What's New

20 Aug 12:  Added John Giardina (Montezuma Community Service) and C.J. Roberts (Clair Mapley Award 1987)

22 Jun 12:  Added William Carr and Donald Waterman (PBHOF inductees for 2012)

20 Jun 12: 
Added Doris Berle (PBCS Math and Science Teacher), Scott Wayne Blake, Jr (died during Army Service), Dorothy A. Cheeley (RN and PBCS School Nurse), Betty Cole (NYS Police Admin Service 23 years), Leona Jones (RN 30+ years), Andrew Leary (Valedictorian 2012), Mike O'Connor (NYS Dept of Corrections), Sara Randall (Salutatorian 2012), Richard J. Smith (Montezuma Community Service), Frances Stabinsky (Cayuga County Sheriff's Dept Service), Robert Cyrus Stoneberg (Army and Marine Corps 20+ years), Robert Warrick (American Legion Outstanding Athlete 1966), Carolyn Wethy (Copp) (RN and PBCS School Nurse).  Added list of graduates for Class of 2012.  Added Golf (2009, 2011 and 2012) and Baseball Teams (2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012) to list of Outstanding Teams.  Veterans list to 2729 names
18 Jun 11:  Added Heather Kurtz (Salutatorian 2011) and Zachary Leja (Valedictorian 2011).  Added list of graduates for Class of 2011

15 May 11:  Added Paul E. Rosecrans (NYS Dept of Corrections 28 years) 

18 Mar 11:  Added Franklin E. Bower (Bronze Star and Purple Heart US Army WW II), Robert Dunn (NYS Dept of Transportation 26+ years), Edward D. Laraway (Auburn Fire Department 32+ years), Winford K. Longyear (Community Service - 50 years PB Fire Department), Debra Paczkowski (Moore) (Teacher Union Springs Schools 24+ years), Glenn C. Phillips (Cayuga County Highway Department 39 years) and Ruth A. West (Wyant) (Cayuga County Welfare Office 33 years).  Veterans list to 2714 names

11 Jun 10:  Added list of graduates for Class of 2010

2 Jun 10: 
Added Jay Anstee (Outstanding Performing Arts 1972), William F. Anstee (NYS Dept of Corrections 20+ years), Debbie Casey (Outstanding Athlete 1969), George Harmon (Clair Mapley Award 1969), Christie Stillwell (Outstanding Athlete 1969), William G. Watson (USAF 25+ years)

24 Apr 10:  Added Thomas A. Giannettino Jr. (Clair Mapley Award 2009), Brittany Helmer (Lillian Krayka Award 2009).  Veterans list to 2700 names

9 Apr 10:  Added Suzanne M. McBath (Burke) (Teacher 27 years)

5 Apr 10:  Added Jennifer Locastro (Salutatorian 2010) and Margaret O'Brien (Valedictorian 2010)

3 Mar 10:  Added Katherine Bohrman (Long) (Nurse 30+ years), Thomas A. Giannettino (US Air Force 21 years), Irving C. Gray Sr. (WIA Germany, US Army WW II), Sara Prybl (Fraher) (Teacher Minnesota schools 25+ years), Michael Riley (US Air Force 25+ years) and Betsey J. Ukolowicz (Nurse 25+ years).  Veterans list to 2697 names

29 Dec 09:  Added Thomas Carnes (Rochester, NY Police Dept. 25 years), John McMurtry (PBCS Science Teacher 20+ years), Margaret McMurtry (Couch) (PBCS Librarian 20+ years), Kathleen Meyer (PBCS English Teacher 30+ years), Robert L. Muhlnickel (PhD Educator), Marian G. Peterson (Registered Dietician 30+ years), David C. Sealy (Licensed Medical Social Worker 20+ years), Paul W. Sealy Jr. (California Dept of Corrections 27 years), Paul W. Sealy Sr. (WIA US Army WW II Germany - Purple Heart and Bronze Star).  Added list of graduates for Class of 1994

17 Nov 09:  Added the following - all were natives of Mentz and born in the 19th century (from Dawn Roe):  Bolivar Barnum (Physician), Joel Tyler Benedict (Teacher/Principal/Professor/Algebra Text Author), John W. DeGroff (Wisconsin State Assemby and State Senate), Loran L. Lewis (NY State Senate and Justice, NY State Supreme Court), and George W. Topping (Physician).  Added page for Outstanding Athletic Teams. 

