Revolutionary War Veterans


Avery, Richard          MA Militia, 7th Regiment,  Fifer, Battle of King’s Bridge,  b 1763; d 4 May 1834 

Baldwin, Josiah
NJ Militia, Artificer, served in NYC, Battle of Saratoga, winter at Valley Forge,
                                                            Battle of  Monmouth, winter at Middlebrook, NJ, Williamsburg, VA   Source:
National Archives pension records   b 2 Mar 1757; d 2 Jun 1840 
                                                            Mt. Pleasant Cemetery

Cogswell, Ferris                 VT Militia, CPT Hurd's Company; b 1767; d 1836  Fosterville Cemetery

Crane, Simeon          MA and CT Militia, served at Battle of Lexington, siege of Boston (Roxbury and
                                                                  Dorchester Heights), skirmishes at Danbury, CT, Peekskill, NY, Kingston, NY
                                                                  and guarded CT coastline at Old Saybrook   Source:  National Archives
                                                                  pension records   b  18 Sep 1755; d 14 Jul 1825 

Damewood, Richard     CPT  b 18 Aug 1759; d 13 Aug 1850  Old Montezuma Cemetery

Dixon, James
NY Militia, Dutchess County, 6th Regiment   early Mentz settler
b 12 Sep 1731; d 3 Oct 1823  Dixon-Wilson Cemetery

Frost, Thomas            NY Militia, Dutchess County, served 1778-1781 at Fishkill, taking of
                                                                 Stony Point and garrison duty at West Point;  Source:  National Archives
                                                                 pension records   b 1762; d 1842  Frost Hill Cemetery, Conquest

Hadger, Robert          SGT NY Continental Line, 1st Regiment and NY Militia, Dutchess County;
                                                                  Battle of Hells Gate, Harlem Heights, White Plains;  Source: 
                                                                  National Archives pension records   b 1749; d 1836  Mentz

Harker, Joseph            CPT 4th NJ Militia; b 1743; d 1815  Old Port Byron Cemetery

Henry, William
NY Militia, Albany County, 15th Regiment   b 1746; d 30 Aug 1830  

                                                                 Old Port Byron Cemetery

Higley, Seth
NY Continental Line,  1st Regiment  enlisted in 1775, served in the attack on
                                                                 Fort Ticonderoga  Source:  National Archives pension records   
b 1756:  d 30 Aug 1830  Old Port Byron Cemetery

Jeffries, Thomas         b 1744; d 1820    Pine Hill Cemetery

Johnson, Isaac
CT Continental Line,  guarded CT shoreline and guarded captured British troops
                                                               after Battle of Saratoga  Source:  National Archives pension records    
                                                               b 9 Oct 1760; d 19 Oct 1836  Old Port Byron Cemetery

King, Philip             NY Continental Line,  1st Regiment  served Feb 1782-Jun 1783  Source:  

                                                                National Archives pension records   b 30 Nov 1761; d 18 Nov 1854 
                                                                Old Port Byron Cemetery

Robinson, Edmund    NJ Militia, various Regiments  Source:  National Archives pension records  
b 1759;  d 20 Aug 1848  Wethy Cemetery

Shepard, John                    
NH Militia and NH Continental Line; b 24 Aug 1764; d 14 Oct 1857  Mt Pleasant Cemetery


Sherman, Paul           MA Militia, Bristol County  b Aug 1763; d 27 Aug 1852  Mt. Pleasant Cemetery

Snyder, Benjamin       
NY Militia, Ulster County, 1st Regiment   b 1742; d 13 Oct 1831  

                                                                 Mt. Pleasant Cemetery  

Snyder, Elias                           
NY Militia, Orange County    b Oct 1762; d 3 Jan 1840  Mt. Pleasant Cemetery

Snyder, George                    
NY Militia, Albany County, enlisted in 1776 and served until 1783, served as
                                                                   'Indian spy' and scout along NY frontier, SGT   Source:  National Archives
                                                                    pension records  b 24 Oct 1750 in Germantown, PA;   early settler in
                                                                    Conquest died around 1833 

Treat, Ashbel                         
CT Militia, served at Albany, Mohawk River, Fort Stanwix, Oswego;
                                                                   Source:  National Archives pension records; b 1764; d 1842 
                                                                   Pine Hill Cemetery

Tuttle, Jabez                             b 1761; d unk; Also served in War of 1812; Mentz resident

Wellman, Paul                        
b 1758; d 1829 Mentz; enlisted 1775 CT Militia and served until 1780; Battle of
                                                                     Germantown, Valley Forge, Monmouth, White Plains

Wheeler, Valentine
MA Militia, various units, enlisted April 1775 and served until 1781, SGT; 
                                                                    WIA Battle of Bunker Hill; Dorchester Heights, Roxbury, Battle of
                                                                    White Plains, guard duty at Briston, RI  and Battle of Newport;
                                                                     Source:  National Archives pension records;  
b 1756; d 1845 
                                                                     Conquest Rural Cemetery

Willis, Russell              
NJ Militia, Morris County, enlisted summer 1776, served until 1781;
                                                                   Battle of Monmouth
and Springfield; Mentz resident; Source:  
                                                                   National Archives pension records
   b 23 Dec 1763; d 30 Jun 1842   



Note:  The following individuals are listed on some records as being Revolutionary War soldiers from Port Byron:

Hazen, Moses  NY Miliita, Duthess County, 7th regiment and NY Continental Line  COL;  b Feb 1758; d 20 Jan 1835     Buried Old Port Byron Cemetery  (not listed in cemetery transcriptions and he died in Seneca County according to    family records)

Hopkins, David
NY Militia, Charlotte County  Dixon-Wilson Cemetery  (not listed on cemetery transcription except as part of Hannah Hopkin's headstone listed as 'relic'' of honorable David Hopkins - other records clearly show that he died and is buried in Hebron, Washington County, NY)