Hall of Fame

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Abate, Susan                                                Lillian Krayka Award, 1989
Abbott, Earl L.                                           PBCS Custodial Staff retired 1959; US Army WWI; PB Fire Department
                                                                                       and Village Board; b 1897; d 1968  Pine Hill Cemetery

Abbott, John Jr.                       State Service - Dept of Transportation 37 years; US Army Korea; b 1929; d 2008
Abraham, Mark                                        Outstanding Athlete, 1988, lettered 3 hs sports
Acome, Tonya
                                             Salutatorian, 2003; SUNY Oswego 2006

Albano, Frank F.                                      US Army/Air Force 23 years, WW II, Korea, CWO; Bronze Star; Class of 1933; 
                                                                                         Middleweight boxer 1930s

Albano, Ralph M.                                   Federal Service - 32 years, Seneca Army Depot; US Army WWII; Professional boxer; 
                                                                                          Auburn Old Timer Boxer Hall of Fame 1975;  PB resident; b 1915; d 1999; 
                                                                                          St Columbkille. Cemetery, Seneca Falls

Alberici, Gino                                              PBCS Soc Science Teacher 32 years 1961-1993, Soccer, Basketball, Football Coach;
                                                                                          Holy Cross
Alberti, Robert A.                                    Teacher 29 years, PBCS Phys Ed Teacher, Wrestling Coach, Athletic Director, 25 years;
                                                                                          1955-1980; US Navy WWII; b 1925; d 2006
Aldrich, Richard W.                  State Service 20 years Auburn Correctional Facility; Class of 1961; b 1943; d 2008 
                                                                                          Conquest Cemetery

Alfred, Richard J.                                    PBCS Bus Driver - 20 years; US Army WW II; b 1913; d 1997
Allen, Carlton L. Sr.                             Army National Guard, 24 years Vietnam, Cold War, Gulf War SFC; b 1950; d 2008
Ames, Allen                                                   US Army WWI, WWII Europe, MAJ; Mentz/Cayuga County Board of Supervisors
                                                                                          1952-1964; Cayuga County Civil Defense Director; PB Fire Department and PBCS
                                                                                          Board of Education; community leader; b 1898; d 1967  Mt Pleasant Cemetery

Ames, Christine, M.
                              Salutatorian-co, 1992 
Ames, Leona
                                                PBCS Custodial Staff 20+ years; Community Service  
Andrews, Josiah  MD
                               Surgeon; Cazenovia Institute; NY Fairfield Medical College 1838; Michigan Legislator
                                                                                           1846; US Army Civil War, 3rd MI Cavalry; b; Mentz 1812; d 1886  
Andrews, Lyman                                      Valedictorian, 1934
Andrews, Norma                                      Valedictorian, 1938
Anstee, Jay                                                     Outstanding Performing Arts - choir, 1972; Rosary Hill College w/distinction 1976;
                                                                                         SUNY Buffalo; Opera singer
Anstee, William F.                                  NY State Department of Corrections 20+ years; b 1927; d 2010  River Hill Cemetery, TN
Applebee, Glenn Sr.
                              Port Byron Fire Department 59 years, b 1889, d 1969  Mt Pleasant Cemetery
Applebee, Glenn III  PhD                   Professor, Cornell Cooperative Service; Class of 1969; Cornell Univ 1973, 88
Applebee, Guy
                                            US Postal Service, Port Byron Postmaster 17 years, Class of 1941; USAF WWII,
                                                                                         B-24 radio operator Pacific Theater 50 missions;  b 1922; d 1996
Applebee, Harry                                        USAF 22 years, Cold War, Vietnam, MSGT  b 1930; d 2000
Applebee, William A.                           USAAF WWII SW Pacific, Bronze Star; b 1911; d 1968  Mt Pleasant Cemetery
Armstrong, Margaret  MD                 Physician, Class of 1884; Boston Univ 1888; Missionary in India 1892; Home Mission 
                                                                                           School Teacher; b 1865; d 1941 Bergenfield, NJ;  Mt Pleasant Cemetery 

Auested, Charles
                                       WIA, Petersburg, VA US Army Civil War 111th NY Inf, enlisted Port Byron 1862
Ausburn, Henry G. Jr.                        KIA 5 Aug 1951 Suyong River, Korea, USAAF WW II, US Air Force Korea 1LT
                                                                                           B-26 Pilot, Port Byron resident

Austin, S.E.   MD                                          Physician; Class of 1888; Cornell Univ 1892
Baker, Ellen                                                   Salutatorian, 1970; Outstanding Performing Arts - drama; Univ of Rochester 1974
Baker, Gilbert J.                                       PBCS Bus Driver 25 years, US Navy WWII B-24 tail gunner; founding member 
                                                                                          Conquest VFD b 1924; d 1982  Conquest Village Cemetery

Bailey, Roy E.                                             State Service - Dept of Corrections 25 years; born 1879 Throop; d 1966
Baldwin, Benjamin E.                          KIA 18 Aug 1918 France; US Army WWI Mech Machine Gun Co 325th Inf;
                                                                                          Montezuma resident

Baker, Chris                                                 Lillian Krayka Award, 1985
Baker, Robert J.                                       WIA 1953; US Army Korea, Purple Heart, Bronze Star; Conquest resident
Ball, Emily
                                                      Valedictorian, 1958
Ball, Gail                                                          Cayuga County Superintendent of Highways 34 years; US Army WWII Engineers CPT;
                                                                                          Throop resident; b 1897; d 1984
   Pine Hill Cemetery
Ball, Wesley                                                   Valedictorian, 1946
Banks, Doris (Harper)                         PBHOF, Class of 1941, inducted 2008; distinguished library service, community leader, 

Barber, E. Raymond                             US Army/US Air Force - 20+ years, WW II, Korea POW B-24 shot down over Ploesti,
                                                                                          Romania 28 Jul 1944;

Barnes, Gary Alan                                  Killed Vietnam 19 Aug 1968, US Army 4th Inf Div SP4; b 1947; d 1968 
                                                                                           Pine Hill Cemetery; panel 48W, line 52 of the Vietnam Memorial Wall

Barnes, James R.                                      WIA US Army WWII, 77th Inf Div Purple Heart; State Service-NYS Highway Dept
                                                                                           Civil Engineer 27 years; Clyde HS 1934; Colgate Univ 1939; b 1916; d 2005 
                                                                                           Mt Pleasant Cemetery

Barnes, Harry Elmer    PhD                 Author and Professor of History; Class of 1906; Syracuse Univ 1913 w/distinction;
                                                                                            Columbia Univ 1918; professor at Clark Univ, Smith College and Columbia 
                                                                                            Univ; revisionist historian  PBHOF inducted 2008; b 1889; d 1968

Barnes, Robert Sewell                          KIA Vietnam 7 Sep 67 explosive device Long An Prov, US Army 9th Arm Div, PFC;
                                                                                            b 1947; d 1967  Greenlawn Cemetery, Warners, NY; Baldwinsville HS grad;
                                                                                            PB resident/home of record; panel 26E, line 021 Vietnam Memorial Wall
Barnum, Bolivar  MD                             Physician 20+ years; Univerisity of Michigan 1854; US Army Civil War, Surgeon
                                                                                            25th Michigan Inf; b 1826 Mentz; d 1891 Michigan

Barrell, Charles L.
                                  Medal of Honor, US Army Civil War;  b 1842 Conquest; d 1914 Ann Arbor, Michigan
BarRelle, Myra                                          PBCS Elementary Teacher 3rd Grade 20+ years; also taught in one room schools prior
                                                                                           to consolidation

BarRelle, Kenneth R.                          Local Service - Throop Town Clerk 10 terms; Throop VFD; b 1912; d 1963  
                                                                                           South Butler Cemetery

Barrus, Clara   MD 
                  Physician, author, naturalist  Class of 1884, Boston University 1888;
                                                                                           b 1864 Port Byron; d 1931  Mt Pleasant Cemetery  
Bartlett, Mary (Dalesio)
                     Salutatorian, 1949; PBCS Admin Staff 28+ years     
Bass, Henry                                                   Died 10 Nov 64 hospital Baltimore, MD; US Army Civil War, 9th NY Artillery; enlisted
                                                                                          Conquest 31 Aug 61  
Bass, Maureen T.  JD                            Attorney; Class of 1991; Tulane Univ; Syracuse Univ
Bass, Michael  JD                                      Attorney, Class of 1990, SUNY Albany, Syracuse Univ 
Batson, Ronald E.                                   Teacher and PBCS Adult Education 30+ years: Class of 1929; Mechanics Inst of 
                                                                                           Rochester 1933  

Beach, Martha W.
                                   Salutatorian, 1913
Beach, Robert V.                                      WIA France 29 Sep 1917, US Army WWI 108th Inf, 28th Inf Div; Class of 1917
Bell, Jerome C. Jr.                     KIA Afghanistan 19 Sep 2008, USMC GWOT 2nd Bn, 7th Regt 1st Marine Div;
                                                                                          enlisted 1996, also served during Iraq invasion 2003; Class of 1997;
                                                                                          b 1979; d 2008  St  Josephs Cemetery

Bement, Albert W.                                  State Service - Dept of Prisons, 27 years; US Army Spanish American War, 20th Inf; 
                                                                                          b 1873; d 1940  Pine Hill Cemetery

Bench, George                                            KIA 16 Oct 64 Cedar Creek, VA; US Army Civil War, 9th NY Artillery CPL; enlisted 
                                                                                          Conquest  28 Jul 62 138th NY Inf

Benda, Mary Jean
                                   Federal Service--Social Security Administration 33 years; Class of 1970;
                                                                                          McGill Univ 1974 w/distinction   
Benedict, Joel Tyler                               Teacher/Professor 20+ years; Univeristy of Vermont 1843; Professor NY Free Academy 
                                                                                          (later CCNY) 1857-66; author, wiedely used algebra textbook b Mentz; d 1892 NJ   

Benedict, Mamie (Irace)
                    PBCS Cafeteria Staff 20+ years; Class of 1949; b 1930; d 2004   St Josephs Cemetery
Benjamin, Isaac H.                                Died disease 6 Sep 63 New Orleans, LA; US Army Civil War 75th NY Inf, 
                                                                                          enlisted PB 29 Oct 62
Berle Doris (Dusinberre)                   Teacher, PBCS 20+ years; William Smith College, Cornell Univ; b 1920; d 2011
                                                                                           St Vincent dePaul Cemetery, Churchville, NY

Bessy, Nelson H.
                                      WIA 19 Oct 64 Cedar Creek, VA; US Army Civil War, 9th NY Artillery;
                                                                                           enlisted Conquest 1 Sep 64
Beveridge, Frank Stanley                 Founder/President/Chairman of the Board Stanley Home Products Company and
                                                                                           Stanley Foundation; Vice President Fuller Brush Co.; Port Byron resident and
                                                                                           member Port Byron Mason's Lodge;  b 1879 Nova Scotia; d 1956 Westfield, MA
Bevier, James H.                                      KIA 1 Jun 64. Cold Harbor, VA; US Army Civil War, 9th NY Artillery; 
                                                                                           enlisted Conquest 11 Aug 62
Bickey, John                                                WIA 9 Oct 64, Cedar Creek VA; US Army Civil War, 9th NY Artillery;
                                                                                           enlisted Conquest 30 Aug 64
Bilinski, Andrew                                       Salutatorian, 1996
Biss, Russell D.                                           NYS Department of Environmental Conservation 35+ years; Class of 1969;
                                                                                          Cornell Univ 1973

Black, F. Barbara
Class of 1952, inducted 2005; Salutatorian; community service,
                                                                                           community leader
Blake, Earl W.                                            Pharmacist 47 years, Blake's Pharmacy; community leader; Class of  1904, Columbia
                                                                                           College of Pharmacy 1910; US Army WWI 27th Div; b 1889; d 1967 
                                                                                           Mt Pleasant Cemetery

Blake, Jennifer L. 
                                  Salutatorian, 1971; Outstanding Athlete, 1971; Outstanding Performing Arts 1971;
                                                                                           Holyoke College, Middlebury College, University of Pennsylvania
Blake, Kristan                                             Outstanding Performing Arts - drama, choir 1970; Syracuse Univ 1974 drama
Blake, Leslie L.                                          Pharmacist, 50 years; Class of 1912; Columbia Univ 1915; WWI Veteran; Town of
                                                                                           Williamson NY Supervisor; community service; b 1895; d 1969 Rochester

Blake, Robert                         PBHOF, Class of 1943, inducted 1999; community leader, pharmacis40+ years Blake's
                                                                                           Pharmacy; Columbia Univ 1953; US Navy WWII; lettered 4 hs sports;
                                                                                           b 1925, d 1991 Mt Pleasant Cemetery
Blake, Jr, Scott Wayne                      Died in service PV2 US Army, 1 Jan 2012; b 1992; d 2012  Mt Pleasant Cemetery
Blake, Stephen R.                                 Salutatorian, 1973; died 1976 climbing accident England
Blake, William                                           Pharmacist, 40 years; community leader; US Amry Civil War; b    ; d 1926 
                                                                                           Mt Pleasant Cemetery

Blakeman, Horace                                  POW 9 Jul 64, Moncracy, MD; died 7 Mar 65 Annapolis, MD; US Army Civil War, 
                                                                                           9th NY Artillery; enlisted Conquest 30 Jul 62

Blalock, Todd                                             Salutatorian, 1985
Blanchard, John Celsus                    Attorney, 1842; Ionia County, MI Prosecuting Attorney, Register of the US Land Office
                                                                                           under President James Buchanan; Ionia President 2 terms and Ionia School Director
                                                                                           9 years; Democratic Party Leader and Candidate for Lt Governor in 1872; b 1822 
                                                                                           Mentz; d 1905 Michigan 
Blauvelt, Alice                                            Valedictorian, 1926
Blauvelt, Arthur Ervin   JD                NYS Supreme Court Justice 1950-1980; attended PB schools, Cornell Univ 1926; 
                                                                                           PB Village Justice, Ass't DA Cayuga County 1931-1936; US Army Europe WWII
                                                                                           LTC; b 1905 Port Byron; d 1980

Blauvelt, Arthur Eugene                   Port Byron Village President and Attorney, PB Board of Education President, 
                                                                                          Congressioal staffer; Class of    ; Albany Business College;
                                                                                          b 1873 Fosterville; d 1957  Pine Hill Cemetery

Blauvelt, Robert Pershing 
1933; US Naval Academy 1938, WWII, US Navy Lieutenant;  KIA
                                                                                          USS Amberjack sunk 16 Feb 1943 Solomon Islands, Silver Star,                                                                                           Bronze Star, Purple Heart; PBAHOF inducted 2005;  b 1918; d 1943 
Blauvelt, Willard  MD                             Physician, Class of 1928; Cornell Univ, Cornell Univ Med School, NYC 1935; 
                                                                                          US Army WWII Purple Heart;  b 1912; d 1997 Naples, FL  
Bobbett, Cecelia (Dalesio)
               Outstanding Performing Arts, Drama Cup 1946; PBCS Admin Staff 20+ years   
Bobbett, James                                           Valedictorian, 1984
Bohrman, Katherine (Long)  RN  Nurse 30+ years; Class of 1898; Syracuse Memorial School of Nursing 1912;
                                                                                         Auburn Memorial Hospital Maternity Ward Nursing Supervisor 29 years; 
                                                                                         b 1881 Throop; d 1972  St. Josephs Cemetery   