12 Nov 09:  Added Patrick Brosnahan (Professor, Theology 30+ years) and Edward T. Metroka (NYS Department of Corrections 25 years). 

10 Nov 09: 
Added list of graduates for Class of 1993.  Veterans list to 2681 names. 
19 Oct 09:  Added Benjamin M. Close (NY Assembly), George W. Dickinson (Mentz Supervisor, NY Assembly, Department of State Consular Service), William Sherwood Fox (PhD, Professor, Educator, Author), Theodore Hayden (NY Assembly), William Hayden (NY Assembly), Horatio Mack (Montezuma Postmaster 33 years),  Willoughby B. Priddy (NY Assembly), Charles Nelson Ross (Mayor, Auburn and NY State Treasurer), Joseph Ferris Sweet (Teacher, Latin 40 years Chicago schools), and Robert Vaughan Sweet (Physician, 58 years and Mayor, Rochester, NH).  

15 Oct 09:  Added William K. Wheat (Montezuma Physician).  Added list of graduates for Class of 1953.  Started reformatting all pages after Google migrated website to new web location at:   http://sites.google.com/site/pbahof/   

9 Oct 09:  Added Aurel L. Hooker (US Post Office 40 years) and James W. MacCulloch (Teacher, 27 years).  Veterans list to 2679 names.  Added link to Class of 1989 website.  Added new page for Junior Prom Queens, Kings and Attendants with separate link for Junior Prom pictures 

29 Sep 09:  Added Harold R. Gordon (Bronze Star US Army WW II and Korea) 

27 Sep 09:  Added Byron M. Pickett (Sculptor)   

23 Sep 09:  Added Sharon E. Clark (Outstanding Athlete 1985), Randy David (Outstanding Athlete 1988), Gregory J. Marshall (Outstanding Athlete 1985), and Jennifer Thurston (Outstanding Athlete 1988).  Added lists of graduates from 1952, 1962, 1985 and 1988.  Thanks to Dave Chuttey, 1963 for new names and lists.

10 Sep 09:  Added Joyce Van Fleet (Outstanding Athlete 1963).  Veterans list to 2670 names.

1 Sep 09:  Added Victoria Quinn (Aude) (PBCS Spanish Teacher 20+ years).  Veterans list to 2667 names

17 Aug 09:  Added Carl R. Stevens (PBCS Agriculture Teacher 24 years)

2 Aug 09:  Added Fred Houghtaling (WIA US Army WWI and NY Department of Corrections 25+ years) and Lloyd D. Lincoln (WIA US Army WWI).  Started uploading photos of headstones, gravesites and markers for veterans at:  http://picasaweb.google.com/pbahof 

22 Jul 09:  Added Robert A. Downie (Pennsylvania State Service 20+ years), Deborah Lofft (NY Department of Corrections 35+ years), Brianna Meyers (Lillian Krayka Award 2007), Laura M. Randolph (Performing Arts 1960), Matt Rooker (Clair Mapley Award 2007), Richard W. Smith (NY Department of Corrections 20+ years)

20 Jun 09:  Added Russell W. Wiley (PhD - Teacher/Educator/Author).  Added additional photos to NYS Historic Marker Page (thanks to Throop Town Clerk and Highway Superintendent).  Veterans list to 2639 names.

11 Jun 09:  Added Shannon Collins (Salutatorian 2009), Lowell MacMartin (US Navy 25 years), Orville Mills (Cayuga Village Trustee and Mayor), and Erica Podolak (Valedictorian 2009).  Added list of graduates for Class of 2009

30 May 09:  Added Harry R. Seymour (WIA - USAAF WW II) and Kenneth Smith (Salutatorian 1947).  Veterans list to 2627 names

29 May 09:  Added Ezekiel Curry (Montezuma Physician), Hiram Howell (WIA - War of 1812), Napoleon B. Ross (Physician), Henry Bidwell Stevenson (Minister and Teacher 30 years), and George Abner Stocking (Justice of the Peace 20+ years)

27 May 09:  Added Jacob Shaw Farrand (Community service - Detroit, MI), George Warren Foster (Community service - Port Washington, WI), Jacob Thomas Foster (Founder, American Water Works Association), and Charles D. Topping (Community service - Deerfield, MI).  Also added the following Civil War Casualties (from Dawn Roe and 1865 Mentz Census):
James Butler - died illness Chapins Farm, VA
William E. Cornell - died in service near Richmond, VA
Patrick Rissen - died illness Williamsburg, VA
James Townsend - POW and died illness Danville, VA
John J. Williams - POW and died starvation Andersonville, GA
Henry Yates - died illness New York City
Veterans list to 2621 names

