Peter B Danzig, PhD 

phone: +1 650 255 8955


• Ph.D. in Computer Science, University of California at Berkeley, 1989.

• BS in Applied Physics, with highest honors, University of California at Davis, 1982.


• Founder, Chief Strategy Officer, Virtuata Inc, October 2010-Present.

• Board of Directors, PepperMob Inc,  2011-2012.

• Adjunct Professor of Computer Engineering, University of California Santa Cruz. 2010-present.

• Technical Advisory Board  Panzura Networks, 2009-present.  

• Technical advisory board Metavana Inc. 2009-present.   InStart, 2011-present.   

• Investor 2011, Cotendo CDN, Acquired by Akamai.

• Technical advisory board, Cedexis Inc, 2011.

• Visiting Instructor, Distributed Systems, Stanford.  2009/2010.   CS349c.

• CEO, Wirama Inc, 2008.   Acquired by Checkpoint Systems CKP.

• Advisory Board, Movik Networks, 2008. 

• Investor: Wirama, Vaska. Technical advisory board: TerraCotta, GetListed and CacheLogic 2006-2008.

• Visiting Lecturer, Computer Networks and Distributed Systems.  244A, 244B and 244C.  CS349C.   Computer Science.  Stanford University. 2001-2005, 2009-2010.

• Technical Advisory Boards: Peribit Networks, Air Prism, NetVMG, Network Physics. 2001-2007.

• Consulting: Ironport.   2005-2007.

• Consulting: Inktomi and Yahoo patent infringement defense.   2001-2004.

• Entrepreneur-in-Residence, ABS Ventures  and Accel Venture Partners. 2001.

• Vice-President Technology, Akamai Technologies. 1999-2000.

• Chief Architect, Network Appliance Corporation, 1997-1999.

• Chief Technical Officer and Founder, Internet Middleware Corporation (Acquired by Network Appliance).  1996-1997.

• Associate Professor, Computer Science Department, University of Southern California (USC) 1996-1999.

• Assistant Professor, Computer Science Department, USC 1990-1996.

• Member of the Technical Staff, TRW Defense Systems Group.  1983-1984.


• National Advisory Board Union Concerned Scientists

• Global Leadership Council Natural Resource Defense Council NRDC

• Big Brother 2001-2009.

• NSF National Young Investigator (NYI), 1994-1999.

• USC Innovative Teaching Award  1991 and 1993.

• Demetri  Angelakos Service Award, UC Berkeley Computer Science.

• American Electronic Association Faculty Development Fellowship 1985-1989.

• Graduated with highest honors (top 1%), U.C. Davis, June 1982.

• President's Undergraduate Fellowship, U.C. Davis, 1981-1982.


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• National Advisory Board, Union of Concerned Scientists. National Advisory Committee, Sierra Club.Global LeaderShip Council, National Resource Defense Council.

• Guest Editor, IEEE JSAC, 2002.

• Program Committees: IEEE INFOCOMM 1996, ACM SIGCOMM 1996, 1995, and 1993.   ACM SIGMETRICS 1993 and 1996.   Web Caching Conference 1998 and 1999.  WISP 1999.  WIDM 1999.

• Panel Member for NSF Networking Research, NYI, Power, and Career panels.

• Associate Editor: Journal of Internetworking: Research and Experience, 1994-1996.


• USC Innovative Teaching Awards 1992-1993.