Bonelli, Richard
                                        Baritone opera singer, actor, recording artist, singing instructor,
                                                                                            b 1889 Port Byron; d 1980 California
Bower, Franklin E.                                  Bronze Star Ville Baudon, France 1944 US Army WW II T/SGT; community service
                                                                                            Conquest and Throop; b 1917; d 2010

Brazak, Laraine
                                         Valedictorian, 1983
Brayton, Bernice L. (Marsh) RN  Federal Service - VA Medical Center Syracuse Nurse 30 years; Geneva School of Nursing;
                                                                                             b 1940; d 2001

Brehaut, Suzanne (Paddock)        PBCS Elementary Teacher 30+ years; Parsons College, IA
Brennan, George E.                               Illinois Democratic Party Leader, National Committeman credited with winning
                                                                                         presidential nomination for Al Smith in 1928;  b 1865 Port Byron; d 1928 Chicago

Brewster, Michael                                     Salutatorian, 1984
Briant, David G.
Ed D.                          PBHOF, Class of 1948, inducted 1999; educator, inventor, community service
Briant John H.                                           State Service - NY State Police 28 years, US Army 27th Inf Div and US Air Force,
                                                                                          ESC SUNY Albany; author, artist; Class of 1948
Brooks, George L.                                   Died 24 Aug 64 hospital Baltimore, MD; US Army Civil War; 9th NY Artillery;
                                                                                          enlisted Conquest 28 Jul 62

Brosnahan, Patrick                               Professor, Theology 30+ years; Denison College, IA; Servite Prep, Milwaukee; Ordained
                                                                                          Rome 1906; elected Provincial of the Servite Order 23, 26, 36; b 1876 Port Byron 
Brundage, Mary
                                        PBCS Bus Driver 20+ years;
Buckland, Benjamin C.  MD            Physician; Class of 1878
Bulkley, Aaron Joseph
                       Outstanding Athlete, 2001; Lemoyne College 2005, baseball 02-05, drafted by Pittsburgh
                                                                                          Pirates 2001, drafted by Houston Astros 2005
Bump, Ichabod                                          POW/KIA 8 Sep 1863 Sabine Pass, TX, drowned jumping overboard USS Clifton in
                                                                                          escape attempt, US
 Army Civil War 75th NY Infantry; Conquest resident, enlisted 21 Sep 61;
                                                                                           b 1842; d 1863

Burges, Seth                                                  KIA 9 Feb 63 Aqua Landing, VA;  US Army Civil War;  b 1840; d 1863 
                                                                                           Mt Pleasant Cemetery

Burcroff, Christine
                                 Salutatorian, 1988

Burke, Andy                                                 Clair Mapley Award, 1993
Burke, Franklin W.
                                US Postal Service 33 years; PB Fire Department 50 years, Fire Chief; Deputy Director
                                                                                         Cayuga County Civil Defense; Class of 1916; US Navy WWI 
Burke, Katherine (Lincoln)
            Valedictorian, 1969; SUNY Oswego 1974; PBCS Administrative Staff 20+ years 

Burke, Paul C.                                            Conquest Supervisor, Cayuga County Legislature, Conquest Fire Dept; Class of   
Burke, Richard F.                                    US Navy WWII, Naval Reserves CPO; Port Byron Mayor, 1975-1979; PB Village
                                                                                         Board/Planning Commission, PB Fire Department: community service; 
                                                                                          b 1919; d 1986  Mt Pleasant Cemetery

Burns, Russell E.                       State service - NY Dept of Corrections; USAAF WWII T/SGT 66th Fighter Squadron,
                                                                                          67th Fighter Group, Africa, Sicily, Italy; enlisted 1939; b 1919; d 1985 
                                                                                          Pine Hill Cemetery
Burriss, George                                          US Army WWII, Hickam Field, Hawaii 7 Dec 41 Bronze Star; Port Byron resident;
                                                                                          b 1921; d 1951 Honolulu, HI

Bush, Harold B.                                         USMC/Army WWII, Korea, 20+ years, Pacific Theater; b 1926; d 1976
                                                                                          Mt Pleasant Cemetery

Butler, Dennis V.                                      Montezuma supervisor 1953-1965; US Army WWII; Montezuma Fire Dept; community 
                                                                                          leader; b 1921; d 2003  Mt Pleasant Cemetery

Butler, James                                               Died in service illness; Chapins Farm, VA; US Army Civil War; enlisted from Mentz
Butler, Loretta
                                            Valedictorian, 1962
Caldwell, Jack                                             Outstanding Athlete, 1932; lettered 3 hs sports
Campbell, Vivian                                     Valedictorian, 1943
Carberry, John D.                                   Treasurer/Executive Secretary US Rubber Co. 30+ years; on board of directors or officer for
                                                                                           36 companies; Class of 1895; Cornell Univ 1901; community service NYC;
                                                                                           b 1869 Montezuma; d 1945 Pelham Manor, NY 

Carlisle, Glenna                                         Valedictorian, 1949
Carner, Mellony (Lauckarn)         US Postal Service 31 years Montezuma and Port Byron Post Offices; Class of 1965
Carner, Paul H.                         NY State Police Brummer Award for Heroism, 2002; Class of 1992;
                                                                                           SUNY Brockport 1997

Carnes, Thomas                        Local Service - Rochester, NY Police Department, 25 years; Class of 1965 
Carr, Arthur E.
                                           PB School Board Clerk, 20 years; Class of 1919
Carr, Edwin L.                                            PB Hardware Store Owner 30 years, community leader, PB village trustee 6 years,
                                                                                         PB Board of Education; b 1867; d 1944

Carr, William                                              PBHOF, Class of 1948
Casey, Debbie                                              Outstanding Athlete, 1969
Casey, Hollis
                                                 Outstanding Athlete, 1972  
Casey, Milton W.                                     Teacher/Coach/Athletic Director 30 years; Class of 1939; lettered 3 hs sports; USAAF
                                                                                           WWII B-17 co-pilot LT 30 missions 5 Air Medals; Cortland State, PB athletic
                                                                                           director 1952-1959; b 1922; d 1994  Pine Hill Cemetery
Casselman, Richard D.  JD                Valedictorian, 1967; Cornell Univ 1971; US Navy pilot - JAG, LT; Adelphi Univ; 
                                                                                           ROTC Instructor Cornell Univ; community service New Fairfield, CT;
                                                                                           b 1949; d 1984 NYC

Casselman, Ronald                                 Salutatorian, 1969

Cassidy, William                       PBCS Physical Education Teacher/and Coach 30+ yeeas;
Cater, Charles H.                                     POW Danville, VA Prison 1864; US Army Civil War, enlisted from Port Byron 
                                                                                            18 Aug 62; b 1845; d 1919  Mt Pleasant Cemetery

Chapman, Elon                                          KIA 6 Apr 64 Monocacy, MD; US Army Civil War 9th NY Artillery;
                                                                                            enlisted Conquest 11 Aug 62

Chappell, William Dorr                     US Army Air Service WWI France; flew captured German Folker aircraft in 1919 
                                                                                             to record altitude 24,0000 feet; Class of 1909; Cornell Univ 1916

Chase, Bertha R.  MD                            Physician; Class of 1890; Syracuse Univ
Cheeley, Dorothy, A. (Emery)        Cayuga County Sheriff's Department jsiler 20+ years, Head Matron 10 years; Port Byron
                                                                                            resident; b 1921; d 2011 Pine Hill Cemetery

Cheney, Virginia                                       Salutatorian, 1941
Chiverton, James
                                     WIA, Gettysburg, PA US Amry Civil War  111th NY Inf, enlisted Port Byron 1862
Christman, Thelma                                 Valedictorian, 1935
Clark, Fred D.                                             WIA Oct 1945 France, US Army WW II PFC Purple Heart
Clark, James J.                                          Attorney; Class of 1898; Cornell Univ Law School 1903; Village Attorney Holley, NY
Clark, John S.                                             Auburn City Engineer, 1st Throop Supervisor 1859; US Army Civil War,
                                                                                           commissioned CPT 1861, elected COL 19th NY Inf; served defense of 
                                                                                           Washington, DC, Shenandoah and Louisiana/Texas campaigns; promoted Brevet
                                                                                           Brigadier General upon leaving service; historian, surveyor, author; 
                                                                                           b 1823 Mentz; d 1912

Clark, Sharon E.                                       
Outstanding Athlete, 1985
Clark, Thomas                                            MIA and presumed dead. US Army Civil War; enlisted Mentz
Clary, Joseph DR                                        Early Throopsville Physician, started practice 1810 with 30+ years service;
                                                                                           b 1787; d 1863    Fort Hill Cemetery

Coffinger, Beniah
                                     Died disease 7 Nov 63 NYC; US Army Civil War 75th NY Inf; enlisted
                                                                                           Conquest 16 Sep 61

Coffinger, Francis                                    Died in service, New Bern, NC; US Army Civil War, enlisted Mentz
Cole, Betty (Dewitt)                                State Serive-NYS Police zone secretary 23 years, Throop resident; b 1925; d 2012
Cole, John H.
                                               POW 9 Jul 64 Monocacy, MD; died 6 Sep 64 Annapolis, MD; US Amry Civil War 
                                                                                            9th NY Artillery, enlisted Conquest 4 Aug 62

Collins, Harry A.                                      State Service-NYS Dept of Transportation; US Army WWII; b 1919; d 2005  
                                                                                           Springlake Cemetery

Collins, Mandy (Crandall)             Teacher 20+ years, Gwineett County, GA school system; Class of 1982;
                                                                                             SUNY Fredonia 85, 86

Collins, Shannon                                      Salutatorian, 2009
Connell, Erma M. (Savarese)        PBCS Administrative Staff 20+ years; Class of     ; b 1925; d 2007 
                                                                                             Mt Pleasant Cemetery

Connell, Edward                                       KIA Fort Fisher, NC Jan 1865; US Army Civil War; enlisted Mentz
Connell, George W. Jr.                       WIA 1945 Okinawa; USMC WW II Purple Heart; Class of 1939; served Cayuga 
                                                                                            County Sheriff's Department;  b 1921; d 2008  Mt Pleasant Cemetery

Connell, Leola
                                             Valedictorian, 1937

Connell, Luther C.                    KIA France 5 Oct 1918; US Army WW I, CPL I Co, 23rd Infantry; b 1888; d 1918|
                                                                                              Mt Pleasant Cemetery

Connors, Elizabeth T     
                    Teacher 35 years, PBCS Teacher 27 years;  Jordan HS graduate; Syracuse Univ; 
                                                                                              Maple Grove Cemetery, Jordan
Connors, Marie                         Teacher PBCS Elementary School 20+ years; Jordon HS Graduate; Throop resident;
                                                                                               b 1895; d 1962  St Josephs Cemetery

Converse, Howell B.                                  Attorney 1851, Justice of the Peace 64-97; Cayuga County Coroner 66-68; Board of
                                                                                                Supervisors Mentz 12 years, NY State Assembly 78; b 1838; d 1901 
                                                                                                Mt Pleasant Cemetery

Converse, Marvin Bixby                         US Army NY State Militia 1840-1860 Brigadier General; Mentz Supervisor 1850-51; 
                                                                                              Superintendent of  the Poor 53-59; ; b 1806; d 1892 Fruitport, MI

Cool, John N.
                                              KIA, St. Mihiel, France, 16 Seo 1918, US Army WWI CPL, b 1895; d 1918; 
                                                                                              Mt Pleasant Cemetery

Coppola, Jennifer B. (Murinka)Valedictorian, 1998

Corey, Anne Dorthey  RN               PBHOF, Class of 1928, inducted 2000; health care advocate, school nurse educator

Corey, Russell E.                                      WIA, France, US Army WWI 27th Inf Div PFC; Class of 1917, Colgate Univ 1925; 
                                                                                            Commandant Northwestern Military/Naval Academy; b 1898; d 1929 Wisconsin
Corfield, George S.                                Teacher/Professor; Cato HS grad; Oswego State College, Clark Univ; US Army 
                                                                                             WWI; Head, Geography and Geology Dept Nebraska Weslayan Univ; 
                                                                                              b 1895; d 1971  Mt Pleasant Cemetery

Cornell, Joseph                                          WIA, Gettysburg, PA; US Amry Civil War  111th NY Inf, enlisted Port Byron 1862
Cossin, Patrick                                           Died disease 1 Dec 64 Williamsburg, VA; US Army Civil War 16th NY Artillery; 
                                                                                            enlisted Mentz

Cowan, Albert
                                            WIA, Southerland Station, VA; US Amry Civil War  111th NY Inf, enlisted 
                                                                                            Throop 1862
Cowell, Charles                                         WIA 6 Apr 64 Cold Harbor, VA; US Amry Civil War 9th NY Artillery; 
                                                                                             enlisted Conquest 11 Aug 62

Craigmile, Jean                                         Valedictorian, 1930
Crane, Fayette                                             Salutatorian, 1914
Cromp, Janice
                                            Valedictorian, 1970; Valedictorian SUNY Oswego 1974
Crosby, Cynthia  PhD                            PBHOF, Class of 1956, inducted 2007;  ACC, Univ of Rochester, Syracuse Univ; 
                                                                                           author Historical Dictionary of Malawi; Director Adult Learning Center

Crounse, David                                         WIA 1 Jun 64 Cold Harbor, VA; US Amry Civil War 9th NY Artillery; 
                                                                                            enlisted Conquest 22 Jul 62

Crounse, David J.                                    POW 9 Jul 64 Monocacy, MD; US Amry Civil War 9th NY Artillery; 
                                                                                            enlisted Conquest 11 Aug 62
Crounse, Hiram                                        WIA 2 Apr 65 Petersburg, VA; US Amry Civil War 9th NY Artillery; 
                                                                                            enlisted Conquest 30 Aug 64
Crounse, Jacob                                          WIA 1 Jun 64 Cold Harbor, VA; US Amry Civil War 9th NY Artillery; 
                                                                                             enlisted Conquest 2 Feb 64;

Crowley, Elizabeth (Marquart)   Auburn City Treasurer; community service; Class of 1945; member National 
                                                                                              Woman's Hall of Fame; Democratic Party Leader; b 1927; d 2007

Curran, Kathryn                                       Valedictorian, 1959
Curren, Jeremiah                                     Died in service 7 Apr 63 New Bern, NC: US Army Civil War 3rd NY Artillery; 
                                                                                            enlisted Montezuma

Currier, Rebecca
                                      Salutatorian, 2000
Curry, Ezekiel Chase  MD                  Physician Montezuma; Berkshire Medical College 1866; Village Trustee 
                                                                                           d 1892 Montezuma

Curry, Richard                                           Drama Cup, 1944
Cyr, Celia
                                                        Valedictorian, 2006
Damewood, Suzanne  (Calkins)   PBCS Physical Education Teacher 30+ years; SUNY Oswego, Nazareth College; 
                                                                                           b 1944; d 2007 

Daratt, Lewis                                               POW - died Andersonville, US Army Civil War 111th NY Infantry; enlisted 
                                                                                           from Conquest