25 May 09:  Added Marvin Bixby Converse (NY State Militia Brigadier General 20+ years together with Mentz local service) and the following Civil War Casualties (from Joni Lincoln's Conquest Memorial Day article):
Ichabod Bump - KIA Sabine Pass, TX
Lewis Daratt - POW died Andersonville, GA
Ozias Oscar Whitcomb - POW Sabine Pass, TX
Culver Worden - died in service Harpers Ferry 
Also added Titanic connection page.  Veterans list to 2611 names

17 May 09:  Added John D. Carberry (Treasurer/Executive Secretary US Rubber Co. 30+ years) and Harold Tripp (US Army - KIA WWI).  Veterans list to 2603 names

13 May 09:  Added Alice Blauvelt (Valedictorian 1926), Fayette Crane (Salutatorian 1914), Jennie Elliott (Salutatorian 1926), Vera B. Fenn (Teacher. Librarian, Preceptress 40+ years), Ella Mae Lawrence (Salutatorian 1923), Mae Radford (Valedictorian 1923), Carrie Belle Root (Historian, Author), Jean Saroodis (Beach) (PBHOF inductee, Weedsport Village Trustee and Mayor 25+ years).  Veterans list to 2595 names

9 May 09:  Added John S. Clark (Civil War General, Historian, and Author), Jean Craigmile (Salutatorian 1930), Joseph McNamara (Valedictorian 1930),  Francis Stanton Root (Attorney) and Helen I. Root (Minister/Missionary 25+ years, Author).  Added New York State Historic Marker page. (need photos of missing markers)

1 May 09:  Added Melvin R. Jetty (NYS Thruway 20+ years) and Ruth White (USDA 20+ years)

27 Apr 09: 
Added Luther C. Connell (US Army KIA France - WWI)

21 Apr 09:  Added James J. Clark (Attorney), Howard B. Converse (Mentz Supervisor/NYS Assembly), Harry A. Dayton (Killed in State Department Service as Vice Consul - Serbia), George C. Eldridge (POW/WIA - Civil War), Charles A. Gwynn (Physician), George Warrington Latham (Teacher/Professor/Author), Howard Gillespie Myers (Physician 40+ years), Roxanna M. Smith (Backman) (Community Service), William Squires (Professor 42+ years); George H. Watson (Dentist 40+ years).  Veterans list to 2587 names

3 Apr 09:  Added Mellony Carner (US Postal Service 31 years) and Erna Leary (US Postal Service 20+ years)

29 Mar 09:  Added James A. Randall (War Department 50+ years)

27 Mar 09:  Added Henry G. Ausburn Jr. (US Air Force - KIA Korea), Frank Stanley Beveridge (Founder Stanley Home Products Company), Louis Carroll Root (PhD - Banker, Economist and Author), and Donald Smith (Teacher and Professor of Linguistics 30+ years)

16 Mar 09:  Added John Celsus Blanchard (Attorney) and James L. Topping (WIA Civil War).  Veterans list to 2582 names

12 Mar 09:  Added Patrick A. DeVoe II (US Army - KIA Afghanistan)

7 Mar 09:  Added Tyson E. Hubbard (JD - Attorney)

2 Mar 09:  Added Betty L. Hamlisch (Wilson) (Nurse and Professor of Nursing 30+ years)

28 Feb 09:  Added Harmon A. Morgan (KIA Civil War), Comfort Tyler (NY Legislator). Veterans list to 2578 names 

20 Feb 09:  Added Ethel McNamara (Teacher for 45 years in Auburn, Montezuma and PBCS Schools) and Frank Levi Young (NY State Assemblyman, Judge and NY Supreme Court Justice).

