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Power Schools Directions

PowerSchool Website Overview

Welcome to PowerSchool.   The website to access PowerSchool is:




When you visit the website you will be asked for your username and password.  Keep your username and password secure.  A parent login gives you additional access that your student’s login does not grant such as requesting parent reports.  You will have a separate username for each child. Your students will also have the opportunity to log in to the assignments and grades, but will be given their own usernames and passwords from their teachers.


If you forget your username / password or would like to change your password you can call the office (928)608-4142 or email powerschool@pageud.k12.az.us.  You can also use this email for any questions you may have regarding PowerSchool.

This is what you will see when upon entering the PowerSchool website.



Each of these pictures located at the top of the website will bring you to a different page with your student’s information.  Anything blue on each screen can be clicked on and will link you to further information.  You can return to the first screen at any time by clicking on the green PowerSchool logo.  Following is a brief description of each:

·        Grades and Attendance: Grades and attendance for the year.  Detailed attendance for the last week and current week are shown – by clicking on the total number of absences it will give you a detailed description of each absence (excused, unexcused, AM or PM).  By clicking on a current grade you will be connected to any assignments, tests etc. that are included in that grade.


·        Grade History:  Final grades for previous marking periods.  By clicking on the final grade you will see any assignments, tests etc. that made up that grade.  You will see this information at the end of the term; i.e., Semester 1.


·        Attendance History:  The attendance codes marked for the current marking period.


·        Email Notifications:  To sign up for automatic email reports.  Select what information you would like to receive, when you want it sent and what email addresses you would like the reports to be sent to.  If you are entering multiple email addresses, please separate them by a comma.  To email your student’s teacher, simply click on their name (in blue) on any of the screens.


·        Teacher Comments: Comments that have been given by your student’s teacher.  Comments are separated by each subject that your student has.


·        School Bulletin:  School announcements will be posted here such as upcoming events.  (Notices will also still be sent home)


·        Class registration:  Not in use at our school at this time.  This is icon will have future use.


·        Balance:  Not in use at our School


·        My Calendars:  This tab is not currently used by our School.



Each page that you visit can be printed by clicking on the Print Page icon in the lower right-hand corner of each screen.  This will bring you to a printer-friendly page with a little description of the information on that page.


If you have any further questions about PowerSchool please feel free to call Mary Schmitt in the office (608-4142) or you can email powerschool@pageud.k12.az.us.