David, Randy                                              Outstanding Athlete, 1988
Davies, Archie L.                                      US Navy 20+years; WWII, Korea, Cold War CWO; b 1926; d 2008;  
                                                                                           Mt Pleasant Cemetery  
Davies, Helen (Ward)                           Teacher/Librarian Weedsport Schools 23 years; Geneseo State College 1947;
                                                                                          Community Service, PB resident and Citizen of the Year  
Davies, Jack L.                                          WIA US Army WWII Bronze Star, 3 Purple Hearts, Pacific and European Theaters
                                                                                           SSG; b 1921; d 2010       
Davis, George E.                                       Local Service - Skaneateles Police Dept 30+ years, Police Chief; US Army WWII;
                                                                                            b 1924; d 1996

Davis, Naomi                            Salutatorian, 1931
Dawson, Doris E.
PBHOF, Class of 1943, inducted 1999; community service, community leader

Dawson, Michael E.                               Valedictorian, 1995

Dawson, Robert                    PBHOF, Class of 1943, inducted 2002; heroic act, community service

Dayton, Harry A.                                     Killed in service - Department of State Vice Counsel, Belgrade, Serbia; b 1897; d 1924 
                                                                                         Pine Hill Cemetery

DeBois, Frank                                             US Air Force Korea, Cold War, Vietnam 27 yearts; MSGT
DeBois, Kari
                                                 Salutatorian, 2005

DeBottis, Peter                                          PBHOF, Class of 1942, inducted 1999; educator, athletic leader, community leader;
                                                                                          US Navy WWII; Seneca Falls Central School Math Teacher, Jr and Sr High
                                                                                          Principal, Wrestling Coach; served as Seneca Falls Councilman; 
                                                                                          b 1925; d 2008  St. Columbkille Cemetery, Seneca Falls
Decker, Charles F.                                   US Army Korea Bronze Star; Montezuma resident
DeGroff, John W.                                    Buffalo County, Wisconsin County Clerk, 1866-73; Wisconsin Assembly 1879;
                                                                                         Wisconsin Senate 1886, Mayor, Alma, WI 1887-88; US Army Civil War,
                                                                                          G/25th WI Inf;; b 1843 Mentz

Delane, Miller
                                              POW, Petersburg, VA Jun 1864, died Andersonville, GA Aug 1864 US Army
                                                                                          Civil War 111th NY Inf, enlisted Montezuma 1862
Delano, Linda A. (Green) RN         Nurse, Auburn Memorial and Auburn Nursing Home; b 1943; d 2009  Pine Hill Cemetery
Delaney, Edward
Class of 1948, inducted 2001; aerospace scientist, engineer, craftsman
Delaney, Tim  PhD                                     Assistant Professor Sociology, SUNY Oswego 03; Class of 1975; SUNY Brockport,
                                                                                           Cal State Dominquez Hills 90. Univ of Las Vegas 94; author
Dennis, Sophie                                             Outstanding Athlete, 2003, lettered 3 hs sports; William Smith College 2007
                                                                                            field hockey 03-06; 3 time All Americian, 2 time player of the year Liberty League

Derby, Evelyn A.                                        Teacher/Principal Auburn School System 38 years; Class of 1914; Syracuse Univ;
                                                                                             b 1898; d 2000;  Throopsville Rural Cemetery

DeVall, William W.                                 Teacher/Administrator, PBCS Admin Ass't 13 years; USMC WWII SGT;
                                                                                             b 1925; d 1992 Mt Pleasant Cemetery

DeVitt, Theophilus S.  PhD, DD         Minister, Congregational Church; Class of 1886; b 1867; d 1922 Fall River, MA
DeVoe, Cynthia
                                         Valedictorian, 1979
DeVoe, Patrick A. II                             KIA 8 Mar 2009 Kandau Kalay, Afghanistan US Army GWOT 1st Squadron
                                                                                          40th Cavalry Regt 4th Brigade Combat Team (Abn) 25th Inf Div PFC
                                                                                           enlisted Jan 08, Bronze Star, Purple Heart Class of 2000;  
                                                                                           b: 1981; d 2009  St. Joseph's Cemetery 

Dewitt, James A.                                       WIA 8 Sep 64 Cedar Creek, VA; US Army Civil War 9th NY Artillery;
                                                                                            enlisted Conquest 14 Aug 62

Dewitt, John M.                                         POW 9 Jul 64 Monocacy, MD; died 12 Feb 65 Danville, VA; US Army Civiil War
                                                                                             9th NY Artillery enlisted Conquest 28 Jul 62
DeWitt, Lewis                                              POW and died Andersonville, GA 13 Aug 64; US Army Civil War 111th NY Inf, 
                                                                                             enlisted Conquest  

Dickinson, George W.               Mentz Supervisor 1886; US Customs NYC; NY State Assembly; US State Department
                                                                                            Consul Belleville, Canada and Acapulco, Mexico; b 1842; d 1928 
                                                                                            Mt Pleasant Cemetery

Dickinson, Leslie A.  MD                     Surgeon 54 years; Class of 1906, NY Medical College 1912, 1913; 
                                                                                              b 1888; d 1972 Rochester

Dinehart, George                                      WIA and discharged wounds 6 May 1865; US Army Civil War 3rd NY Artillery; 
                                                                                              enlisted Mentz 8 Feb 64

Dinehart, William D.
                             POW, Wilderness, VA May 1864, died Andersonville, GA 14 Sep 1864  US Army 
                                                                                              Civil War 111th NY Inf, enlisted Mentz 1862
Dixon, Beatrice Alice  RN                   Nurse, Auburn Memorial Hospital 39 years; Class of 1932; b 1911; d 2007  
                                                                                              Pine Hill Cemetery

Dixon, David Allen                                 KIA Quang Ngai Prov, Vietnam 15 May 1967; US Army Vietnam 101st Abn Div, 
                                                                                              Bronze Star
Purple Heart; b 1948; d 1967   Mt Pleasant Cemetery    
                                                                                              Panel 19E - Line 126, Vietnam Wall

Dixon, James                                                Early Mentz settler, Revolutionary War   b 1731; d 1823  Dixon - Wilson Cemetery
Dixon, Robert J.   JD                               Outstanding Athlete, 1917; US Army WWI; Syracuse Univ 1921,baseball 19-21;
                                                                                            Harvard Law School; PBHS baseball coach; champion skeet shooter;
                                                                                            b 1899; d 1971  Mt Pleasant Cemetery

Doherty, Genevieve (Jones)           Teacher, 40 years PBCS and smaller area districts 1925-1965; Oswego Normal School,
                                                                                            Syracuse University; b 1904; d 1984  St Josephs Cemetery

Donaldson, John                                      KIA 27 May 1863 Port Hudson, LA: US Army Civil War 75th NY Inf; enlisted
                                                                                            Montezuma 24 Sep 61

Dougherty, Edwin L.                            US Army/Air Force 20 years WWII, Korea, Cold War, served 1941-1961 CPT; Director
                                                                                               USAF Drum and Bugle Corps; Mansfield University; Music teacher Maryland
                                                                                               schools 20 years; Class of 1936; b 1919; d 1996 Accokeek, MD  
                                                                                               Arlington National Cemetery

Downie, Robert A.                                  State Service 20+ years - Pennsylvania Insurance Dept - Chief, Field Investigation Div;
                                                                                              Class of 1963; US Navy Vietnam;

Downing, Mark W.                                 Director, Cayuga County Veteran's Office; community service; US Army WWII TEC5;
                                                                                               b 1911; d 1992 Throop resident; Pine Hill Cemetery

Duffin, William                                           Died in service 1864; US Army Civil War 9th NY Artillery; enlisted Mentz 
                                                                                               Mt Pleasant Cemetery

Dunham, John                           WIA 20 Aug 1862, Neuse Rd, NC; US Army Civil War 3rd NY Cavalry, PVT;
                                                                                               discharged 28 Sep 63 due to wounds;  b 1838; d 1909;
Mt Pleasant Cemetery
Dunn, Robert                                                NYS Dept of Transportation 26 years; Conquest resident; b 1937; d 2011 
                                                                                               Conquest Cemetery

Dutcher, Lisa                                                Valedictorian, 1985
Dutcher, Marjorie                                    Valedictorian, 1950
Duvall, Fannie Eliza                              ArtistPainter, born Port Byron; work displayed Paris, Chicago, New York, California;
                                                                                              b 1861; d 1934

Dwinelle, A. Marie                                   Salutatorian, 1945
Dwyer, Patrick                                             WIA and died of wounds 29 May 1863 Port Hudson, LA; US Army Civil War
                                                                                            75th NY Inf; enlisted PB 21 Sep 61

Earley, Charles                                            POW 9 Jul 64 Monocacy, MD; US Army Civil War 9th NY Artillery;
                                                                                              enlisted Conquest 30 Jul 62

Eldridge, George C.                                POW Harpers Ferry; WIA Winchester; US Army Civil War 1st NY Cavalry;
                                                                                              enlisted 21 Oct 61; fought in 163 engagements; NY State Commander GAR 1936
                                                                                              b 1844 Port Byron; d 1939

Eldridge, Hiram D. MD                         Early Port Byron Physician (started practice 1827); Cayuga County Coroner;
                                                                                             b 1800; d 1879
 Mt Pleasant Cemetery
Ellery, James F.                                          POW, North Korea, 25 Apr 1951; released 12 Aug 1953, US Army 24th Inf Div
                                                                                            Korea CPL Class of 1947; b 1930; d 1985  Mt Pleasant Cemetery

Ellinwood, Cindy                                      Valedictorian, 1976
Elliott, Jennie                                               Salutatorian, 1926
Emerson, H. Andrew  PhD                  Principal/Educator/Teacher 35 years; Class of 1905, Syracuse Univ 1912;
                                                                                            b 1887; d 1948 car accident

Engvall, Doris                                               Outstanding Athlete, Girls Athletic Cup 1943
Engvall, Elizabeth                                     Outstanding Athlete, Girls Athletic Cup 1946 
Evans, Fannie
                                                PBCS Elementary Teacher 4th Grade 20+ years
Faatz, Crystal                                                Salutatorian, 1986
Faatz, Harvey D.                                        POW North Africa Dec 1942; US Army WW II; liberated Stalag 2 Germany May 1945  
Falsey, Josephine (Irace)                    Salutatorian, 1955; PBCS District Administration 20+ years 
Farrand, Jacob Shaw                             Community service - Detroit, MI; Drug Store owner, banker, insurer; 25 years
                                                                                            Board of Water Commissioners; 8 years Board of Police Commissioners;
                                                                                            City Council member; Acting Mayor; US Army MI Militia 1842-45;
                                                                                            b 1815 Mentz, d 1891 Detroit, MI

Fenn, Vera B.                                                English Teacher, Preceptress, Librarian 40+ yeats Port Byron, Weedsport,
                                                                                            Auburn schools; Class of 1892; b 1875; d 1960  Mt Pleasant Cemetery

Ferrell, Charles
                                             WIA, Petersburg, VA Jun 1864, died of wounds Jul 1864 Washington, DC  US Army
                                                                                            Civil War 111th NY Inf, enlisted Mentz 1862
Ferrell, James H.                                        WIA, Petersburg, VA Jun 1864, died of wounds Sep 1864 Port Byron, 1SG  US Army
                                                                                             Civil War 111th NY Inf, enlisted Port Byron 1862
Fields, Lila (Kerns)                     Outstanding Performing Arts - 1944, Band; Potsdam Teachers College 1948; 
                                                                                             Community service

Fiero, Isaac M.                                             WIA 1 Jun 64 Cold Harbor, VA; US Army Civil War 9th NY Artillery; enlisted 
                                                                                             Conquest 2 Aug 62

Fiester, Wilma Gladys                           PBCS Elementary Teacher 30+ years; Geneseo Normal School 1930; b 1909; d 1976  
                                                                                              Fort Hill Cemetery

Finnacy, Richard                                        WIA 5 Jun 64 Cold Harbor, VA; died of wounds 24 Jun 64 Washington, DC; 
                                                                                             US Army Civil War 9th NY Artillery; enlisted Conquest 5 Aug 62

Finnacy, William                                        WIA 19 Sep 64 Shenandoah Campaign; US Army Civil War 9th NY Artillery; 
                                                                                             enlisted Conquest 29 Jul 62 
Fleury, Eldred K.                                        US Army WW II, 2 Purple Hearts; Class of 1940; b Randolph, NE; d 2011 
Flier, Janet C.  MD                                     Valedictorian, 1980; Cornell Univ 1984; SUNY Buffalo Medical School; physician
Flier, Leonard
                                               Valedictorian, 1978; Univ of Vermont 1983; SUNY Buffalo; professor, author
Flier, Werner L.   DDS                               Port Byron Dentist; Univ of Buffalo 1958; USAF Cold War;
Flynn, Dennis                                                WIA Sep 64 Cedar Creek, VA; US Army Civil War 9th NY Artillery; PB resident 
                                                                                             1850s; b 1833; d 1873 Clyde, NY

Follett, Alanson H.                                  KIA 5 Jun 64 Cold Harbor, VA; US Army Civil War 9th NY Artillery 1SG; enlisted 
                                                                                             Conquest 28 Jul 62

Fordyce, Hugh                                             Outstanding Athlete, 1959
Foster, George Warren                        Attorney 1843; Yale Law School; Mentz resident 1822-45; US Army Civil War, WI
                                                                                            Judge Advocate CPT; Community service Port Washington, WI (leader to build
                                                                                            harbor); b 1817; d 1995

Foster, Jacob Thomas                          Founder and 1st President American Water Works Association 1881 Chicago, IL;
                                                                                           US Army Civil War COL; 1st WI Artillery and Chief of Wisconsin Artillery; 
                                                                                           b 1827 Mentz;

Foster, Kaitlin                                              Valedictorian, 2007
Fowler, Minnie                                            Teacher - 44 years, Montezuma and Auburn school systems; Class of 1918
Fox, Gilbert G.                                            KIA 2 Oct 1944 Holland; US Army WW II 325th Glider Inf 82nd Abn Div, Sicily, Italy,
                                                                                           WIA Normandy, Market Garden  Bronze Star, 2 Purple Hearts; 
                                                                                           Springlake Cemetery

Fox, William Sherwood PhD             McMaster University 1900; John Hopkins Univ 1911; Ass't Professor Classics
                                                                                            Princeton Univ 1911-1917; Professor, Dean and President. Western Ontario
                                                                                            University 1917-1947; Author; b Throopsville 1878; d 1967 Ontario

Fraher, Margaret                                       Salutatorian, 1977; Outstanding Performing Arts - Choir, All State Choir Conference
Fraher, Sara E.                           PBCS Elementary Teacher 22 years; College of St. Catherine 46; SUNY Cortland;     
                                                                                          d 2006

Fraher, Thomas                                          Outstanding Athlete - 1941              
France, Raymond L. Jr.
                     US Army 20 years, WWII Korea; b 1919; d 1957  Mt Pleasant Cemetery
France, Richard L. Sr                           WIA, Battle of the Bulge, US Army WWII; Class of    ; community leader (athletics);
                                                                                             b 1913; d 1988   South Butler Cemetery

Frazer, Jesse E.                                            Died of disease 9 Jul 1918; US Army WWI Co A 308th Signal Battalion;
                                                                                            Throop resident

Freeman, Elvin L.                                     PBCS Instrumental Music Instructor and Band Director, 1931-1951; musician, author;
                                                                                           composed PBHS Alma Mater; Ithaca College, Univ or Montreal; served with
                                                                                           USMA West Point Band and John Philip Souza's Band; b 1902; d 1983 
                                                                                           Crestlawn Cemetery, Riverside, CA