13 Feb 09:  Added Josiah Andrews (19th Century Surgeon and Michigan Legislator), Helen Davies (Ward) (Teacher/Librarian 23 years), Penny Kilborne (Helzer) (PB Historian), Andrea Seamans (Pilgrim) (PB and Cayuga County Service 20+ years), Henry Young (Throop and Cayuga County Service 27+ years), Henry Young (US Postal Service 20+ years and PB School Board) 

8 Feb 09:  Added Ronald E. Batson (PBCS Teacher/Adult Education 20+ years), Mary Grace Battram (Teacher, Red Creek School District 33 years), Russell Biss (NYS Department of Environmental Conservation 35+ years), Hulda Borst (PBCS Teacher 20+ years), Rosalind Burke (Cayuga County Extension 20+ years), Patricia Howell (Teacher/Administrator Greece, NY School District 33 years), Patrick Leary (JD - Attorney), Mary Murray (PBCS Elementary School Nurse 20+ years) 

6 Feb 09:  Added Myra BarRelle, (PBCS Elementary Teacher 20+ years), Maureen T. Bass (JD - Attorney), Michael Bass (JD - Attorney), Fannie Evans (PBCS Elementary Teacher 20+ years), Thomas Gargan (PBCS Elementary Teacher 20+ years), Laura Gibson (PBCS Elementary Teacher 20+ years), Kenneth Giovanni (NY State Police 20+ years); Ann Kreiling (Bradley) (PBCS Elementary Teacher 20+ years), Dorothy Marks (Wessel) (PBCS Elementary and Middle School Librarian 28 years), Deborah Millard (Loveland) (20+years Stanislaus County, CA Social Services), Mary Alice Neal (PBCS Elementary Cafeteria and Library Staff 20+ years), Linda Piorun (Butler) (PBCS Elementary Teacher 20+ years), Myra Randolph (Barrett) (RN 20+ years); Cindy Lee Rose (Rooker) (FAA Air Traffic Controller 25 years), Betty Thomas (PBCS Elementary Teacher 20+ years), Ruth Wethey (Union Springs Elementary Teacher 20+ years).  

4 Feb 09:  Added Linda A. Delano (Green) (RN Auburn Memorial Hospital), Arden Jorolemon (Jetty) (PBCS Elementary Teacher 33 years), Wilis Lorenzo King (PhD), Mary Lehn (PBCS Elementary Teacher 30+ years), Marianne Neal (PhD), Lee Ottman (PBCS Band Instructor 20+ years), Edmund Rooker (USAF 20+ years), Eugene F. Rooker (USAF 20+ years), Virgil Switzer, (PBCS Teacher 20+ years) 

2 Feb 09:  Added Leaona Ames (20+ years PBCS custodial staff), John Abbott, (State Service DOT 37 years), Hollis Casey (Outstanding Athlete 1972), Susan Gibides (VanderMuelen) (PBCS Teacher 32 years), Richard L. Harvey (WIA Purple Heart Sicily WWII), Leslie J. Holmes (WIA - gassed France WWI), Kenneth Irving (WIA 2 Purple Hearts - Anzio and France plus Silver Star WWII and Silver Star Korea), John Kolczynski (Outstanding Performing Arts 1972), Wesley Larsen (WIA Sicily WWII), Herbert Marshall (27+ years Cayuga County Legislature), Nancy Pennypacker (PBCS Teacher 34 years), E. Eunice Rooker (20 years PBCS custodial staff), Marie VanDetto (Teacher 40 years), Mary Yaworsky (Valedictorian 1968).  Added list of graduates for Class of 1972.  Veterans list to 2570 names.

31 Oct 08:  Added Marie Connors (PBCS Elementary Teacher 20+ years), Betty Hitchcock (Community Service, Nashville Recording Artist) and Gordon Hitchcock (Community Service).

26 Oct 08: 
Added Harvey D. Faatz (US Army - POW WWII) and Stephen Kehoskie (US Army - Bronze Star WWII).  Veterans list to 2537 names.

22 Sep 08: 
Added Jerome C. Bell Jr. (USMC - KIA Afghanistan)

15 Sep 08: 
Added Margaret Armstrong (late 19th century Physician and Missionary), Archie L. Davies (US Navy 20+ years) and George James (USDA Soil Conservation Service 24+ years).  Added page for PBCS Athletic Records.  Veterans list to 2522 names.

1 Jul 08: 
Added George Brennan (Illinois Democratic Party Leader), Paul H. Carner (NY State Police Award for Heroism) and Lena C. O'Hara (PBCS Cafeteria Staff - 23 years).  Added list of graduates from 2007 and 2008.  Veterans list to 2512 names.

15 Jun 08:   Added Elizabeth Lakota (Salutatorian - 2008), and Ashley Leja (Valedictorian - 2008), Beatrice Wright (Teacher 33 years).  Added list of graduates from 1982. 

