Artists' views of 


Malt Houses and

Ale Brewery 

The malt house and then the ale brewery on the Passaic River were built in 1848-9.  They would be expanded and rebuilt through the 19th century, as can be seen below.


The brewery would be closed in 1912 when all brewing would be moved to the Freeman St. brewery in the Down Neck section of the city. The Malting facilities would not survive Prohibition.


 Drawings from maps of Newark  

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                              1895                                     1915                                                                                                           






(Above and Below) 

Geographically incorrect (compare with "Sanborn" maps of the era), turn of the century so-called "combined view" with Front St.'s Malt Houses and Ale Brewery in foreground and the Freeman Street Lager Brewery in the back.  Used frequently in promotional material of the era.