War of 1812 Veterans


Avery, Enos                    NY Militia, 90th Regiment   b 1795; d 1849    Old Port Byron Cemetery
Gilbert, John                                 CPT, early settler in Cnoquest

Howell, Ashbel                          NY Militia; enlisted from Montezuma; 1793-1870 Riverside Cemetery, Albion, MI 

Howell, Hiram                           NY Militia; enlisted from Montezuma; WIA; 1971-1877  Riverside Cemetery, Albion, MI 

King, Richard
                              NY Militia, Battle of Fort Erie;  b 1790; d 1877   Mt Pleasant Cemetery

Rooker, William L.    NY Militia, Pliny Adam's Regiment; Musician, early settler in Conquest; b 1781; d1849 
Rooker Family  Cemetery

Rooker, Zadok N.              NY Militia, 5th Artillery & Infantry Regiment; PVT; Conquest resident; b 1792; d 1843;  Rooker Family




Sherwood, C.J.
                        CPL  Co B 4th US Infantry     Dixon-Wilson Cemetery

Tuttle, Jabez                        b 1761 New Jersey; d unk; Also served in Revolutionary War; Mentz resident

Wilson, Eli
                                             LT, b 1781; d 1814  'died at Batavia on his return from a gallant defense of Fort Erie'   Dixon-Wilson Cemetery

Wilson, John I.                        b 1791; d 1868  Dixon-Wilson Cemetery  (headstone indicates 'soldier' and War of 1812 most likely service)