Upcoming Events:
PBES vs. TPES Basketball Game, May 3! For the first time, Piney Branch ES teachers, parents, and staff will go up against Takoma Park ES! Don't miss this awesome night, with food trucks, bake sale, and half-time show. Contact Anand Parikh to play and Peter Holland to volunteer.  

Recent Events:

* March 28 PTA Meeting, 7pm in the APR Hear a final presentation on the PBES feasibility study as well as other PTA business

* March 6-31, PBES Read-a-thon!
Piney Branch ES is holding a read-a-thon! This fundraiser encourages students to read from March 6-31st.  
How does it work?
The students are given calendars to write down the minutes they read each day. On Fridays, a volunteer will record their minutes. On Mondays, the read-a-thon committee will let the student body know how many minutes were read. 
How do we raise money?
Students are encouraged to ask family and friends to sponsor them a certain amount for each minute read. For example, 5 cents per minute. Students will have a pledge sheet. Then at the end of the read-a-thon, students will collect the money and turn it into the PTA. Payments to the PTA Paypal account will also be available.   
Where does the money go?
The funds collected help the PTA pay for programs throughout the year. Additionally, fiction books will b
e purchased for the classrooms.
Where is fun? 
READING OF COURSE! Also, we will have prizes for classes and students who either excel or are picked at random in classes. 
The read-a-thon is a community effort that we hope families, teachers and administrative staff will support and also enjoy.

Submit Your Information for the STUDENT DIRECTORY HERE

DONATE NEW HATS & GLOVES – The PTA’s Social Services Committee is seeking donations of NEW hats and gloves for PBES students as the weather gets cold. Please leave donations in labeled bin in the main office.

DONATE GIFT CARDS FOR PBES FAMILIES! Ms. Kennedy, school counselor, is always accepting gift cards (ie, $25) to local stores (Giant, Safeway, ALDI) to provide to PBES families in need, especially as the holidays approach.

Are you volunteering at the school? You must complete the training course before you can do so - Training for MCPS Volunteers

Find the Instrumental Music Schedules HERE

Meet the 2016-2017 PBES PTA Board!

  • President – Emmett Acquoi, Sr. 
  • Vice President - vacant
  • Treasurer – Lynn Mandell
  • Secretary – Kawsar Talaat 
  • VP of Fundraising – Kent Kolb
  • VP of Communications – Lindsey Allen
  • VPs of Membership – Julie Taddeo and Alex Ruttenberg
  • Delegates to Montgomery County PTA – Fred Azacarte and Zoe Alsop

Sign up Today for A+ School Reward Program at Giant - You can earn the school money by simply shopping at Giant. It is that easy. Register today.

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Follow this link for the latest edition of the newsletter:   March Panther News

To submit material to the newsletter, please contact the PBES PTA VP of Communications. The newsletter goes out at the beginning of every month.

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Current Bylaws

At the January 15, 2013 PTA meeting, the general membership voted to approve changes to the PBES PTA bylaws suggested by the Bylaws Committee. These bylaws have been approved by the MDPTA. Click here for a copy of the bylaws.