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In the Integrative Taxonomy and Microbial Ecology Research Group, we investigate biodiversity and biogeographic patterns of microbial and metazoan communities from diverse environments (e.g. terrestrial, estuarine, coastal and deep-sea) based on microscopy, molecular and bioinformatics tools. The role of environmental and geochemical factors in shaping the microbial and metazoan community structures along large bathymetric gradients is one of the major active themes of research in this laboratory. This has implications for biogeochemical cycling such as carbon and nitrogen cycles. One of our focused area of research is to understand the role of bacterial communities in arsenic cycling from subsurface terrestrial environments of Bengal Delta Plains. We also study aspects of wildlife biology and conservation with a focus on population biology of horseshoe crab, marine turtle and whale shark including their habitat conservation.

Sundarbans Biological Observatory Time Series (SBOTS) will enter its 10th year of sampling

The lab has now received a major funding from Government of India to study coastal ocean acidification

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