Legislative Success!

The bills advanced by the FDHA  which ensure health access settings can be reimbursed for services performed by a dental hygienist, were unanimously approved in their first committees of reference. 


On Tuesday afternoon, Senate Bill (SB) 580 by Sen. Denise Grimsley (R-Sebring) was approved by the Senate Health Policy Committee.  On Wednesday morning, the House Health Innovation Subcommittee approved House Bill (HB 595) by Rep. Rene Plasencia (R-Orlando).  Prior to the Senate committee meeting, the FDHA was able to secure the Florida Dental Association’s (FDA) support of the bills.  At both meetings, the FDA publicly expressed their support.


Clearly the calls and emails by dental hygienists to local legislators resulted in the passage of the bills this week!  Thank you to all of you who took the time to reach out and tell legislators how important this legislation is for you and for the profession as a whole. 


Next Steps. 
This week’s meetings were the last before the start of the 2016 Legislative Session on January 12, 2016.  Legislators will now return home for the holidays. 

Senate bill 580 will now move to its next committee of reference – Senate Health and Human Services Appropriations chaired by Sen. Rene Garcia (R- Hialeah).  The House companion, HB 595, will next be heard in the House Health Care Appropriations Committee chaired by Rep. Matt Hudson (R-Naples).  We will be educate both chairs on the issue and ask them to put these bills on their respective calendars soon after the start of the session.  We will let FDHA members know when the bills will be heard next.


Until then, we ask members to do the following:


·         Continue to talk with your local legislators about the Billing Glitch bills – SB 580 and HB 595.  We can provide talking points to you if needed.


·         Make plans to attend the 2016 FDHA Smile Day scheduled for February 9th and 10th  in Tallahassee.  It is highly likely that our bills will still be moving through the process and we need a good turnout of hygienists to help push them.


This week was truly a big victory for dental hygienists!  Thank you again for your hard work and dedication to your profession!



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State News - FDHA

 Legislative News! 
Tami Miller, Executive Director and Betty Dalton, Chair Council for Governmental Affairs for FDHA along with our Lobbyist Trevor Mask request each hygienist in Palm Beach County to contact their local legislators regarding SB 446 and HB 225.


The Florida Dental Association (FDA) and the Florida Dental Hygiene Association (FDHA) are aware and concerned with the access to dental care challenges in Florida. The FDA has been working with the FDHA on joint legislation that will increase access to dental care in health access settings. Health access settings as defined in s. 466.003 (14), F.S., includes programs and institutions of the Department of Children and Family Services, the Department of Health, the Department of Juvenile Justice, nonprofit community health centers, Head Start centers, federally qualified health centers (FQHCs), FQHC look-alikes as defined by federal law, and clinics operated by accredited colleges of dentistry in this state.

The legislation does the following:

  • Allows dental hygienists to apply fluorides, dental sealants and instruct patients in oral hygiene care in health access settings without the prior authorization or supervision of a dentist.
  • Allows dental hygienists to perform dental cleanings in health access settings with medical clearance by a licensed dentist or physician prior to the cleaning and a dental examination by a dentist within 13 months following a cleaning.
  • Broadens the definition of health access settings to include school-based prevention programs.
  • Encourages the establishment of a dental home.

The FDA and FDHA are encouraged that this legislation will allow for more access to preventive dental care for Floridians while ensuring patient protection.

Please Click here to go to the Announcements page for further details and instructions on:  
 How You Can Help and on How to Track a Bill!



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