Fellow Piney Branch Elementary School Parents and Guardians!

I can’t believe the school year is upon us. On behalf of the PBES PTA, I hope everyone had a happy and healthy Summer – and that you are all ready (as we can be) for the school year.

As you pull together last minute preparations (or squeeze in the last few drops of Summer fun!) I know many of you are thinking – what are some ways I can support my kid(s) and their school. Here’s a few ways that you can get involved to help Piney Branch Elementary School:

Join or Renew your membership in the PTA!

It’s super easy to do – You can sign up online and pay with a credit card through PayPal. We’ll also be sending membership forms home in kids backpacks next week. You’ll also be able to sign up, Thursday Night at our Food Trucks and Fun event behind the school when all of the class lists get posted. Remember PTA memberships are valid for one year so if you joined last year (thank you!) it’s time to renew your membership for this school year. Of course, all members are entitled to vote at Monthly PTA meetings – but the most important reason to join is to help the PTA support our students and our school. Just this week we were able to provide Teachers and Staff resources to help them setup classrooms and resource rooms to get ready for the school year.


There are numerous volunteer activities we have available. Everything from being a room parent (someone to liaison with your teacher to help pass along information and needs they may have), to helping organize one of our important events Pool-a-Palooza, International Night, Bingo Night etc. Please feel free to reach out to any Board Member to learn more about opportunities to get involved.

Some priorities for the PTA for this school year include:

  1. Inclusivity – We want to do our best to reach out to the all the parents and guardians that are part of the Piney Branch Elementary School Family. Last year we made sure we had childcare and pizza available at all of our meetings. This year we’ll continue that as well as having more of our materials available in multiple languages. We hope to continue to be supportive of our ESOL Students and will work with the ESOL team to figure out best ways to do that. If you are a bilingual teacher, please let us know which language(s) so that we can share this with parents in your classroom on the Class List Reveal Night 8/31 from 5-8PM on the Piney Branch Field.

  2. Climate and Security – At the end of last year, we constituted a PTA Climate and Security committee and we hope to build on that work to support teachers and staff in critical ways during the school day. The Climate Committee’s mission is to ensure we are creating and sustaining a safe and supportive school climate at Piney Branch Elementary School.

  3. Programming – We’ll continue to sponsor and organize fun and educational programs - both during the school day through in-school assemblies as well as evening programs like International Night, Black History Night, Pool-a-Palooza, the Basketball Game with Takoma Park Elementary School and many others.

If there are other things you think are important for the PTA to focus on, please don’t hesitate to let me or any other Board Member know. Thank you again for your ongoing support and I look forward to working with you this year to make it a great one for our children.

In solidarity,
Fred Azcarate

2018-2019 PTA Board

Fred Azcarate

Dalia Hochman
Executive VP

Ariel Woods
VP of Fundraising

Jenny Cohan
VP of Communications

Katie Bocock & Jared Hughes
VPs of Membership

Lynn Mandell

Christine Miele