Frio, Lila (Carr)
Class of 1922, inducted 1999; educator (PBCS kindergarten teacher 20 years,
                                                                                          community service; SUNY Oswego 1960; b 1903; d 2000  Riverview Cemetery 
                                                                                          Clifton Springs, NY
Gallagher, Barbara A.                PBCS Social Studies Teacher 34 years; SUNY Oneonta 62; b 1940; d 2006
Gallaro, David                           Outstanding Performing Arts, 1983; All State Band
Gargan, Thomas
                                        PBCS Elementary Teacher, Reading Program 20+ years
Garity, Frank                                                WIA 1 Jun 64 Cold Harbor, VA, WIA 19 Oct 64 Cedar Creek, VA; US Army
                                                                                           Civil War  9th NY Artillery SGT; enlisted Conquest 30 Aug 62

Garrigan, Leo J.                                        US Army WWII, European Theater, Purple Heart; PB resident; b 1916; d 1999
Gates, Arthur A.                                       PB High School Principal, 1921-1960;  Colgate Univ 1915, Columbia Univ 1924;
                                                                                            US Army WWI; Community service; b 1892; d 1983  Mt Pleasant Cemetery
Gates, Regina (Martin)                       PBCS Art Teacher, 35 years; artist, vocalist, musician; b 1895; d 1981 
                                                                                           Mt Pleasant Cemetery
Getman, James E.                                   KIA, France 7 Nov 1918 US Army WWI 77th Inf Div 2LT; Port Byron resident  
Giannettino, Thomas A.                    US Air Force 21 years; Gulf War, GWOT; Throop resident   
Giannettino, Thomas A. Jr.           Clair Mapley, 2009   
Giardina, John                                           Community Service - Montezuma Town Supervisor 20 years, Town Justice 8 years, USPS
                                                                                          mail carrier for Cayuga, Montezuma VFD life member; b 1927; d 2012

Gibides, Sue (VanderMuelen)
      PBCS Teacher 32 years, 1974-2006; Class of 1967   
Gibson, Laura                                             PBCS Elementary Teacher 2nd Grade 20+ years   
Gilbert, Daniel J.  MD                            Physician 50+ years; Class of 1884, City Univ of NYC 1890; Health Officer for PB,
                                                                                            Mentz, Throop, Conquest; Cayuga County Coroner; community leader;
                                                                                            b 1865; d 1949  Mt Pleasant Cemetery

Gilbert, Joshua                                           Died Dec 1864; US Army Civil War 3rd NY Light Artillery; b 1840; d 1864
                                                                                           Mt Pleasant Cemetery

Gilmore, Franklin O.
                            State Service - Dept of Corrections 35 years; 15 years PBCS School Board, 2 terms 
                                                                                            President; Class of 1958; b 1940; d 1996
Gilmore, Harry L.  MD                         Physician 50+ years; Onondaga County Coroner 20+ years; Class of 1907,
                                                                                            Syracuse Univ Medical School 1912

Gilmore, Helen                                           Teacher, 46 years; PB Teacher, 25 years; retired 1963    d 1967
Giovanni, Jeanette (Armstrong)PBCS Elementary Cafeteria Staff /Manager 38+ years; b 1915; d 1989  
                                                                                           Mt Pleasant Cemetery 
Giovanni, Kenneth                                 NY State Police 20+ years; Class of 1969; US Army Military Police
Girvin, Jeffrey                                             US Army 20+ years; State Service-Dept of Corrections; PB Village Board member
Glasgow, Bruce  DD                                  Dentist; Class of 1893; Buffalo Dental School; b 1875; d 1932
Goff, Morris                                                 Died disease 12 Apr 1864 Glocester Point, VA; US Army Civil War 16th NY Artillery;
                                                                                            enlisted Conquest 5 Jan 64

Goldsmith, Earl V.                                 USMC 20+ years, Korea, Cold War, Vietnam, MSGT; Class of 1952
Goodell, Franklin                                    WIA and discharged wounds 29 May 1863 Baton Rouge, LA; US Army Civil War
                                                                                           75th NY Inf enlisted PB 29 Oct 62

Gordon, Harold R.                                US Army WW II and Korea, Bronze Star; Port Byron resident; b 1923; d 2009 
                                                                                           Mt Pleasant Cemetery 

Gould, Edward L.                                    Federal Service - US Postal Carrier 20 years; born Conquest; Class of 1938;
                                                                                           US Navy WWII; b 1919; d 1980  Carley Mills Cemetery, Central Square

Gould, Kathleen
                                       Valedictorian, 1991

Gowers, John                                              POW, Cold Harbor, VA Jun 1864, died Andersonville, GA  US Army Civil War
                                                                                           111th NY Inf, enlisted Montezuma 1862

Graham, William                                     Died disease 10 May 1862 Ft Pickens, FL; US Army Civil War 75th NY Inf;
                                                                                            enlisted Monteauma

Gray, Irving C. Sr.                                  WIA, Germany 1945; US Army WW II, European Theater; b 1922; d 1988
Gray, Irving C. Jr.                                  Teacher/Administrator; Class of 1970; lettered 3 hs sports; Syracuse Univ 1974, 75
Green, Charles M.                                   POW, Petersburg, VA Oct 1864, died Andersonville, GA Feb 1865  US Army
                                                                                           Civil War 111th NY Inf, enlisted Conquest 1864
Green, Josephine                                     Teacher Port Byron Schools 30+ years; Class of 1890; Geneseo Normal School;
                                                                                            b 1872; d 1941  Mt Pleasant Cemetery

Greene, Harland E.                                WIA, 29 Sep 1918 France  US Army, Mexican Border and WWI 105th Inf Div
Grunder, Tonya                                         Outstanding Athlete, 1977; USAF Cold War, military racquetball champion 1984

Gunger, Lawrence                                   KIA, 1 Nov 1918 France; US Army WWI C Co 305th Inf CPL; Port Byron resident

         Gwynn, Charles A.  MD                        Physician; NY Homeopathic and Medical College 1888; b 1867 Throopsville;  d 1905 
                                                                                                            Fort Hill Cemetery

          Hadden, Olive                           Valedictorian, 1919
          Haluska, Lisa
                                              Salutatorian, 1983

Hamlisch, Betty L.  RN                          Nurse and Professor of Nursing Tompkins-Cortland Comm College 30+ years;
                                                                                           Class of 1964; SUNY Plasttsburgh, SUNY Cortland

Harmon, George                                       Clair Mapley Award, 1969
Harper, Louise
                                            Salutatorian, 1940

Harrington, Robert B.                         WIA, Gettysburg, PA  US Army Civil War 111th NY Inf, enlisted Port Byron 1862

Harris, Jennifer                                          Valedictorian, 1992

Harvey, Eugene Philip                         American Legion Outstanding Athlete and Performing Arts,- Band and Debate, 1940;
                                                                                         US Navy WW II Ltjg, Pacific Theater; US Merchant Marine Academy 1944;
                                                                                         Syracuse Univ 1950 w/distinction; head engineer during I-81 and Thruway
                                                                                         construction; community service North Syracuse; b 1923; d 2009

Harvey, Richard L.                                 WIA Purple Heart 17 Jul 1943 Sicily US Army WW II PFC  
Hastedt, Catherine
                                  Salutatorian, 1979
Hastedt, Margaret                                   Salutatorian, Lillian Krayka Award, 1980
Hatfield, William                                      WIA, Gettysburg, PA died of wounds Jul 1863  US Army Civil War 111th NY Inf, 
                                                                                           enlisted Port Byron 1862

Hayden, Theodore                     NY State Assembly 1902-04, Sandusky, NY; Supervisor, Town of Freedom, NY;
                                                                                            b 1847 Mentz; d 1933  Memorial Park, Tulsa, OK

Hayden, William                        NY State Assembly 1852-53; Hayden Cloth Factory Port Byron 1824-1866;
                                                                                            b 1797; d 1866  Mt Pleasant Cemetery
Hearn, Charles E.                                     US Army WWI died France (pneumonia); b 1884; d 1918  St. Josephs Cemetery,

Hearn, Rosemary                       Salutatorian, 1919; US Postal Service - Port Byron Postmaster 27 years, retired 1963 
Helmer, Brittany                                        Lillian Krayka, 2009
Henry, Frank D.                                         WIA and gassed France, US Army WWI; NYS Police 21-23; US Customs Special
                                                                                            Agent 23-41; b 1898; d 1941  Mt Pleasant Cemetery

Hermann, Chuck                                      Clair Mapley Award-co, 1989
Hildebrant, Elizabeth                           Valedictorian, 1942; Univ of Rochester 1947
Hiserodt, Floyd                                          PBCS Bus Driver and Chief Mechanic, 25 years; serious job injury 1963;
                                                                                         b 1898; d 1965 Florida Mt Pleasant Cemetery

Hiserodt, John D.                                    Died 3 Jun 1918 Brooklyn Naval Hospital; US Navy WWI, engineer on
                                                                                         USS Leviathan; b 1897; d 1918  Springlake Cemetery

Hitchcock, Betty A.                   Community Service; PB resident; elected NYS Country Music Hall of Fame 1990;
                                                                                          Nashville recording artist 1960s      Click Here For Betty Hitchcock Video
Hitchcock, Gordon B.                          Community Service; PB Justice of the Peace, PB Fire Department 40 years;
                                                                                           USAAF WW II 15th AAF Italy 31 missions T/SGT; Class of 1941;
                                                                                            b 1922; d 2005  Mt Pleasant Cemetery

Hoffman, William S.
                      Port Byron Physician 35 years; licensed 1842; b 1816; d 1882  Mt Pleasant Cemetery
Hogan, Kathryn                                         Salutatorian, 1953
Holcomb, Almon                                      WIA 1 Jun 64 Cold Harbor, VA; US Army Civil War 9th NY Artillery;
                                                                                           enlisted Conquest 8 Aug 62

Holcomb, Amos
                                         WIA, Gettysburg, PA; US Army Civil War 111th NY Inf, enlisted Port Byron 1862
Hollister, George                                       Died 18 Feb 1864; US Navy Civil War; b 1842; d 1864  Mt Pleasant Cemetery
Holmes, John J.                                         PB Mayor 1930-1940; Class of 1905; Selective Service Board WWII; b 1886; d 1949 
                                                                                           Fort Hill Cemetery
Holmes, Leslie J.                                       WIA - gassed US Army WWI 27th Inf Div; b 1898; d 1945  Pine Hill Cemetery   
Holmes, Rodney H.                                US Navy 20+ years, Vietnam, Cold War; Class of 1965
Hooker, Aurel L.                                      US Post Office 40 years; b 1891 Conquest; d 1971  Mt Pleasant Cemetery
Hopkins, David Hemingway          US Navy 20 years, WWII LCDR; b 1916; d 1977 Throop resident  Pine Hill Cemetery
Hornbeck, Richard S.                          US Postal Service 20 years; USAAF WWII; b 1920; d 1979  Throop resident 
                                                                                          Pine Hill Cemetery

Hornburg, Evelyn                      PBCS English Teacher, Speech and Debate Coach 20 years; Albany State;  
                                                                                           d 1988  Victory Cemetery

Horton, David                                             Died in service 30 May 1863 Brashear City, LA; US Army Civil War 75th NY Inf;
                                                                                           enlisted Conquest

Houghtaling, Fred                                   WIA Sep 1918 France US Army WWI 308th Inf Regt; NYS Dept of Corrections 25+
                                                                                            years, Ossining and Auburn Prisons; Throop Supervisor 1928;  b 1893; d 1958 
                                                                                            Throopsville Rural Cemetery

Howell, Anna (White)                         PB Elementary Teacher 20+ years; 39 years total teaching; also taught in one room
                                                                                           schools prior to consolidaion; Class of 1931; PBHOF inducted 2010; 
                                                                                           b 1913; d 2011  Mt Pleasant Cemetery

Howell, Hiram                                            WIA War of 1812 NY Militia; enlisted from Montezuma; b 1791; d 1873 
                                                                                            Riverside Cemetery, Albion, MI

Howell, Maude G.
                                   Valedictorian, 1913
Howell, Patricia                         Valedictorian, 1966
Hubbard, Tyson E.  JD                         Attorney; Class of 2000; Harvard Univ 2004, NYU 05, Syracuse Univ Law School 2008

Humbert, Jayne
                                         Valedictorian, 1963

Humbert, John                                           Salutatorian, Clair Mapley Award, 1965

Hunt, Sarah                                                   Valedictorian, 1989

Huntoon, Frank M.  MD                      Microbiologist, developed pneumonia antibody solution; Class of 1897; Cornell Univ
                                                                                            1901, Cornell Medical College 1903  Chairman, Immunology and Comparative
                                                                                            Pathology, American Society of Bacteriologists

Hurd, Charles A.                       WIA Wilderness; US Army Civil War; C/111th NY Inf; b 1830; d 1906 
                                                                                            Mt Pleasant Cemetery

Irace, Josephine                                         Salutatorian, 1955  
Irving, Kenneth                                          WIA Purple Heart, US Army Anzio Jan 44, WIA Purple Heart France Sep 44 Silver Star WW II 
                                                                                           CPT; Silver Star Korea; resided Port Byron during youth

Jackson, Sharon                                        Salutatorian, 1987
James, George
                                             US Dept of Agreiculture, Soil Conservation Service 24+ years; Distinguished Service Award 1972;
                                                                                           Class of 1934

Jedra, HenryJ. Sr.
                                    US Postal Service 31 years; US Army WWII 30th Div Europe; founding memeber Throop VFD; 
                                                                                          community leader/service;  b 1919; d 1992

Jefferds, Jamie                                            Clair Mapley Award-co, 1989
Jenks, Marie                                                  Salutatorian, 1954
Jensen, Sean
                                                  Salutatorian, 1989

Jerome, James B.                                     WIA and died of wounds Annapolis, MD; US Army Civil War; enlisted Mentz
Jetty, Melvin R.                                         NY State Thruway 20+ years; US Army WW II Burma; b 1923; d 2009  Mt Pleasant Cemetery
Jetty, Robert J.                                           KIA, Luxembourg, 20 Dec 1944, US Army WWII 110th Inf  SGT Purple Heart;
                                                                                           b 1925; d 1944  Mt Pleasant Cemetery

Jindrak, Mark                                             Professional Wrestler/Entertainer, WCW, WWE, Japan, Mexico; Class of 1995
                                                                                             Outstanding Athlete

Johnson, Edward J.                               US Army 27 years WWII Korea LTC; Executive Officer Cayuga County Civil Defense; 
                                                                                           b 1910; d 1986  Mt Pleasant Cemetery

Johnson, Mary Ann (VanDitto)
Class of 1941, inducted 2002; author, community leader
Jones, Kenneth C.                                   US Army 30 years, WWII Korea, COL, Legion of Merit, Bronze Star,
                                                                                            Croix de Guerre; 
Weedsport Class of 1925;
NY Conservative Party Leader; 
                                                                                            b 1906 Throop; d 1993; Mt Pleasant Cemetery
Jones, Leona B.  RN                               Nurse, Taylor Brown Hospital Waterloo 30+ years. Auburn Nursing School; Montezuma
                                                                                            resident; b 1925; d 2012  Mt Pleasant Cemetery

