Windows QTL Cartographer V2.5

WinQTLCart Features

Windows QTL Cartographer allows the user to:

  • Analyze data with the following statistical methods:
    • Single-marker analysis
    • Interval mapping
    • Composite interval mapping
    • Bayesian interval mapping
    • Multiple interval mapping
    • Multiple trait analysis
    • Categorical trait analysis
  • View, copy, and print graphs based on statistical analysis of data
  • Apply a built-in interface to build a source data file that WinQTLCart can use for analysis
  • Import data from Mapmaker / QTL and Microsoft Excel formats
  • Export graph data to Windows Excel format
  • View, copy, and print chromosome information graphically
  • Produce a simulation data file
Click to download QTL Cartographer’s WinQTLCart.pdf

Updated version of WinQTLCart released March 2010.  WQTLSetup.exe 

Steps for analysis:

QTL analysis using WinQTL cartographer.doc


Wang S., C. J. Basten, and Z.-B. Zeng (2007). Windows QTL Cartographer 2.5. Department of Statistics, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC. ( http://statgen.ncsu.edu/qtlcart/WQTLCart.htm)

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