5 Jun 08: 
Added Fannie E. Duvall (late 19th/early 20th century painter), James J. Owen (NYS Assemblyman from Mentz).  Also added Port Byron High School Hall of Fame inductees for 2008: 
Doris Harper Banks, Harry Elmer Barnes, Robert Kalet, and Scott Kilmer (from Joni Lincoln).  Link to PBHS Band photographs at http://picasaweb.google.com/portbyronbands (from Dawn Roe).  Added list of graduates from 1941.  Published Performing Arts and Debate Achievement page: 
Veterans list to 2509 names.

30 May 08:  Added Wilma Fiester (PBCS Elementary Teacher 30+ years), Eugene Harvey (Outstanding Athlete and Performing Arts - 1940), Pauline Miller (Valedictorian - 1924), Gilbert Pultz (Watertown Vocational School Teacher, 37 years), Count Sobieski Steel (Kansas Justice of the Peace and State Legislator), Olga Wright (Salutatorian - 1924).  Added list of graduates for 1923-1924, 1927, 1940, 1947.  Veterans list to 2504 names.  Also added the following Civil War casualties from WCTU 1897 Civil War Summary of Mentz Veterans: 
Thomas Clark (MIA  -presumed dead),
Francis Coffinger (died New Bern, NC),
Edward Connell (MIA - presumed dead),
William Duffin (died in service 1864),
James Jerome (WIA and died of wounds Annapolis, MD hospital),
David Miniline (MIA - presumed dead),
William Harrison Root (POW Sabine Pass, TX),
George Stevens (died in service, VA),
George Stivers (died field hospital),
Amos Washburn (died in service),
Lyman O. Wilson (died field hospital),
James Woods (died Camp Douglas, IL)

21 May 08:  Added Mary Brundage (PBCS Bus Driver 20+ years), Charles H. Cater (POW Civil War), Charles A. Hurd (WIA Civil War), Lila Fields (Kerns) (Performing Arts - 1944), Cynthia Jordan (PBCS Elementary Teacher 30+ years), Carolyn Kessler (PBCS Math Teacher 30+ years), Eleanor Kolczynski (PBCS Bus Driver 28 years), Walter Kolczynski (PBCS Bus Driver 36 years), Lillian Krayka (PBCS Phys Ed and French Teacher 30+ years), Mary Moganthaler, (PBCS Bus Driver 20+ years), James I. Priddy (POW Civil War), Peg Treat (PBCS Bus Driver/Transportation Coordinator 25+ years), Margaret Walker (PBCS Bus Driver 20+ years), Harry R. Warren (Mentz Town leader), Valentine Wheeler (WIA Revolutionary War), Philip R. Wilson (Civil War casualty), Nathan Wood (early Conquest Physician).  Published 'Additional Historical Events' Page.  Veterans list to 2479 names.

10 May 08:
  Added William Cassidy (PBCS Teacher 30+ years), Joseph Clary (early Throopsville Physician), Hiram D. Eldridge (early PB Physician), William VanderMeulen (PBCS Elementary School Principal 20+ years).  Published Spanish American War Veterans page - direct link at:  http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=dg8gwsg9_13fr6qvkj3 or from the Homepage content list.   Veterans list to 2451 names.

3 May 08:  
Added Tim Delaney (PhD, Sociologist, Author), Barbara Gallagher (PBCS Teacher 34 years), William S. Hoffman (PB Physician 35 years), Eric J. Keenly (MD - Anesthesiologist), Karen Kellogg (Performing Arts - Beauty Pageant Winner), Judy Ohlrich (PBCS Teacher 34 years), Alvin D. Stewart (longtime early PB Physician),  Bertha Ware (PBCS Teacher 39 years), Aaron Wilson (Civil War casualty), Kathy Wilt (PBCS Teacher 34 years), Jean Woodcock (PBCS Teacher 20+ years).  Added graduates for 1978, 1979 and 1981.  Veterans list to 2448 names.

29 Apr 08:  Added Suzanne Brehaut (PBCS Elementary Teacher 20+ years), John Dunham (WIA Civil War), David Gallaro (Performing Arts - 1983), Jeanette Giovanni (PBCS Elementary Cafeteria Staff 38 years), Evelyn Hornburg (PBCS English Teacher and Debate Coach 20 years), Anna White Howell (PBCS Elementary Teacher 20+ years), Sandy Mills (Performing Arts - 1976), Francis Eugene Nipher (Renowned Physicist/Educator), Dawn L. Roe (Performing Arts - 1981), Douglas Smith (Outstanding Debate - 1980) , Jerome Wilson (WIA Civil War) and Pearl Wilson (Nursing 20+ years).  Thanks to Dawn Roe and Norma Roe Miles for information on latest nominations.  Added PBHS graduates for 1949, 1950, 1954, 1973-74, 1980, 1983-84, 1986-87, 1989-92, 1995-1999, 2005-06.  Veterans list to 2446 names.

