~ Donna Murphy Scholarship ~
A scholarship has been started in honor of Donna H. Murphy, RDH.  Donna graduated from Palm Beach Community College in 1973 following her lifelong ambition to be a Dental Hygienist.  After graduation, she got a job nearby where she stayed at the same office for almost 35 years.  It is presently run by Jamie La Viola.  He and his father, Dr. Joseph La Viola, embraced Donna as a devoted team and family member.  With a wonderful following of many years several of her patients provided her some great medical networking when she became ill.  Donna felt her patients were also her good friends as they all knew her and her kindness.  A comforting smile always greeted everyone when they were called by her.  Once seated, they felt her gentle, caring, skillful touch.  She knew her patients and remembered everything.  Her coworkers, many of whom were working for decades with her, enjoyed her presence as she loved working with them.  Cancer shortened her lifelong passion of caring.  Someday, the recipients of this scholarship can look back and realize that one of the best Dental Hygienists ever,  helped them to become one of the best!
Thank You!
The Family, Friends, and Coworkers of Donna H. Murphy, RDH
The fund requires a minimum and the goal is $10,000 to be distributed over a 5 year minimum.  This sounds like a lot and it is, expecially in today's times.  Even a small offering is appreciated.  Many graduating Dental Hygiene students will receive it via the scholarship office at Palm Beach State College.  If you itemize, it is tax deductable.  The contribution can be mailed with the enclosed envelope to the college and 100% of it goes to the scholarship in her name.   Administration costs are taken care of by the college.  The amount of the gift is confidential.  Please make checks payable to :  The Donna H. Murphy Scholarship Fund.
 "Cooking With Style"
This cookbook was created by coworkers and patients to help fund the
Donna Murphy Scholarship Fund!
Please support this effort by purchasing a cookbook for $10.00!
All proceeds will go towards the scholarship fund!
Contact Liz Lewis to purchase Cookbook or make a Donation: 
(561) 371-2886
It is through generous donors like yourself that we may continue to keep Donna's memory alive and support the ever important career of Dental Hygiene!
Thanks in advance for your kind support!
Dr. Jamie LaViola, DMD and Staff