Local Anesthesia Certification Course!

Palm Beach State College is offering a Certification Course in:
Local Anesthesia Administration for Florida Licensed Dental Hygienists!
Join us in this Historical Advancement for Florida Dental Hygienists!
The course is designed with flexibility in mind and meets the critieria set forth in the Florida statute.
The course consists of 60 hours and has two components to include 30 Didactic hours and 30 Clinical hours with the didactic component delivered online and the clinical component delivered onsite at Palm Beach State College Dental Health Services.
Registration is now available for the Fall Semester!
DSO0138: Online Didactic Component-Part A
DSO0139: Clinical Component-Part B
The Clinic Session for Fall is still available!
Friday and Saturday, November 14 (12:00-6:00) - November 15 (8:00-6:00)
Clinic sessions for Spring Semester 2015 are also available for registration!

See below to download a printable flyer for course details!
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Marilee McGaughey,
Aug 2, 2013, 5:02 PM