7 Apr 08:
  Added Richard W. Aldrich (20 years State Service), Naomi Davis (Salutatorian 1931), Olive Hadden (Valedictorian - 1919), Rosemary Hearn (Salutatorian - 1919), Katherine Robson (Salutatorian - 1933) and Carol Warren (Outstanding Performing Arts - 1933).  Veterans list to 2444 names

6 Mar 08: 
Added Suzanne Damewood (PBCS Teacher 22 years), Peter A. Speen (20+ years USAF), Bernard Tomasso (PBCS Staff and Librarian 27 years) and William J. Zubon (PBCS Teacher 20+ years) to the Master List.  Veterans list to 2437 names

28 Feb 08:  Added the following to the Master List:
Susan Abate (Krayka Award - 1989)
Carlton L. Allen Sr. (24 years Army National Guard)
Andy Burke (Mapley Award - 1993)
George W. Connell Jr. (Purple Heart - WWII and served in Cayuga County Sheriff's Department)
Evelyn Derby (Teacher/Principal 38 years)
Chuck Hermann (co-winner Mapley Award - 1989)
Shannon Jackson (Salutatorian - 1987)
Jamie Jefferds (co-winner Mapley Award - 1989)
Mark Jindrak (Professional Wrestler/Entertainer)
John J. Kaul (died while serving as Oswego County Legislator)
Jill Kutter (Valedictorian - 1987)
Gerald F. Parker (Aeronautical Engineer - helped design U-2 spyplane)
Emily Quant (Salutatorian - 1999)
Erin Rose (Salutatorian - 1998)
Maureen Ryan (Krayka Award - 1993)
Veterans list to 2427 names

24 Feb 08:  Added Genevieve Doherty (40 years teaching in PBCS and earlier smaller area schools) and Richard Curry (Drama Cup 1944); added the following outstanding athlete award winners:  Mary Lois Brown, 1944; Steve Longyear, 1985; Janet Martens, 1982-co; Theodore Martynowski, 1983; Nate McMahon, 1984; Jennie Panek, 1945; Lorraine Summerville, 1983; Brenda Walker, 1982-co; and Kris Youngs, 1984.  Added Clair Mapley designations to entries for John Humbert, 1965 and Herbert Marshall, 1981 and added Lillian Krayka designation to entry for Margaret Hastedt, 1980.  Published Outstanding Athlete page.  Added PBHS graduates for 1929, 1974 and 1984.  Veterans list to 2414 names

14 Feb 08:  Added Hugh Fordyce (Outstanding Athlete - 1959), Earl V. Goldsmith (20+ years USMC), Ross Waterman (PhD and 30+ years US Department of Agriculture) and William G. Wright (died in service - USAF vehicle accident Anchorage, AK Aug 1961).  Added PBHS graduates for 1955-1959.  Veterans list to 2409 names

10 Feb 08:  Added Mary Jean Dwinelle (Salutatorian - 1945), Helen Palmer (Salutatorian - 1935), Marie Rogers (Valedictorian - 1945), Ruth Scanlon (Valedictorian - 1932), Mary L. Warren (Teacher/Preceptress 20+ years) and Mary Waterman (Salutatorian - 1932).  Added PBHS graduates for 1930-1935, 1945, 1946, 2000-2004

27 Jan 08:  Added Cecelia Dalesio (Drama Cup - 1946) Elizabeth Engvall (Girls Athletic Cup - 1946), Thomas Fraher (Outstanding Athlete - 1941) and Herbert Lade (Salutatorian - 1942 and 37 years rural carrier USPS). WWI veterans page published (additional information to be added) - direct link at:  http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=dg8gwsg9_2gvm75tt9  or from the homepage content list.  Also added valedictorian (1933) description to Robert Blauvelt's entry - he was one of the youngest graduates (15) from the high school (also one of the youngest US Naval Academy midshipmen (entered at age 16).

