Q. Why are we changing our online high school?

A. K12 is constantly evaluating its platform, content and systems in order to provide the best possible learning environment for students and the broadest tool-set for our teachers. The New K12 Online High School is the next big step in that pursuit.

Q. What makes the New K12 Online High School better?

A. K12's New Online High School delivers a more engaging experience designed for today's students. It provides students, learning coaches, and teachers with an innovative and collaborative learning experience that increases visibility into student performance and helps them more effectively manage their day and stay on top of their work.

Q. Will the New K12 Online High School help students achieve greater success in online school?

A. By providing Students and their Learning Coaches with better visibility into how they are doing and what needs to be completed each day we expect that students will be able to know where to focus to stay on top of their courses and reach their goals.

Q. How will I access the New K12 Online High School?

A. Students and Learning Coaches will log into the New K12 Online High School the same way as they do today. Once logged in:

  • Students who have only high school courses will land directly on their New K12 Online High school home page where they can begin their school work right away.
  • Learning Coaches will continue to land on the OLS home page where attendance can be logged, if appropriate. From there they will be able to access their home page on the New Online High School where they can see their student's information.

Q. Will training on the new platform be provided?

A. Every summer, and at the beginning of the school year, K12 and school staff provide sessions where students and learning coaches can learn about new offerings or tools being used in the school year. This year, those sessions will continue to help students and Learning Coaches. More information will be sent over the summer to invite you to these sessions. Students and Learning Coaches will also be able to access additional training and support materials through the K12Customer Support area located at help.K12.com or through K12start.com/for-parents.

Q. Will there be an opportunity to get acquainted with this new system before school starts?

A. There will be a variety of ways for students and Learning Coaches to familiarize themselves with the New Online High School before school starts. The Parent Network (K12start.com/for-parents) will be providing a variety of opportunities. Schools will also be providing occasions over the summer for Students and Learning Coaches to learn more.

Q. How will I know how my student is doing in her courses?

A. After logging in, Learning Coaches will be able to see, at-a-glance, how their students are doing right from their own school home page. They will be able to see current grades in each course, the last date the student entered the course, and if there are any overdue items. From there Learning Coaches will be able to quickly access a much more detailed view of how their students are performing.

Q. How will my student know what to do each day?

A. Students should log in to their school experience each day. On the student homepage, students should be able to see on their Class Plan items that they are expected to complete. Your student's teachers will also be able to share important dates through Class News and K-Mail which can also be accessed from the homepage.

Q. How will assignments be submitted?

A. Students will submit their work through an online Dropbox tool in the new platform, similar to what they do today.

Q. As a Learning Coach, how do I access my students' courses so that I can support them when needed?

A. Once Learning Coaches land on the New K12 Online High School there will be a button on their school home page that lets them switch over to their students' account where they can see what their student's coursework is like and what they are expected to complete. This will help Learning Coaches partner with their student for a successful school year.

Q. Will K-Mail still be used to communicate with teachers?

A. Yes. The K-Mail tool will be available from the Home page with an indicator for when there is new K-mail to read.

Q. If my school uses Class Connect, will the experience be changing?

A. Class Connect will continue as it does today but students will now see their daily Class Connect schedule right on the school home page, making it easier to see what sessions they need to attend and providing quicker, more streamlined, access.

Q. If my school uses Study Island, will the experience be changing?

A. In the New K12 Online High School students will now have a link to Study Island right on their school home page making access much easier.

Q. I'm taking Summer School courses. Will they be on the new platform?

A. The New K12 Online High School will roll-out this fall. You will continue to use the current platform for your summer school courses.

Q. What are the system requirements for the New K12 Online High School (browser, operating system, etc.)?

A. K12's New Online High School will work on a variety of computers and browsers.  Since browsers and operating systems continually update, we recommend that you always check help.K12.com for K12's latest system requirements.

Q. Will I be able to use the New K12 Online High School on my iPad/tablet?

A. We recommend you access the New K12 Online High School using a computer or laptop to ensure you receive the best experience possible.