Buddhist Tales


There once was a Kosiya. He was taking a walk, when he smelled a glorious smell. It smelled like pancakes. When the Kosiya returned home to his castle, he asked his wife to make pancakes.

She said, "Yes we can make pancakes for the entire kingdom!"

"No, no, that will cost too much," replied the Kosiya.

"How about for the castle?" his wife said.

"Still too much money," replied the Kosiya.

"For the family?" his wife asked.

"Isn't it only I that wants pancakes?" replied the stingy Kosiya.

"Ok," his wife said, "I will only make pancakes for you."

So they went to the seventh floor of their castle, and they locked all the doors. They left the window open because who could come to the seventh floor of a castle through a window?

The Buddha was looking for people who needed help. The Buddha sent a monk to help the Kosiya overcome his stinginess. The monk floated through the window, and put out his bowl for food. The Kosiya was so stingy, that he told his wife to make only a small pancake for the monk. However, when she tried to make a small pancake in the pan, it somehow turned into a big pancake. The Kosiya was still stingy, so he told her to just pick a small one from the basket of already-made pancakes. When she tried, all the pancakes in the basket stuck together. By then, the Kosiya had lost his appetite, so he gave the monk the whole basket of pancakes.

The monk then brought the Kosiya and his wife to the Buddha. The Buddha had taught him a lesson about generosity. The Kosiya and his wife learned not to be stingy anymore and live a generous life.
Told by Bante Pemaratana

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