Port Byron High School
Hall of Fame




Banks, Doris (Harper)                        Class of 1941, inducted 2008; library service, community leader, author

Barnes, Harry Elmer  PhD                Class of 1906, inducted 2008; sociologist, economist, founder of The Barnes Report
Black, F. Barbara
Class of 1952, inducted 2005; community service, community leader

Blake, Robert                         Class of 1943, inducted 1999; community leader, pharmacist
Blauvelt, Robert P.                Class of 1933, inducted 2005; military hero, WWII, US Navy Lieutenant

Briant, David G.  Ed D.                          Class of 1948, inducted 1999; educator, inventor, community service

Carr, William                                              Class of 1948, inducted 2012; community service
Corey, Anne Dorthey
  RN                   Class of 1928, inducted 2000; health care advocate, school nurse educator

Crosby, Cynthia  PhD                            Class of 1956, inducted 2007; author African history, educator, community service
Dawson, Doris E.
lass of 1943, inducted 1999; community service, community leader

Dawson, Robert                                       Class of 1943, inducted 2002; heroic act, community service

DeBottis, Peter                                          Class of 1942, inducted 1999; educator, athletic leader, community leader

Delaney, Edward                   Class of 1948, inducted 2001; aerospace scientist, engineer, craftsman

Frio, Lila (Carr)                        Class of 1922, inducted 1999; educator, community service

Howell, Anna White                             Class of 1931, inducted 2011; educator, community service
Johnson, MaryAnn (VanDitto)
Class of 1941, inducted 2002; author, community leader

Kalet, Robert  MD                                     Class of 1969, inducted 2008; medical career, community leader, community service

Kilmer, Scott  DC                                      Class of 1974, inducted 2008; medical career, commnuity leader, community service

Kilmer, Shirley (Trowbridge)      Class of 1947, inducted 1999; community service

Knapp, Leslie                                             Class of 1947, inducted 2001; marine biologist, community leader, youth supporter

Marshall, Herbert                                    Class of 1955; inducted 2009; community service, community leader
O’Hara, Lester
Class of 1936, inducted 2003; community service

Picciano, Michael                  Class of 1953, inducted 2004; community leader, sports supporter

Pingert, Jesse                                              Class of 1961, inducted 2004; community leader, community service

Pultz, Glen ‘Tex’                   Class of 1942, inducted 2003; heroic act, WWII

Roberts, Carol (Gregory)                Class of 1960, inducted 1999; educator, community service

Saroodis, Jean (Beach)                       Class of 1958, inducted 2009; community service, community leader
Sine, Victor
Class of 1943,  inducted 1999; community leader, community service

VanAcora, Josephine                          Class of 1928, inducted 1999; educator, community service

VanDitto, Barbara Jean          Class of 1952, inducted 2006; community service, community leader

VanDitto, Peter                                         Class of 1938, inducted 1999; community service, educator, musician

Waterman, Donald                                 Clsss of 1967, inducted 2012; community service
Waterman, Evelyn (Biss)
                 Class of 1960, inducted 2000; community service, community leader

West, Richard                                            Class of 1961, inducted 1999; US Navy, Rear Admiral, community leader

Wethey, Lyman                                         Class of 1959, inducted 2007; PB Trustee and Mayor, community leader
Wilt, Delvin ‘Ted’ 
                                  Class of 1935, inducted 2006, community service