The Christian Feigenspan Brewing Co.



    Four years after the death of Christian Feiganspan in 1939,  the brewery, at the time the 15th largest in the US (according to FTC data, approx. of 500,000 bbl; in its last year)  would be sold to next door neighbor Ballantine. 

    The Badenhausen's bought half of the shares of Feigenspan from then brewery president, William Reilly in June of 1943. 

    More stock purchased the next month gave Ballantine ownership of Feigenspan with the promise that the "Feigenspan and P.O.N. brands will not be disturbed."

     Despite that assurance, on November 1 they announce all P.O.N. brands were being discontinued, and the brewery would be merged into the P. Ballantine & Sons Freeman Street facility, one block away.


The label above, however, is copyrighted 1947,
so Ballantine must have resurrected the brand
a few years later.