Breweries at the turn of the century

   P. Ballantine & Sons - Foot of Fulton Street                          Ballantine & Co.  - Freeman Street

(above) 1912 photo, Ale brewery & Malt house view from Downtown Newark

(below) Similar view and era, postcard artist rendition w/close-up


 Malt Houses (left) and Ale Brewery

P. Ballantine & Sons 


P. Ballantine & Sons - Maltsters

Malt Houses #2. 3 and 4 in an 1890 photo from the top of the Ale brewery.

(above) Looking south at Front Street-Fulton Street intersection circa 1915 during the construction and straightening of Front Street which would mean the closing of the Ale Brewery.


Lager Beer Brewery - Ballantine & Co. 

Google Map Street View image of one of the few remaining pre-Pro era Ballantine & Co. lager brewery buildings,on Fleming  Avenue (see map)