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The Back-to-School jitters have subsided, homework is in full swing, and another year at Piney Branch Elementary School is underway! The PTA fall fundraiser is another rite of the approach of autumn; this year we are foregoing asking you to buy wrapping paper, magazines, or cookie mixes. We are asking you to support your PTA directly through a donation. There is no overhead to this fundraiser; there is no company taking a share of the proceeds. Everything you give will go to supporting Piney Branch Elementary School.

As Montgomery County School District has faced increasing pressure on its funding, our school has faced increasing difficulty providing the routine resources that used to be taken for granted. The PTA has stepped in to help maintain the quality of experience we expect for our children. Who enables the kids to have swimming lessons? Who pays for the cultural assemblies that expose children to arts from around the world? Who provides a fund for each teacher to purchase necessary classroom items, instead of forcing the teachers to pay out of their own pocket? You do, through your generosity to your Piney Branch Elementary PTA.

As a parent of a current Piney Branch Panther, none of us has been asked to contribute to a Panther Appeal. Our goal is to raise $10,000, the same goal the Panther Appeal had three years ago. Please help us to achieve this goal: to ensure that field trips can be taken, to ensure that our science class has the materials it needs, to ensure that all our terrific after school clubs can be offered and open to all.

The Fall Fundraiser is called the Panther Appeal. The Panther Appeal was designed years ago to alleviate parents from an onslaught of small fundraisers throughout the year. It has proven to meet the needs of parents and raises about 40% - 50% of the PTA's budget. All contributions are fully tax deductible and contributors will receive a receipt letter. You can drop your donation off at the school office, in your child's backpack or can donate using PayPal (a great way to pay with a credit card). Donate Now Using Pay Pal!

Painless Fundraising is done several ways including gathering box tops and earning cash back on purchases from Giant and Safeway. This is done throughout the year.

Thank you for your time and your help. Piney Branch needs all of us.

Lydia Johnson
PBES VP Fundraising