3 Jan 08:  Veterans list to 2370 names (250 new names, almost all from Civil War archive search). 
Added the following Civil War casualties to Master List:
Isaac Benjamin (died disease 1863 New Orleans, LA)
Beniah Coffinger (died disease 1863 NYC)
Patrick Cossin (died disease 1864 Williamsburg, VA)
Jeremiah Curren (died in service 1863 New Bern, NC)
George Dinehart (WIA 1864 and discharged wounds 1865)
John Donaldson (KIA 1863 Port Hudson, LA)
Patrick Dwyer (WIA and died of wounds 1863 Port Hudson, LA)
Franklin Goodell (WIA and discharged wounds 1863 Baton Rouge, LA)
Morris Goff (died disease 1864 Glocester Point, VA)
William Graham (died disease 1862 Fort Pickens, FL)
David Horton (died in service 1863 Brashear City, LA)
James Kells (WIA and died of wounds 1862 Frederick, MD)
Abel Mott (died disease 1862 Catlett's Station, VA)
Michael Murphy (POW and died disease 1865 Salisbury, NC)
Pulaski Olmstead (KIA 1863 Port Hudson, LA)
William Raymond (died disease 1862 New Orleans, LA)
Daniel Ross (died disease 1862 Camp Stevens, LA)
Gilbert Velie (KIA 1863 Port Hudson, LA)
Amasa Ward (died disease 1863 New Orleans, LA)
George Williams (WIA and died of wounds 1864 Frederick, MD)
Robert Winner (died disease 1864 Nashville, TN)
Also added Erma M. Connell (Savarese) (20+ years PBCS administration staff) and Mandy Collins (Crandall) (20+ years teaching)

10 Dec 07:  Veterans list now at 2119 names (thanks to Conquest Town Clerk’s Office for allowing copying of Civil War lists).    
Added the following Civil War casualties to Master List:
Lewis DeWitt (POW - died Andersonville, GA)
Audrey Lucas (died 1863 Whiteface, PA)
Howard Lucas (died 1864 New Bern, NC)
Arthur A. McArthur (died 1864 onboard US transport ship enroute New Orleans to Washington, DC)
Dorr Edward Parker (KIA Sabine Pass, TX)
John Sturges (MIA and presumed dead Wilderness, VA)
Adelbert VanBlaircum (died 1864 returning from Fort Henry)
Francis George Walker (died 1863 returning from New Orleans)
James Webster (WIA Monocacy, MD)
Wilson (WIA Wilderness, VA)
Silas Wilson (KIA Wilderness, VA)
William J. Wilson (WIA)
Also added:  Marnie Benedict (Irace) (20+ years PBCS cafeteria staff), Ransome J. Knapp (served 21 years US Navy - Vietnam, Cold War), Thomas J. Paczkowski (30 years Instructor/Professor/Administrator Cayuga County CC).

26 Nov 07 
Added Douglas E. Martin (Purple Heart - WWII), Carl W. Nelson (Bronze Star - WWII) and George E. Wilson (died 1940 while serving in US Army NY National Guard).  Veterans list to 2034 names

20 Nov 07  Veterans List to 2018 names - individuals added from Conquest Veterans Memorial Display at Town Hall and Emerson Cemetery site visit

12 Nov 07  Added Fred Clark (WIA Purple Heart - WW II), Kenneth R. Bar Relle (Throop Town Clerk for 10 terms), Edwin L. Dougherty (20 years Air Force and 20 years Music Teacher in Maryland schools), Franklin O. Gilmore (35 years NY Dept of Corrections) and Paul E. Vitale (20 years Air Force).  Added PBHS graduates for 1951, 1963 and 1964.  Veterans List to 1811 names

9 Nov 07  Added PBHS graduates for 1965

7 Nov 07  Added Robert J. Baker (Purple Heart and Bronze Star - Korea), Roy E. Bailey (25 years NY Dept of Corrections), Bernice L. Brayton (Marsh) (30 years VA Nurse), Jack Davies (WIA WWII Purple Heart), George E. Davis (25+ years Skaneateles Police Dept), Robert McNamara (Montezuma Town Justice 37 years), Frank J. Palmer (35+ years teacher/principal N. Syracuse schools),  Larry J. Sliter (WIA Vietnam with 2 Purple Heart Medals), Howard E. Stone (PB Dentist for 50+ years). Ladislaus Vinciguerra (20 years US Army), Harold E. Wethey (PhD Art Historian) and Kenneth Wright (WIA WWII Purple Heart).  Veterans List expanded to 1728 names

5 Nov 07  Added E. Raymond Barber to Master List (POW Romania WWII and 20+ years Air Force service).  List of Veterans expanded to 1636 names