Jones, Robert F.
                                        US Army/Federal Service-DoD 23 years, 101st Abn Div CPT; Class of 1970, 
                                                                                             lettered 5 hs/5 college sports; US Military Academy 1977
                                                                                             Univ of Colorado 84, 86 
Jones, William L. Sr.                            US Army/USAF/Federal Service-DoD 26 years, WWII Korea, 6th AAF MSG; 
                                                                                           Class of 1930; b 1913; d 1973 Mt Pleasant Cemetery
Jordan, Cynthia (Pille)              PBCS Teacher 30+ years, retired 2006; SUNY Geneseo 1970;  
Jorolemon, Arden (Jetty)
                 PBCS Elementary Teacher 33 years 1973-2006; Class of 1969; SUNY Cortland 1973   

Joslyn, Thomas                                          US Army WWI, 38th Battery, 10 Trans. Battalion. 157th Depot Bde. 
                                                                                             died Camp Gordon, GA;
  b 1894; d 1918  Mt Pleasant Cemetery
Kahn, Meghan                                           Valedictorian, 1996
Kalet, Robert M.  DO                             Physician, Cayuga County Coroner, 2000-2005, Class of 1969, Univ of Rochester 1973, 
                                                                                             Univ of Michigan, Michigan State Univ;  PBHOF inducted 2008; 
                                                                                             b 1951; d 2005 
Kaul, John J.                                               Died while serving as Oswego County Legislator; Orwell Town Justice 12 years;
                                                                                            Class of 1934

Keenly, Eric John  MD               Anesthesiologist; Class of 1987; St Georges Medical School
Kehoskie, Stephen                               Bronze Star Dec 1944 Europe US Army WWII Army Engineers
Kellogg, Karen M.                    Outstanding Performing Arts - 1998; 2 time Miss NY Teen 1st runnerup;
                                                                                           Miss NY (USA) 4th place

Kells, James                                                  WIA and died of wounds 22 Nov 1862 Frederick, MD; US Army Civil War
                                                                                            137th NY Inf   enlisted PB 20 Aug 62

Kemp, Edward                                            Died 27 Jan 1864 Fort Simmons. MD; US Army Civil War 9th NY Artillery; |
                                                                                             enlisted Montezuma 19 Dec 63

Kenyon, Mary
                                             Teacher 27 years, PBCS Teacher 26 years; 1923-1932, 1952-1969;
Kerns, Walter                                               PB Fire Department 50 years; US Army WWI, b 1893 Port Byron; d 1989 
                                                                                             Mt Pleasant Cemetery
Kessler, Carolyn                        PBCS Math Teacher 25+ years
Kibbe, Henry                                               Clair Mapley Award, 1982; football single game rushing record 338 yds,
                                                                                              10.8 100m track record

Kick, William 
                                             Valedictorian, 1936                

Kikendall, Spencer L.                          Died in service 1918; US Army WWI M Co 49th Inf; b 1896; d 1918  Springlake Cemetery   
Kilborne, Penny (Helzer)                 Community Service, PB Historian 10+ years; PB Citizen of the Year; b 1941; d 2008  
Kilmer, Scott  DC
                                      PBHOF, Class of 1974, inducted 2008; St Ambrose College 1978, Palmer Chiropractic College;
                                                                                           chiropractor, community leader, community service

Kilmer, Shirley (Trowbridge)
Class of 1947, inducted 1999; community service; b 1929; d 2009

Kimak, Frank                                              Mentz Supervisor; PB Fire Dept 50 years; US Army WWII 14th AAF Flying Tigers China SSG;
                                                                                             b 1923; d 2001  Mt Pleasant Cemetery

Kincade, Frank L.                                   State Service-NYS Dept of Evaluation and Assessment, Mentz Assessor; USAAF WWII, Korea;
                                                                                             b 1919; d 2001  Mt Pleasant Cemetery

King, Philip                         Port Byron early settler, community leader; Revolutionary War 1st NY Continental Line  
                                                                                              b 1761; d 1854  Old Port Byron Cemetery

King, Richard T.                                       Publisher Port Byron Chronicle; PB Justice of the Peace; Cayuga County Sealer of Weights and
                                                                                             Measures 25 years; Republican Party leader; b 1896; d 1959  Mt Pleasant Cemetery

King, Lasuvious H.                                 Publisher Port Byron Chronicle; PB Justice of the Peace; Republican Party Leader; community leader
                                                                                             PB postmaster; b 1852; d 1923  Mt Pleasant Cemetery 
King, Willis Lorenzo PhD                   Graduated Union Springs, Clark University, Northwestern University; Principal, Union Springs
                                                                                             Academy; b 1908 Port Byron; d 1964  Mt Pleasant Cemetery 

Knapp, Halsey B.                                     College educator 43 years; Class of 1904; Cornell Univ 1912; Director NYS School of Agriculture,
                                                                                             Cobleskill 1916-1923; Farmingdale 1923-1956;  State Department and UN consultant; 
                                                                                             author, b 1888 Port Byron; d 1976 Stony Brook, NY

Knapp, Leslie
 W.                   PBHOF,
Class of 1947, inducted 2001; marine biologist, community leader, youth supporter:
                                                                                           Cornell Univ 1952; Univ of Missouri

Knapp, Ruth                                                 Valedictorian, 1941; Cornell Univ 1946
Kolczynski, Anthony
                            WIA France 1945, US Army WWII killed Germany 2 Jul 1945, Bronze Star, 2 Purple Hearts
                                                                                             b 1919; d 1945  St Josephs Cemetery

Kolczynski, Chester
                              American Legion Outstanding Athlete Award, 1957
Kolczynski, Eleanor (Tierson)     PBCS Bus Driver, 28 years 1969-1997; Class of 1954
Kolczynski, Frederick
                          American Legion Outstanding Athlete Award, 1958

Kolczynski, John                                    Outstanding Performing Arts, 1972 Band, Choir
Kolczynski, Joseph J.                          Educator/Administrator 36 years; Class of 1947; US Army Korea; Savannah community service;
                                                                                              b 1929; d 2005  St Josephs Cemetery

Kolczynski, Stanley
                                WIA US Army WWII, Bronze Star, Purple Heart, Class of 1942; Throop Fire Dept; Throop 
                                                                                              Town Council; community service; b 1924; d 2001 St Josephs Cemetery
Kolczynski, Walter                                 PBCS Bus Driver 36 years, 1961-1997; Class of 1957

Krayka, Lillian                                           PBCS Physical Education/French Teacher 30+ years; Boston University; NYU; b 1919; d 1978 
                                                                                             St. Josephs Cemetery  
Kreiling, Ann (Bradley)
                     PBCS Elementary Teacher 3rd grade and Gifted Students, 20+ years
Kurtz, Heather Rose                             Salutatorian, 2011
Kuter, Jill                                                        Valedictorian, 1987
Lade, Herbert Jr.                                     Salutatorian, 1942; US Army WWII; USPS Rural Carrier 37 years; b 1924; d 2004
Ladue, Ambrose                                       POW-died Oct 64 Andersonville, GA; US Army Civil War 9th NY Artillery, enlisted Montezuma
                                                                                               18 Dec 63

Lake, Bertha
                                                 PBCS Math Teacher, 21 years; BS Oberlin College 1916; b 1896; d 1973 
                                                                                          Conquest Cemetery
Laird, Roland R.                                      US Army WWII PFC, Purple Heart; b 1911; d 1993  PB resident;  Pine Hill Cemetery
Lakota, Elizabeth                      Salutatorian, 2008
Lamphere, Floyd E.                               State Service-NYS Dept of Transportation 29 years; US Army Korea Engineers;
                                                                                           b 1928; d 1973  Springlake Cemetery

Lapp, Byron                                                 US Army WW II, 3rd Armor Div, Silver Star; Montezuma Town Supervisor;
                                                                                           community service;  b 1921; d 1985 Butler-Savannah Cemetery

Laraway, Edward D.                             Auburn Fire Department 32+ years, Ass't Chief; Class of 1964; US Army Vietnam 
Laraway, Jane                                             Valedictorian, 1954 
Larsen, Wesley                                           WIA Purple Heart Sicily 1943 US Army SGT
Latham, George W.
                               Teacher/Educator Greek and English; Harvard Univ 1893, lecturer at Brown Univ,
                                                                                           McGill Univ;  b 1870 Port Byron; d 1947

Laurin, Paul A.                                          KIA Germany 2 Dec 1944, USAAF WWII B-24 radio-gunner; 577th Bomber Squadron,
                                                                                            392nd Bomber Group, Heavy; Purple Heart;
b 1924; d 1944  Hamm Cemetery, 
                                                                                            Luxembourg; Plot H Row 3 Grave 73; memorial also in Mt Pleasant Cemetery

Lawrence, Ella Mae                                Salutatorian, 1923
Leary, Andrew                                             Valedictorian, 2012
Leary, Daniel
                                                Salutatorian, 1956; Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 1960
Leary, Erna F. (Flesher)                      US Postal Service 20+ years Port Byron Post Office; b 1916; d 2009  
                                                                                            Mt Pleasant Cemetery

Leary, Gerald
                                               PBCS Science Teacher 29 years, Teacher 40 years; Cortland State College, Syracuse Univ
                                                                                             b 1912; d 2002   Mt Pleasant Cemetery
Leary, Michael                                           Outstanding Performing Arts - band, choir, drama Class of 1963;
                                                                                             Notre Dame Univ music 1967
Leary, Patrick   JD                                   Attorney; Class of 1970; Ithaca College w/distinction 1974; Univ of Michigan,
                                                                                             Village Attorney, Lisle, NY; b 1953; d 1989 tractor accident  
                                                                                             Mt Pleasant Cemetery              

Lees, Tammi                                                 Salutatorian, 1997
Lehn, Joseph B.
                                        Salutatorian, 1957; US Navy Cold War, Vietnam LT
Lehn, Leslie B.                                           PBCS Teacher and Administrator 1931-1968; US Army WWII;  b 1907; d 1971 |
                                                                                         Fort Hill Cemetery 
Lehn, Mary                                                    PBCS Elementary Teacher 30+ years; b 1914; d 1999  Fort Hill Cemetery 
Leja, Ashley                               Valedictorian, 2008
Leja, Zachary                                              Valedictorian, 2011
Lewis, Loren L.                                          Attorney 1846, Erie County, NY State Senate 1870-74; NY State Supreme Court Justice,
                                                                                         1882-1896; b 1825 Mentz 

Lincoln, Charles M.                              Cayuga County Highway Dept 30 years; born Conquest; b 1919; d 1989;
                                                                                         Union Hill Cemetery, Cato

Lincoln, Lloyd D.                                   WIA Sep 1918 France US Army WWI  326th Inf; b 1897; d 1972 
                                                                                          Conquest Village Cemetery

Ling, Raymond O.                                 PBCS Custodian, retired 1972; founding member Conquest VFD; community service'
                                                                                         b 1909; d 1999  Conquest Village Cemetery

Locastro, Jennifer                                   Salutatorian, 2010
Locastro, Richard                                   PBCS Soc Science Teacher/Coach 1956-1986, Auburn East High 1943;
                                                                                        Lemoyne College; US Army D-Day WWII; Auburn Softball Hall of Fame;
                                                                                        Auburn High Athletic Hall of Fame 2008

Lockwood, John W.
                             WIA, Gettysburg, PA; WIA, Wilderness, May 1864, POW Reams Station, VA
                                                                                         Aug 1864, WIA and died of wounds in escape attempt
CPT US Army Civil War 
                                                                                         111th NY Inf, enlisted Port Byron 1862;  b 1844; d 1864   Mt Pleasant Cemetery
Lofft, Deborah                                           State Service 35+ years - NY Department of Corrections, Auburn Prison; attended
                                                                                         PB schools, graduated Auburn High

Longley, James                                          Clair Mapley Award, 1970, lettered 5 hs sports; Syracuse Univ 1974, football 70-73
Longyear, Steve                                         Clair Mapley Award, 1985
Longyear, Winford K.                         PB Fire Department 50+ years; US Army WW II; Community Service - Mentz Town 
                                                                                            Assessor, American Legion Post Commander; b 1923; d 2010  St Joseph's
                                                                                            Cemetery Weedsport

Lucas, Audrey                                             Died 2 Dec 64, Whiteface, PA; US Army Civil War 3rd NY Artillery; enlisted Conquest
                                                                                            11 Aug 62; b 1844; d 1864

Lucas, Howard                                           Died 6 Aug 63, New Bern, NC; US Army Civil War; 3rd NY Artillery; enlisted from
                                                                                            Conquest 18 Aug 62; b 1838; d 1863

Lytle, Susan
                                                   Salutatorian, 1961
MacCulloch, James W.                       Teacher 27 years, Superintendent Throopsville Cemetery; b 1856; d 1942 
                                                                                           Throopsville Rural Cemetery

Mack, Horatio                                         
Montezuma Postmaster 33 years; Town Supervisor and Chairman Cayuga County
                                                                                             Board of Supervisors; Drugstore Owner; b 1844; d 1913  Fort Hill Cemetery
MacMaster, Kayleigh Anne
           Salutatorian, 2004

Marks, Dorothy (Wessel)                 PBCS Elementary and Middle School Librarian 28 years; Cortland State, Syracuse Univ; Community
                                                                                            Jordan-Elbridge and Emerald Isle, NC

Marsden, Jeffrey
                                      Valedictorian, 1988

Marshall, Gregory J.                            Outstanding Athlete, 1985
Marshall, Helen
                                         Valedictorian, 1956

Marshall, Herbert                                    Mentz Town Supervisor and County Legislator District 3 serving Mentz, Throop and 
                                                                                            Montezuma 27+ years; Class of 1955; PBHOF inducted 2009  

Marshall, Herbert PhD
                          Salutatorian, Outstanding Athlete, 1981; Music Education degrees from Michigan State
                                                                                             Univ, Syracuse Univ Temple Univ; Music teacher NY schools 11 years; Professor
                                                                                             Baldwin-Wallace College

Martens, Alice                                             Salutatorian, 1937

Martens, Clarisse                                      Salutatorian, 1939

Martens, Janet                                            Lillian Krayka Award-co, 1982
Martin, Douglas E.                                 WIA 1944 France, US Army WW II Purple Heart; b 1919; d 2005  Emerson Cemetery
Martin, Jefferson L.                              KIA 3 Jun 64 Cold Harbor, VA; US Army Civil War 9th NY Artillery; enlisted Mentz
                                                                                          14 Aug 62

Martynowski, Theordore                  Clair Mapley Award 1983
Masson, Alba                                               Valedictorian, 1948
McArthur, Arthur A.                            Died 1864 enroute from New Orleans to Washington, DC aboard US Transport 
                                                                                          ship Continental  
US Army Civil War 75th NY Inf; b 1837; d 1864  buried at sea

McBath, Suzanne M. (Burke)      Teacher, Edwards-Knox Central School 27 years; Class of 1971; Syracuse 
                                                                                           University. 1976

McConnell, Horace
                                POW, Lewinsville, VA Oct 1863; paroled and died Annapolis, MD Hospital
                                                                                           May 1865 US Army Civil War 111th NY Inf, enlisted Montezuma 1862

McDonald, Howard                               Valedictorian, 1944
McDonald, Christine
                            Salutatorian, 1972

McDowell, Gary                                        Salutatorian, 1967

McLoud, Paul                                             Distinguished Service Cross; US Army WWI 11th Railway Engineers AEF,  LT
                                                                                         b 1870 Montezuma; d 1951 Arlington National Cemetery

