flared out from the waist
  • Dark colors
  • Thick, heavy materials

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1920's Dresses

  • Flimsy material
  • Showed a lot more skin
  • Short dresses in comparison
  • Dresses were designed to move with the body when you danced
  • Loose fitting dresses

Video on how the 1920's would dance

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  • The Victorians would wear corsets so tight they couldn't be able to move and it would permanently have there organs stay that way.
  • The corset was worn to show off a woman's figure
  • Women wanted an "hourglass" figure

  • Women in the 1920's stopped wearing corsets
  • Women got the right to vote in 1919
  • Women wanted to dress the way they wanted to dress
  • Corsets were restricting and women wanted to move more freely 


  • Victorian hair was long and big
  • Many accessories were in the women's hair 
  • There hair was heavy because of how big it was and also because the hats that they would wear. 
  • The hats would try and cover up there face because they wanted to stay out of the sun.   


  • 1920's hair was short and simple   
  • Dark hair was very popular 
  • Wavy hair/ bangs were popular 

Misc. Facts
  • Victorian fashion didn't have the same size shoe, for each foot they would either have the same left shoe or the same right shoe for both feet. 
  • The women in Victorian fashion would wear hats to protect them from the sun so they wouldn't have any injuries.
  • The women from this time would try and avoid the sun because they liked being very pale, they would even drink vinegar just to make them more white. 
  • There make up was very unique, they wanted to look fragile.
  • 1920's make up, the lips on a women were heart shaped.  
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