4 Nov 07  Added Valedictorians Mary Alice Myers (1931), Lyman Andrews (1934) and Thelma Christman (1935) and Salutatorian Grace Scanlon (1934) to Master List.  Also added Frank H. Albano (23 years Air Force and Bronze Star), Frank DeBois (27 years Air Force), Minnie Fowler (44 years teaching), Edward L. Gould (20+ years US Postal Service), Josephine Green (30+ years teaching), Henry H. Mecomber (29 years US Customs) and Frances M. Moroney (PhD educator emeritus at SUNY Brockport).  List of Veterans expanded to 1563 names

2 Nov 07  Published updated list of area Veterans - now at 1450 names.  Link from contents list on homepage or directly to  http://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=ptp8JtDI1xq6dXKzOCdzyNg 

1 Nov 07  Added to Master List:  Civil War casualties Seth Burges, Joshua Gilbert, George Hollister, John Robertson, John VanNaken, and Livingston Walker; World War II casualties Robert F. Parsons and Frederick J. Seaward; Cold War casualty Charles F. Reilly.  Also added Stewart R. Wilson and Douglas E. Wilder (for 20+ years state service)

31 Oct 07  Added to Master List:  Civil War casualties Henry Smith, George M. Smith and Samuel Wilkins; WW I casualties Benjamin E. Baldwin, Jesse E. Frazer, Lawrence Gunger, John D. Hiserodt, Spencer L. Kikendall, George D. Palmer and Harry J. Welch; and World War II casualty Gilbert G. Fox

30 Oct 07  Added following names to Master List - individuals were Civil War casualties (most were from Conquest and all served in NY 9th Heavy Artillery):

Henry Bass                          George Bench                       Nelson H. Bessy

James H. Bevier                    Horace Blakeman                   George L. Brooks

Elon Chapman                      John H. Cole                         Charles Cowell

David Crounse                      David J. Crounse                   Hiram Crounse

Jacob Crounse                     James Dewitt                        John M. Dewitt

Isaac M. Fiero                      Dennis Flynn                         Richard Finnacy

William Finnacy                     Alanson H. Follett                  Frank Garrity

John Hickey                         Almon Holcomb                      Edward Kemp

Ambrose Ladue                     Jefferson L. Martin                 Edward Mosier

Eli Peck                               Richard Richardson                 Stephen E. Sherman

Edward S. Smith                   Henry VanVleck

28 Oct 07  Added Dolen R. Morris to Master List

26 Oct 07  Added Ralph M. Albano, Richard J. Alfred, Charles F. Decker, Leo J. Garrigan, Henry J. Jedra Sr., Charles M. Lincoln and Russell J. McMillan to Master List

24 Oct 07  Added PBHS graduates for 1966 - 1969

17 Oct 07  Added PBHS graduates for 1960 and 1961

21 Sep 07  Added to Master List:  Werner Flier;  added PBHS Class of 1971 graduates

9 Sep 07  Added to Master List:  2007 inductees from PBHS Hall of Fame - Cynthia Crosby and Lyman Wethey (info from Penny Helzer); also added Bernard Smith and Richard Wilder

15 Jul 07  Added list of PBHS graduates for the following years: 1885-1922, 1970.  Names of early grads from 50th Anniversary Pamphlet published online by Joelle Cabal Vitale at:  http://www.rootsweb.com/~nycayuga/school/pb50th.html

9 Jul 07 - Added new page - the 'What's New?' page. 
Also added missing valedictorians and salutatorians to Master List and academic achievement pages - thanks to Carol Pelc, PBHS
1968 Salutatorian -  Jane Smyth
1976 Valedictorian - Cindy Ellinwood; Salutatorian - Edward Robinson
1977 Valedictorian - Mariann Wilczek; Salutatorian - Margaret Fraher
1996 Valedictorian - Meghan Kahn; Salutatorian - Andrew Bilinski
1997 Valedictorian - Melissa Rozelle; Salutatorian - Tammi Lees
2002 Valedictorian - Rebecca Waterman; Salutatorian - Jesse Singer

7 Jul 07 - Added Dan Randolph, Ramon Pultz, William Dorr Chappell, Alvin J. Stewart, Byron F. Mead, Theophilus J. DeVitt and Benjamin C. Buckland to Master List. 
Created index page for PBHS graduates and added the following years: 1872-1884, 1937, 1939, 1943, 1944