McMahon, Nate                                       Clair Mapley Award 1984
McMillan, Russell J.                            State Service - 34 years NYS DOT; USAF Korean War; Conquest resident; b 1928; d 1993
McMurtry, John                                       PBCS Science Teacher, 20+ years 
McMurtry, Margaret (Couch)      PBCS Librarian, 20+ years 

McNamara, Elmer    ThD                      Valedictorian, 1925; St. Bernards Seminary, Rochester w/distincton; North American College, 
                                                                                         Rome Italy; Pastor  

McNamara, Ethel (Walders)      Montezuma and PBCS Teacher 40+ years; b 1896; d 1970  
McNamara, Joseph                                Valedictorian, 1930
McNamara, Robert                                Local Service - Montezuma Town Justice 37 years 1965-2002; b 1932
Mead, Byron E.  MD                                Physician, Class of 1874
Mecomber, Henry H.
                            Federal Service - US Customs 29 years Port Director at Thousand Islands Bridge;
                                                                                           Class of  1922; b 1904; d 1978  Mt Pleasant Cemetery

Messner, John
                                             WIA, Gettysburg, PA  US Army Civil War 111th NY Inf, enlisted Port Byron 1862

Metroka, Edward T.                               State Service - NYS Dept of Corrections 25 years, Auburn Prison; US Navy WW II;
                                                                                         Throop Tax Assessor 40 years; Democratic Party Leader; Community service;
                                                                                         St Joseph's Cemetery

Meyer, Arthur C. Sr.                             State Service-NYS Dept of Corrections 25 years; US Army WWII T/SGT;
                                                                                          b 1922; d 2001 Mt Pleasant Cemetery

Meyer, Kathleen                                         PBCS English Teacher, 30+ years
Meyers, Brianna                                        Lillian Krayka Award 2007
Miller, Pauline                                            Valedictorian, 1924
Miles, Francis T.                                        US Army WWII, PFC, L Co, 38th Div Bronze Star; b 1921; d 1964 
                                                                                         Pine Hill Cemetery  
Millard, Deborah (Loveland)        Stanislaus County, CA Social Services, 20+ years; Class of 1970
Mills, Earl                                                        PBCS Bus Driver 34 years; Mentz Town Supervisor, Town councilor, Town Justice; b 1940; d 2001
Mills, Evalyn                                                 Valedictorian, 1957

Mills, Jamison G.                                     Valedictorian, 1993

Mills, Jodi D.                                                Salutatorian, 1995

Mills, Orville                                                  Local Service - Trustee and Mayor, Cayuga, NY 12 years; Class of 1942; USAAF WW II Burma,
                                                                                           India, China Theater; Conservative Party leader, b 1924; d 2009  Pine Hill Cemetery

Mills, Sandy                               Outstanding Performing Arts, 1977; All State Choir Conference
Miniline, David                                           MIA and presumed dead; US Army Civil War; enlisted Mentz
Mink, Henry
                                                   KIA, Wilderness, VA May 1864; US Army Civil War 111th NY Inf, enlisted Montezuma 1862
Moore, Paul B.                                    Salutatorian, 1936; KIA, Southern France, 27 Aug 1944; US Army WWII PVT; b 1918; d 1944  
                                                                                            Purple Heart

Morgan, Harmon A.                              KIA, near Petersburg, VA 22 Jun 1864; US Army Civil War 8th NY Artillery; enlisted Rochester
                                                                                            17 Dec 1863 (from Monetsuma); b 1830; d 1864

Morganthaler, Mary                               PBCS Bus Driver, 20+ years;
Moroney, Frances M.   PhD
                  Professor Education, SUNY Brockport; Class of 1939; Oswego St. Normal School 1944; Catholic
                                                                                            Univ; Penn State Univ

Moroney, William       
                            Salutatorian, 1946; Niagara Univ 1950; US Army Korea 45th Inf Div Silver Star, 1LT; Syracuse
                                                                                            Univ, Northeastern Univ; semi-conductor engineer
Morris, Dolen R.  PhD
                             Federal Service - US Army Vietnam, Peace Corps, USDA; Class of 1967; Cornell Univ 75, 77;
                                                                                          Texas A&M 85; b 1948; d 2007 Royal Palm Beach, FL;

Mosier, Edward
                                           POW-died disease Nov 64 Andersonville, GA; US Army Civil War 9th NY Artillery; enlisted Mentz
                                                                                           18 Dec 63

Mott, Abel
                                                       Died disease  24 May 62 Catlett's Station, VA; US Army Civil War 105th NY Inf;
                                                                                            enlisted PB Feb 62

Mucedola, Cathy (Connell)             Outstanding Athlete, 1970
Mucedola, Frank                                       WIA, Europe US Army WWII 76th Div, Bronze Star; Throop resident; musician,
                                                                                             composer, teacher;  b 1922; d 2007    St Joseph's Cemetery

Muhlnickel, Robert L.  PhD                Assistant Professor English/Philosophy Monroe Community College;
                                                                                           Class of 1970; St John Fisher 1977; St Bernards, SUNY Buffalo; 
                                                                                            Univ of Rochester 2007

Munhall, Patrick J.                                  US Army 23 years. Spanish American War WWI 10th NY Vol Infantry ;
                                                                                           b 1871; d 1939  Pine Hill Cemetery
Murinka, Nancy (Yura)                        PBCS Elementary Teacher, 34 years 1973-2007
Murphy, Daniel
                                            WIA, Petersburg, VA Jun 1864; died of wounds Nov 1864 David's Island, NY 
                                                                                            US Army Civil War, 11th NY Inf, enlisted Montezuma 1862
Murphy, Mary C.                                       Valedictorian, 1914; One room school and PBCS Teacher 48 years 1916-1964;  Oswego 
                                                                                            Normal School, 1916; b 1895 Throop; d 1987  St Josephs Cemetery
Murphy, Michael                                        POW-died disease 30 Jan 1865 Salisbury, NC; US Army Civil War 75th NY Inf;
                                                                                            enlisted Throopsville; b 1840; d 1865

Murray, Cornelius A.                             State Service - Dept of Corrections 29 years; US Navy Korea; Throop resident;
                                                                                             b 1931; d 1993

Myers, Howard Gillespie  MD            Physician, Wilton, CT 40 yeats; Princeton Univ 1885; Bellvue Medical College 1887;
                                                                                            b 1861 Port Byron; d 1935

Myers, Mary Alice                                     Valedictorian, 1931; New Rochelle College 1935 w/distinction
Nagle, Julie
                                                      Salutatorian, 1991

Nagle, Michelle Eileen                           Valedictorian, 1994 

Neal, Dave                                                         Outstanding Athlete, 1966; lettered 3 hs sports; 4 no-hit games PBCS baseball;
                                                                                           SUNY Owsego 1970 baseball 67-70; general mgr Phildelphia Phillies
                                                                                           minor leaque system  
Neal, Marianne PhD                                   Class of 1968; SUNY Oswego 1972, 75; Syracuse University
Neal, Mary Alice                                         PBCS Elementary Cafeteria and Library Staff 20+ years; Community service Mentz
                                                                                              Planning and  Zoning Board/Election Monitor 

Nelson, Carl W.                                           US Army WWII, 1945 Czechoslovakia Bronze Star; b 1908; d 1976 
                                                                                              Conquest Village Cem

Nelson, Lola
                                                   Valedictorian, 1939
Nicolosi, Amedeo A.                               US Army 28 years. WWII Korea, 12th Armored Div Rhineland MAJ; Brooklyn Tech;
                                                                                            PBCS Physics Teacher;  b 1908; d 1990
Nipher, Francis Eugene  LLD              Physicist; Iowa St Univ 1870, MA 1873;  Professor, Washington Univ 1874-1914,
                                                                                             Dept Chair; LLD, 1912, Member Int'l Who's Who;  b 1847 Port Byron; d 1926 
                                                                                             St Louis

Nostrant, Helen (Weston)                   PBCS Teacher 18 years 1952-1970; taught in one room schoolhouses for many years;
                                                                                             b 1909; d 2003

O'Brien, James J.
                                       WIA, Gettysburg, PA  US Army Civil War 111th NY Inf, enlisted Conquest 1862
O'Brien, Margaret                                     Valedictorian, 2010  
O'Connor, Mike                                          NYS Department of Correctios Butler Correctional Facility 23+ years; Throop resident
                                                                                             b 1953; d 2012  St Joseph's Cemetery

O'Hara, Lena C. (Fulmer)                  PBCS Cafeteria Staff 23 years; community service; b 1918; d 2005  
                                                                                             Throopsville Rural Cemetery

O’Hara, Lester
Class of 1936, inducted 2003; community service
Ohlrich, Judy (Green)                 PBCS Elementary Teacher 34 years, 1972-2006; SUNY Fredonia 72
Olmstead, Pulaski                                      KIA 14 Jun 63 Port Hudson, LA; US Army Civil War 75th NY Inf;
                                                                                             enlisted PB 16 Sep 61

Olvera, Raul Sr.                                           US Army WWII, US Navy Korea, Purple Heart; Montezuma resident; b 1929; d 2007
O'Sullivan, Heidi Marie             
Valedictorian, 2003 
Ottman, Lee
                                                     PBCS Band and Music Instructor 20+ years; Ithaca College; Ass't Band Leader
                                                                                             USMA, West Point 
Owen, James J.                                             Elected New York State Assembly, Mentz resident 1840s and 50s; moved to California
                                                                                            1861, elected 2 terms California Assembly, speaker pro tem 63-64; newspaper
                                                                                            publisher San Jose Mercury; b 1827; d     California

Paczkowski, Debra (Moore)             Teacher, Union Springs Schools 24+ years; Class of 1971; Nazareth College 75; SUNY
                                                                                             Oswego 1983

Paczkowski, Kristen M.
                        Salutatorian, 2004
Paczkowski, Thomas J.                         Instructor/Professor/Administrator CCCC 30+ years; Class of 1970;
                                                                                              SUNY Geneseo 1974; Syracuse Univ 76; Throop Town Council; author

Pacyliak, Anthony
                                     Valedictorian, 2001

Pacyliak, David                                            Salutatorian, 2001

Palmer, Frank J.                                          Teacher/Administrator 35+ years; Class of 1927; Syracuse Univ; 
                                                                                               b 1909; d 1995 S. Pasadena, FL

Palmer, George D.                                     Died in service 1918 flu epidemic 16 Oct 1918 Philadelphia; US Army WWI.
                                                                                               B Co 16th Battalion USGDS; Port Byron resident

Palmer, Helen                                               Salutatorian, 1935
Parker, David                                                PBCS Science Teacher/Elementary School Principal 34 years 1974-2007;
                                                                                               Albany State College 1974

Parker, Dorr Edward                             KIA Sep 1863 Sabine Pass, TX; US Army Civil War 75th NY Inf; 
                                                                                               enlisted from Conquest 20 Aug 61; b 1845; d 1863  buried on battlefield

Parker, Gerald F.                                      Aeronautical Engineer, Lockheed (desgined U-2 spyplane) and Boeing (747 automatic pilot
                                                                                              designer); Class of 1943; Indiana Inst. of Technology; |
                                                                                              1926; d 1986  St. Joseph's Cemetery

Parsons, Robert F.                                   WIA 7 Aug 1944; US Army WWII Europe Purple Heart; b 1923: d 1993 
                                                                                              Pine Hill Cemetey

Peck, Eli                                                             Died Feb 64 Ft Foote, MD; US Army Civil War 9th NY Artillery;
                                                                                              enlisted Conquest 12 Aug 62

Pelc, John S.                                                  KIA Luzon, Phillipines 27 Jun 1945; US Army WWII New Gunea, Purple Heart;
                                                                                             Throop resident;  b 1908; d 1945  St Josephs Cemetery  
Pennypacker, Nancy
                              PBCS Elementary Teacher 34 years, 1970-2004;  
Peters, Donald                                             
Died in service NYC 1918 flu epidemic US Army WWI, Medical Dept Quartermaster Corps
Peterson, Marian G.
                              Dietician, 30+ years NY Psychiatric Institute, Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center NYC
                                                                                         Albany State College; Columbia Univ; b 1894 Port Byron; d 1976
Phillips, Glenn C.                                     Cayuga County Highway Dept 39 years; US Air Force, Korea; Throop resident;
                                                                                          b 1926; d 2010  Throopsville Rural Cemetery

Picciano, Michael
Class of 1953, inducted 2004; community leader, sports supporter; Outstanding
                                                                                           Athlete 1954. lettered 3 hs sports; US Navy Cold War; Oswego State Teachers
                                                                                           College 1962, baseball 59-62; Teacher/School Administrator

Pickett, Byron M.                                   Sculptor; listed in Who Was Who in American Art; b 1833 Port Byron; d 1907 NYC 
Pingert, Frederick                                   Salutatorian, 1959
Pingert, Jesse
Class of 1961, inducted 2004; community leader, community service

Piorun, Judith                                            Valedictorian, 1961 
Piorun, Linda (Butler)
                       PBCS Elementary Teacher 2nd Grade; Class of 1965; SUNY Oswego 1969 

Podolak, Erica                                           Valedictorian, 2009 
Pomerleau, Aron
                                     Valedictorian, 1986

Porter, Anne (Sponable)                  Cato Town Clerk 30 years; Class of 1967
Powell, Susan D.
                                      Salutatorian, 1978

Pratt, Charles K.                                      PBCS Bus Driver, Custodian 30 years; US Army WWII Europe; PB Village Board;
                                                                                         b 1912;  d 2007  Mt Pleasant Cemetery

Prybl, Sara (Fraher)                               Teacher, Minnesota elementary schools 25+ years; Class of 1970; St. Catherine 1974;
                                                                                         Minnesota State Univ 1992

Priddy, James Irving                 POW 8 Jul 63 Sabine Pass, TX; US Army Civil War B/75th NY Inf, enl from
                                                                                         Conquest 24 Sep 61; paroled summer 64, mustered out 25 Nov 64 Auburn;
                                                                                          b 1841; d 1906  Popple Creek Cemetery, Sand Creek, WI

Priddy, Willoughby B.               NY State Assembly 1884-85; Conquest resident; b 1835; d 1910  Springlake Cemetery

Pultz, Gilbert L.                        Teacher, 37 years Watertown Vocational; Class of 1929; b 1910; d 2008 
                                                                                         Throopsville Rural Cemetery

Pultz, Glen ‘Tex’
Class of 1933, inducted 2003; heroic act, WWII   KIA barracks 
                                                                                          explosion Naples, Italy Bronze Star, Purple Heart;
  b 1914; d 1943  
                                                                                          Mt Pleasant Cemetery
Pultz, Ramon                                               Port Byron Highway Superintendent 20 years; US Army WWII, 826th Engineers, European Theater
                                                                                             b     d 1997 Lakeland, FL

Quimby, Herndon D.                            KIA France, 6 Jul 1918 US Amry WWI 82nd Inf Div PVT, Class of 1908; b 1890; d 1918
                                                                                            Mt Pleasant Cemetery

Quinn, Victoria (Aude)  DDS            PBCS Spanish Teacher 20+ years; University of Habana, Cuba; d 2009 
Rabourn, William Ossian MD         Physician, Port Byron, Syracuse Univ College of Medicine 1931; WIA US Army WWII
                                                                                            Bronze StarPurple Heart MAJ;  b 1906; d 1964 Alaska (murder victim)

