Peter B. Danzig

Peter Danzig advises and invests in early stage companies.   He is currently an investor and advisor to Panzura and to Instart Logic.   In 2010, he co-founded Virtuata, a compute security company, with Joe Epstein.   Cisco Systems purchased Virtuata in 2012.   Peter occasionally co-teaches seminars at Stanford and is an adjunct professor at University of California, Santa Cruz.   In 2008, he served as CEO of Wirama Inc and sold the company.    In past years, Danzig has advised or invested in several successful networking companies, including Ironport Systems, Riverbed Technologies,  Peribit Networks, and Arrowpoint Networks.     He was an associate professor at University of Southern California during the 1990s, but moved to silicon valley to commercialize the technologies he developed in academia.   He served as  Vice President of Technology of  Akamai, where he directed engineering and business development.   He has published extensively in the area of end-to-end Internet performance.  Danzig's research on Internet object caches became the reference implementation for Internet web caches and the basis of the Content Delivery Network industry (Akamai, Limelight, Level-3), Squid, the Cisco cache engine, and Network Appliance's NetCache.

Danzig served as chief architect and CTO of Network Appliance's NetCache division. Danzig founded Internet Middleware Corporation to build the first industry grade web caches, and sold the company to Network Appliance in 1997.

Danzig received his B.S. in Applied Physics from University of California Davis and his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of California Berkeley. He has won the NSF National Young Investigator award, two USC Innovative Teaching Awards, and the U.C. Berkeley Angelokous award for altruism.

Peter and his wife and son live in Menlo Park, California.   

Peter's professional CV.