Race, Sandra
                                                Valedictorian, 1960

Radford, Barney                                       Outstanding Athlete, 1927; struck out 20 batters (7 inning game), on team that beat
                                                                                          Fair Haven 154-0; Major League Baseball Player signed by NY Giants, career cut 
                                                                                          short by railroad accident

Radford, Mae                                              Valedictorian, 1923
Rafferty, Gerald A.                                KIA Saipan, 1944; USMC WWII PFC; b 1924; d 1944  St Josephs Cemetery
Rancier, Franklin E. 'Ernie'           WIA, France  US Army WWI 119th Field Artillery; b 1892; d 1969  
                                                                                          Mt Pleasant Cemetery

Randall, Frank
                                            WIA, Gettysburg, PA US Army Civil War 111th NY Inf, enlisted Port Byron 1862
Randall, James A.                                    War Department Clerk 50+ years; US Army Civil War 3rd NY Artillery,
                                                                                          enlisted Mentz 1864; b 1842 Mentz;

Randall, Perry
                                             WIA, Gettysburg, PA US Army Civil War 111th NY Inf, enlisted Port Byron 1862
Randall, Sara                                               Salutatorian, 2012
Randolph, Dan                                           WIA, Vietnam USMC, LCPL, 2 Purple Hearts; Class of 1966;
                                                                                          Mentz Town Supervisor 
Randolph, Laura Mildred                Outstanding Performing Arts, 1960 - NY State Fair Majorette Champion
Randolph, Myra E. (Barrett) RN
  Nurse Auburn Memorial Hospital/Area Practice 30+ years; Weedsport Class of 1930;
                                                                                          Auburn Nursing School 1933; PB resident; community service

Ray, Erwin M.                                             US Postal Service 25+ years; Class of 1940; USAAF WW II; b 1921; d 2012  
                                                                                           Mt Pleasant Cemetery 

Raymond, William                                  Died disease 15 Sep 1862 New Orleans, LA; US Army Civil War 75th NY Inf;
                                                                                             enlisted Throop

Reeves, Donald C.                                   Cayuga County Veterans Office 1962-1991, Director 1973-1991; Class of  1951;
                                                                                           US Army Cold War, b 1933 Montezuma; d 2005  Lakeview Cemetery

Reeves, Virginia                                         Salutatorian, 1943
Reilly, Charles F.                                      Died during training 8 Apr 1956, Parris Island, SC; USMC Cold War; one of six
                                                                                             Marines drowned during forced night training march;
                                                                                             Mt Pleasant Cemetery          

Reynolds, John A.                                   KIA Korea 1951, US Army 7th Inf Regt 3rd Div; also served in USMC 1946-1948;
                                                                                            Class of 1946

Rhoades, Kittie                                           Actress, Theatrical group manager and owner; b 1855; d 1941  Mt Pleasant Cemetery
Richardson, Richard                             POW 9 Jul 64 Monocacy, MD; US Army Civil War 9th NY Artillery;
                                                                                            enlisted Conquest 30 Jul 62

Ridley, Donald                                            Salutatorian, 1944
Riley, Michael                                             US Air Force 25+ years, Cold War, Gulf War, GWOT; Class of 1983; Stetson Univ

Roberts, Carol (Gregory)
Class of 1960, inducted 1999; educator, 30 years teaching, community service;
                                                                                         SUNY Cortland, Peace Corps Turkey; b 1942; d 1997
Roberts, C. J.                                              Clair Mapley Award, 1987; lettered 3 hs, 2 college sports; Wyoming Seminary Prep
                                                                                         School Outstanding Athlete 1988; Lafayette College 1992 

Robertson, John                                       Died in service 16 Aug 1863; US Army Civil War; b 1817; d 1863 
                                                                                          Throopsville Rural Cemetery

Robinson, Edward                                  Salutatorian, 1976
Robson, Katherine                    Salutatorian, 1933
Roe, Dawn L.                            Outstanding Performing Arts, 1981 - band; All State Winde Ensemble; Salt City
                                                                                            Performing Arts;
 MONY Art Award Winner; PB Historian 2008-   
Rogers, Marie                                              Valedictorian, 1945
Rooker, Charles
                                        Clair Mapley Award, 1967; lettered 4 hs sports

Rooker, Clinton                                        PBCS Custodial Staff 31 years 1954-1986; b 1925; d 2004 
Rooker, Edmund
                                      US Air Force 20+ years 
Rooker, E. Eunice                                   PBCS Custodial Staff 20+ years 
Rooker, Ernest Eugene
                       KIA, Sinchon, North Korea, US Army 1st Cav Div PV2; b 1930; d 1951  Mt. Pleasant Cemetery

Rooker, Eugene F.                                  US Air Force 20+ years, Gulf War, GWOT, Major; Class of 1986
Rooker, Matt                                               Clair Mapley Award 2007
Rooker, Richard E.                                US Army 20+ years, Vietnam, Cold War  2 Bronze Stars;
Ross, Charles Nelson                
Treasurer, State of NewYork 1877-78; Yale University 1862; President, Auburn City
                                                                                            National Bank; Mayor Auburn 1874; b 1840 Port Byron; d1923 New Haven, CT
                                                                                            Fort Hill Cemetery 

Root, Carrie Belle                                   Author, Historian; Class of 1922; Syracuse Univ 1926, Northwestern Univ 1938; b 1906; d 1982
Root, Francis Stanton
                         Attorney, Class of 1889; Cornell Univ Law School 1893; US Army Spanish American War; PB
                                                                                             Justice of the Peace; State Service Erie Canal Commission 

Root, Helen I.
                                             Minister/Missionary 25+ years Ceylon, India, and throughout the US; Class of 1890;
                                                                                            Cornell Univ 1896 w/distinction; author; b 1873 Port Byron; d 1945  Mt Pleasant Cemetery

Root, Louis Carroll  PhD                    Banker, Economist, Author; Class of 1888; Cornell Univ 1892, 1894; b 1868; d 1939 Spencer, NY
Root, William Harrison
                     POW Sabine Pass, TX Sep 63; US Army Civil War 75th NY Inf 1LT; b 1841; d 1927
                                                                                              Mt Pleasant Cemetery 
Rose, Cindy Lee (Rooker)               Federal Aviation Administration Air Traffic Controller 25 years;
                                                                                         US Navy Air Traffic Controller

Rose, John Randolph                KIA,
Gettysburg, PA US Army Civil War 111th NY Inf, enlisted Port Byron 
                                                                                         30 Jul 62
Rosecrans, Paul E.                                  NY Dept of Corrections 28 years, Attica Prison Uprising hostage; WW II veteranl
                                                                                        b 1924; d 2011 Florida

Rosecrans, Reta                                        Valedictorian, 1952
Ross, Daniel                                                  Died disease 24 Nov 1862 Camp Stevens, LA; US Army Civil War
                                                                                        75th NY Inf; enlisted PB Sep 62

Ross, Napoleon Bertrand MD
        Physician/Surgeon 40+ years Binghamton, NY and Los Angeles, CA;
                                                                                        Univ of Pennsylvania Medical School 1903; b Montezuma

Rozelle, Melissa                                        Valedictorian, 1997
Rumpf, Charles W.
                                Distinguished Flying Cross, USAAF WWII, T/SGT, B-17 gunner/radioman, 30 missions over
                                                                                            France and Germany; b 1918; d 1998  Pine Hill Cemetery

Ryan, Marie                                                  Valedictorian, 1917
Ryan, Maureen                                           Lillian Krayka Award, 1993
Saroodis, Jean (Beach)                       PBHOF Class of 1958, inducted 2009; community service, community leader; Weedsport Village
                                                                                           Trustee and Mayor 25+ years

Saul, Kenneth                                              Salutatorian, 1954
Savarese, Peggy                                         Salutatorian, 1948
Scanlon, Grace                                           Salutatorian, 1934
Scanlon, Ruth                                              Valedictorian, 1932
Schasel, Rudolph J.                                PBCS Transportatiuon Manager, Industrial Arts Teacher, Assistant Principal 1936-1972;
                                                                                           Port Byron Mayor 1945-1965; Buffalo State 36; b 1913; d 1980   Mt Pleasant Cemetery

Schatz, Christian
                                      WIA, Gettysburg, PA; POW Mine Run, VA Dec 1863; died Andersonville, GA 18 Jun 1864
                                                                                          US Army Civil War 111th NY Inf, enlisted Port Byron 1862

Schramm, Donald J.                             KIA near Florance, Italy 7 Oct 1944; US Army WWII 133rd Regt, 36th Inf Div; Montezuma resident
                                                                                           Weedsport Rural Cemetery

Schulz, Eldor J.
                                         US Army 25 years, WWII Korea Bronze Star, Vietnam; Univ of Nebraska;
                                                                                          b 1919; d 2000     Conquest Village Cemetery    
Sealy, David C. LMSW                            Medical Social Worker 20+ years, Director Clinical Services, Seneca-Cayuga ARC; 
                                                                                          Class of 1970; SUNY Potsdam, West Virginia Univ. 
Sealy, Paul W. Jr.                                     California Department of Corrections 27 years; Class of 1965; US Air Force, Vietnam
Sealy, Paul W. Sr.                                     WIA Purple Heart, Bronze Star 18 Nov 1944 Germany; US Army WW II SGT,
                                                                                         European Theater 30th Inf Div; Throop resident; Community Service, Throop VFD;
                                                                                         b 1915; d 1977   St Joseph's Cemetery

Seamons, Andrea (Pilgrim)
             Local/County Service 20+ years; Class of 1966; PB Village Clerk and Mayor; Office of 
                                                                                          Cayuga County Legislature; Community Service, PB Citizen of the Year     

Seamons, George I.                                WIA N. Africa 1942, US Army WWII European Theater, Purple Heart;
                                                                                           b 1917; d 1991  Mt Pleasant Cemetery

Sears, Raymond H.                                State Service-NYS Thruway; US Navy WWI; b 1901; d 1982  Conquest Village Cemetery
Seaward, Frederick
                                 KIA 2 Oc 1944 Luxembourg, US Army WWII 8th Inf 28th Div; b 1919; d 1944 
                                                                                            Mt Pleasant Cemetery 

Seymour, Harry R.
                                 WIA, Normandy Purple Heart; US Army WW II CPT; C-47 pilot; Montezuma resident;
                                                                                            b 1923; d 1969 Montezuma car accident  Fort Hill Cemetery

Seymour, Milton, R.
                             WIA, Gettysburg, PA; POW Mine Run, VA Dec 1863. paroled  US Army Civil War 
                                                                                           111th NY Inf, enlisted Conquest 3 Aug 62
Seymour, Randy                                       Clair Mapley Award, 1971

Sherman, Melissa A.                             Salutatorian, 1993

Sherman, Stephen E.                            Died 13 Dec 63 Ft Foote, MD; US Army Civil War 9th NY Artlillery; enlisted Conquest 28 Jul 62
Sielliskowski, Franz
                               WIA, Gettysburg, PA;  US Army Civil War 111th NY Inf, enlisted Port Byron 1862

Sine, Victor                          PBHOF, Class of 1943, inducted 1999; community leader, community service

Singer, Albert Mrs.                                Teacher, 43 years; PB Teacher 10 years; retired 1963
Singer, Jesse                                                 Salutatorian, 2002
Sliter, Larry J.                                            WIA - Vietnam, USMC 2 Purple Hearts; attended PB schools; b 1944; d 1970 Buffalo auto accident
Smith, Amanda
                                         Valedictorian, 1999

Smith, Bernard C. Sr.                         State Service - NYS Dept of Corrections 31 years; US Navy; Cayuga County Legislator; b 1940; d 2007
                                                                                          Pine Hill Cemetery

Smith, Darcy
                                                Valedictorian, 1982

Smith, Donald                                            Teacher/Professor Linquistics (Japanese) 30+ years; Class of 1954; Univ of Michigan 1959
Smith, Douglas                         Outstanding Debate, Class of 1980; 5th NY Oratory; 8th US Nationals
Smith, Edward S.                                     KIA 1 Jun 64 Cold Harbor, VA; US Army Civil War 9th NY Artillery; enlisted Conquest 27 Aug 62
Smith, Henry S.                                        WIA 31 Mar 65 near Petersburg, VA; US Army Civil War 111th NY Inf CPL; enlisted PB 9 Aug 62
Smith, Kelvin
                                              Valedictorian, 1951
Smith, Kenneth                                         Salutatorian, 1947
Smith, Richard J.                                   Community Service, Montezuma VFD Life Member and Chief, Town Justice, and
                                                                                         Highway Superintendent;  b 1944; d 2012  Prospect Hill Cemetery, Montezuma

Smith, Richard W.                                  State Service 20+ years - NY Department of Corrections, Auburn Prison Teacher;
                                                                                         Syracuse Univ;  NYS Trapshooting Hall of Fame; b 1934; d 2009 
                                                                                         Mt Pleasant Cemetery 

Smith, Roxanna (Backman)          Community Service; Montezuma Assessor, VFD Auxilliary; PBCS Teacher;
                                                                                          PB School Board 10+ years; Weedsport Class of 1965; b 1946; d 2009 
                                                                                          Prospect Hill Cemetery, Montezuma

Smyth, Jane                                                  Salutatorian, 1968
Snyder, Virgil V.
                                       KIA, Germany 22 Feb 1945 Serrig, Germany; US Army PFC Purple Heart; Conquest resident;
                                                                                         b 1923; d 1945; Woodlawn National Cemetery, Elmira, NY

Sorendo, Edna
                                           Valedictorian, 1940

Sorendo, Michael J.                              Valedictorian, 1947; US Army; Lemoyne College
Sova, David L.                                            US Air Force/Federal Service-DoD 20+ years; b 1951; d 2005  Springlake Cemetery
Sozansky, Ann                                            Salutatorian, 1960

Speen, Peter A.                                           US Air Force 20+ years; Cold War, Gulf War, GWOT MSGT; Class of 1985
Sponable, Frederick W. Jr.
             KIA, USMC 4th Marine Div PFC Iwo Jima invasion, Purple Heart, also Marshall
                                                                                          Islands-Tinian; Class of 1941; b 1924; d 1945  Mt Pleasant Cemetery
Sponable, Frederick W. Sr.            State service-NYS Police, retired disabled from gunshot wound 1932; Justice of the Peace
                                                                                           and Mentz Town Board Member; community leader; b 1884; d 1951 
                                                                                           Mt Pleasant Cemetery

Sponable, Robert C.                             Cayuga County Sheriff 1966-1991; also Deputy and Undersheriff 1949-1965; USMC
                                                                                           WWII 5th Marine Div Iwo Jima PFC;

Squires, William                                        Professor 40+ years at Hamilton College; Hamilton College 1888; b 1864 Throopsville; 
                                                                                           d 1937

Sroka, John                                                   Clair Mapley Award, 1974; Colgate University football
Sroka, Richard                                           State Service - NY State Police; US Army Korea SP4; b 1935; d 2003  Pine Hill Cemtery
Stabinsky, Frances  (Uglialoro)  Cayuga County Sheriff's Department 20+ years, Jailer, 1st female sergeant; b 1924; d 2012
Steel, Count Sobieski                           Justice of the Peace, Uniontown, KS; State legislator, lawyer; US Army Civil War
                                                                                          14th KS Cavalry 1LT; b 1833 Port Byron;

Stevens, Carl                                                Teacher, PBCS 24 years 1946-1970; graduated McClean Central 1936 valedictorian;
                                                                                           Cornell Univ 1940; US Army WW II Medical Corps, PB resident

Stevens, George                                         Died in service, Lumpkin Mt, VA; US Army Civil War; enlisted Mentz
Stevenson, Halsey Bidwell
               Presbyterian Minister, Librarian and Hebrew Teacher 30 years; William College, 
                                                                                          Auburn Theological Seminary; b 1854 Montezuma; d 1907

Stewart, Alvin D. MD                             Physician, PB resident; Univ of Michigan Medical School 1876; b 1854; d 1933  Mt Pleasant Cemetery
Stewart, Alvin J.  MD                             Physician; Class of 1904; Syracuse Univ College of Medicine 1911; US Army WWI LT;
                                                                                          b 1886; d 1967 Ann Arbor, MI

Stickle, Ethel
                                                PBCS Teacher, Conquest and PBCS area schools 20+ years
Stilwell, Christie                                        Outstanding Athlete, 1969
Stivers, George                                           Died field hospital, US Army Civil War, enlisted Mentz
Stocking, George Abner
                    Justice of the Peace 20+ years; Methodist Church Minister; b 1796; d 1869 Montezuma 
Stone, Howard E. DDS                          Port Byron Dentist 1898-1957; PBCS Dentist 19401960; US Army WWI; Univ of Buffalo
                                                                                           School of  Dentistry 1898
Stoneburg, Robert Cyrus
                 US Army and Marine Corps 20 years service Cold War and Vietnam; Port Byron resident;
                                                                                            b 1937; d 2011 
Stryker, Robert Francis             
KIA, Binh Long Province Vietnam 7 Nov 1967, US Army 1st Inf Div Vietnam, SP4  
                                                                                          Medal of Honor, Bronze Star, Purple Heart;
 b 1944, d 1967 
                                                                                          Pine Hill Cemetery    Panel 29E - Line 045 Vietnam Wall
Sturges, John                                               MIA and presumed dead May 1864 Wilderness, VA; US Army Civil War 138th NY Inf;
                                                                                            enlisted from Conquest 2 Aug 62
Summerville, Lorraine                        Lillian Krayka Award 1983
Swart, Jeremiah
                                         WIA, Gettysburg, PA  US Army Civil War 111th NY Inf, enlisted Port Byron 1862 
Sweet, Joseph Ferris                  Latin Teacher, Chicago High Schools 40 years; Head, Tulley High School, Chicago Latin
                                                                                            Department; Cornell University 1886; b Throop 1862; d 1944  Rochester, NH
Sweet, Robert Vaughan  MD            Physician 58 years; Cornell University 1885; Principal, Rose Union School, Rose, NY
                                                                                              1886; NY Homeopathic Medical College 88; Mayor, Rochester, NH 1895, 1915;
                                                                                               b: 1865 Throop; d 1944 Rochester, NH
Switzer, Virgil
                                              PBCS Teacher 20+ years   

Tallman, Marcia                                        Salutatorian, 1950  
Taylor, Carol (Warren)                      Outstanding Performing Arts - Band (Trombone), 1933; Syracuse Univ; Cayuga County Probation
                                                                                           Officer 20+ years

Taylor, Smith
                                               WIA, Wilderness, VA May 1864  US Army Civil War 111th NY Inf, enlisted Port Byron 1862

TenEyck, Beryl (Church)                  Teacher, 46 years; PBCS Teacher, 43 years (1920-1963)
TenEyck, Clair (Davitt)                    Teacher, 33 years - 28 at PBCS; Plattsburgh State College; b 1926; d 2011
Terry, Gretchen                                          Salutatorian, 1982
Terry, Martha                            Valedictorian, 1981
Terwilliger, Carrie Ann
                       Salutatorian, 1994
Thomas, Betty
                                             PBCS Elementary Teacher 3rd Grade 20+ years; SUNY Geneseo 1963   

Thomas, Frank R.                                    PBCS District Principal 1968-1973, 32 years teaching and school administration; US Army WWII;
                                                                                         Port Byron Mayor 1979-1984; b 1916; d 1987  Mr Pleasent Cemetery

Thurston, Gertrude                                 Salutatorian, 1958

Thurston, Laverne M.                          WIA 25 Aug 1969 Vietnam; US Army Purple Heart
Thurston, Hiram 'Buddy'                 KIA France, 3 Feb 1945;  b 1923; d 1945  Montezuma resident; St Josephs Cemetery, Weedsport
Thurston, Jennifer                                   Outstanding Athlete, 1988
Thurston, Ray I.
                                        POW Kasserine Pass, N. Africa 17 Feb 1943, liberated Germany 1945, US Army WWII MSGT;
                                                                                            b 1920; d 1980  Mt Pleasant Cemetery

Tomasso, Bernard                                   PBCS Staff/Librarian 27 years
Tomasso, Laura
                                        Salutatorian-co, 1992  
Tomenga, Jerry
                                          Soil Conversatino Service 37 years; Port Byron resident; US Army WWII and USAF Reserves MAJ; 
                                                                                          Port Byron, Cayuga County and Mentz Planning Board member  b 1919; d 1992

Tomenga, Michael K.
  JD                   Valedictorian, 1971; National Forensics Champoinship, 1969; St. Lawrence Univ 1975
                                                                                           w/distinction; Catholic Univ School of Law, 1978; customs, international trade and
                                                                                           export attorney  
Tomenga, Larry                                        Valedictorian, 1965 
Tonzi, Richard C.                                    NY State Police 1954-1986 MAJ; US Navy Korea helicopter rescue; Class of  1949;
                                                                                          b 1932; d 1999

Topping, Charles D.                              Community service - Deerfield, MI; Justice of the Peace 20+ years;
                                                                                          b 1799 Mentz; d 1876 Fenton, MI

Topping, George W.  MD                    Physician 40+ years Michigan; Albany Normal School; Clerk, Erie Canal Montezuma;
                                                                                         Teacher, Montezuma Schools; University of Michigan 1854; b 1827 Mentz; d 1895

Topping, James L.                                  WIA, Fredericksburg, VA Dec 1862; 16th MI Inf LT; Attorney 1859;
                                                                                          Justice of the Peace and Circuit Court Judge Genessee County, MI; Democratic Party 
                                                                                          Leader; b 1825 Mentz; d 1902 Michigan

Townsend, George M.
                         POW, Mine Run, VA Dec 1863; died Andersonville, GA 14 Apr 1864  CPL
                                                                                           US Army Civil War  111th NY Inf, enlisted Port Byron 1862

Traver, Charles A.                                   WIA, Wilderness, VA May 1864  US Army Civil War 111th NY Inf, enlisted Montezuma 1862

Traver, Claire A.                                       Mentz Town Clerk 20 years 1954-1974; US Navy; Class of 1942; commuity leader, community
                                                                                             service; semi-pro baseball player;  b 1924; d 1974  Mt Pleasant Cemetery

Traver, William H.
                                 WIA, Spotsylvania, VA May 1864 SGT US Army Civil War 111th NY Inf, enlisted Montezuma

Treat, Peg                                 PBCS Bus Driver/Transportation Coordinator 25+ years
Tripp, Harold                                             KIA Duck Valley, France 29 Sep 1918; US Army WWI PVT 108th Inf; Throop resident;
                                                                                         b 1896; d 1918

Tripp, John                                                   Clair Mapley Award, 1968; lettered 3 hs sports; SUNY Oswego 1972 w/distinction
Tutton, Marie                                              PBCS Guidance Counselor, 24 years 1955-1969;  b 1911; d 1985
Tyler, Comfort                                           NY State Legislator for Onondaga County 1798-99; US Army Revolutionary War and War of 1812,
                                                                                          Assistant Commissary General for Northern Army, COL; early Montezuma settler and Erie /
                                                                                          Canal proponent; b 1764; d 1827 Montezuma

Uglialoro, Gandolfo C.                      Died heart attack, Camp Wheeler, GA 1946; US Army PVT; Montezuma resident; b 1916; d 1945
                                                                                           Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, Rochester, NY

Ukolowicz, Betsey J.  RN                     Nurse 20+ years; Union Springs HS graduate; Auburn School of Nursing; US Army
                                                                                        WW II Nurse Corps European Theater; Auburn Mercy Hospital; Throop resident; 
                                                                                        b 1922; d 2010  Evergreen Cemetery, Orwell, NY

Urbanik, Jerome F.                                State Service-NYS Thruway 25 years; US Air Force Korea; b 1930; d 1997  Mt Pleasant Cemetery 
VanAcora, Josephine
Class of 1928, inducted 1999; educator, community service

VanBlaircum, Adelbert                      Died illness 12 Dec 1864 returning home from Ft Henry; US Army Civil War 16th NY Artillery;
                                                                                              enlisted from Conquest; b 1841; d 1864

VanderMuelen, Ann                              Valedictorian, 1973
VanderMuelen, William            PBCS Elementary School Principal 20+ years 
VanDetto, Marie                                     Teacher, 40 years, Auburn Schools 1922-1962; Class of 1918; Mentz Historian;  b 1898; d 1993 
                                                                                             St Joseph's Cemetery
VanDetto, Theresa
                                  PBCS Teacher, 43 years 1926-1969; Class of 1924; PB and Mentz Historian, b 1906; d 1986
                                                                                             St Joseph's Cemetery

VanDitto, Alex E.                                    Mentz Town Board 1932-1936; PB Village Board 1936-1940; PB Justice of the Peace 1931-1971;
                                                                                            US Army, Mexican Border and WWI; b 1884; d 1974  Mt Pleasant Cemetery

VanDitto, A.J.                                            NY State Police; Class of    ; Rochester Institute of Technology; outstanding wrestler, state police
                                                                                             champion trap shooter multiple years

VanDitto, Barbara Jean
Class of 1953, inducted 2006; Valedictorian; community service, community leader

VanDitto, Peter                                         PBHOF, Class of 1938, inducted 1999; community service, educator, musician


VanDitto, William A.                           WIA WWII, US Army/USMC, Class of 1942, lettered 4 hs sports, state champion trap shooter,
                                                                                              b 1925; d 2005   Mt Pleasant Cemetery

VanFleet, Joyce                                         Outstanding Athlete, 1963
VanNaken, John                                       KIA Jul 1862 Chickahominy, VA; US Army Civil War; b 1842; d 1862  Mt Pleasant Cemetery
VanNostrand, Emily                              Salutatorian, 2007
VanVleck, Henry                                      WIA 2 Apr 65 Petersburg, VA, died of wounds 14 Jun 65 Petersburg. VA; US Army Civil War
                                                                                             9th NY Artillery; enlisted Conquest 11 Aug 62

Velie, Gilbert                                                KIA 23 Jun 63 Port Hudson, LA: US Army Civil War 75th NY Inf; enlisted PB 2 Apr 62
Vinciguerra, Ladislaus 'Jim'          US Army WWII, Korea 20 years; served 1936-1956, Hickam Field, Hawaii 7 Dec 41; N. Africa, 
                                                                                               Sicily, Italy, Alaska, Korea; b 1918; d 2004

Vitale, Julie
                                                   Salutatorian, 1990

Vitale, Mathew                                           Valedictorian, 2005

Vitale, Paul E.                                             US Air Force 20 years Korea, Cold War, Vietnam; MSGT, Personnel Tech; Class of 1953
Waffle, John
                                                 POW, The Wilderness, VA May 1864 paroled US Army Civil War 111th NY Inf
                                                                                              enlisted Port Byron 1862

Walker, Brenda                                         Lillian Krayka Award-co, 1982
Walker, Livingston                                 Died in service 1864; US Army Civil War, 9th NY Heavy Artillery; b 1847: d 1864  Throopsville
                                                                                               Rural Cemetery

Walker, Margaret                                     PBCS Bus Driver 20+ years;
Walsh, Brenda
                                             Valedictorian, 1990

Walter, Douglas E.                                  State Service - Thruway; US Army WW II medic; PBFD 30 years; b 1928; d 1997
Ward, Amasa                                               Died disease 28 Sep 1863 New Orleans, LA; US Army Civil War 75th NY Inf; enlisted Montezuma
Ware, Bertha (Kerns)                PBCS Elementary Teacher 39 years 1921-1970
Ware, Ethel
                                                    Mentz Deputy Town Clerk 40 years; PB Fire Dept and American Legion Auxilliary 50 years;
                                                                                            community service;   d 1972  Mt Pleasant Cemetery

Ware, Robert A.
                                        PB Fire Dept 70 years; Cayuga County Deputy/Head Fire Coordinator, 31 years; USAAF WWII;
                                                                                            b 1921; d 2008  Mt Pleasant Cemetery

Ware, William A.
                                      PB Fire Dept 50 years; Mentz Town Clerk 40 years; PBCS Board member; community leader;
                                                                                             b 1890; d 1967  Mt Pleasant Cemetery

Warren, Harry R.
                                     Mentz Town Board; Cayuga County Board of Supervisors 1925-1938, died while in office;
                                                                                            community leader for school centralization/drinking water improvements/Owasco
                                                                                            Outlet pollution control; b 1877; d 1938  Mt Pleasant Cemetery

Warren, Mary L.                                       Teacher/Preceptress PB High School 20+ years; Class of 1889; Potsdam Normal School;
                                                                                             b 1871; d 1929   Mt Pleasant Cemetery

Warren, Harold T.                                   WIA, Europe, US Army WWII, 1st Inf Div; b 1917; d 1970  Mt Pleasant Cemetery
Warren, Richard
                                        WIA, Petersburg, VA Jun 1864, LT US Army Civil War 111th NY Inf, 
                                                                                          enlisted Port Byron 1862
Warrick, Robert                                        American Legion Athletic Award, 1966; lettered 3 hs sports, SGT, US Army Vietnam 
Washburn, Amos                                      Died in service Mar 1862; US Army Civil War; enlisted Mentz; b 1840; d 1862 
                                                                                        Mt Pleasant Cemetery

Waterman, Donald                                 PBHOF, Class of 1967, inducted 2012; community service; Cornell Univ 1971
Waterman, Evelyn (Bliss)
                  PBHOF, Class of 1960, inducted 2000; community service, community leader

Waterman, Mary                                       Salutatorian, 1962

Waterman, Mary                                       Salutatorian, 1932
Waterman, Mary
                                       Salutatorian, 2006

Waterman, Rebecca                               Valedictorian, 2002
Waterman, Ross A.  PhD                     Class of 1962; Cornell Univ 1966; Univ of Wisconsin 69, 72; US Dept of Agriculture
                                                                                          30+ years

Waterman, Willoughby PhD             Professor, City College of NY 30 years; Chairman Sociology and Anthropology Depts; Class of 1907
Watson, George H.
    DD                        Dentist 40+ years; dentist to Court of Germany and Poland before WWI; Univ of Michigan Dental
                                                                                           College; b 1862 Conquest; d 1944 Lyons, NY

Watson, George P.
                                  US Air Force 21 years T/SGT; b 1931; d 1991  Mt Pleasant Cemetery
Watson, William G.                               US Air Force 20+ years Cold War, Gulf War; Class of 1978; Univ of Missouri-St Louis,
Welch, Harry J.                                          Died accident 7 May 1919; US Navy WWI; USS Stockton, CMM; Port Byron resident
Wenzel, Marie
                                              PBCS Teacher 30 years; 1923-1932, 1948-1969;
West, Dana L.                                              PB High School Teacher, Coach, Athletic Director and High School Principal, 1938-1971
West, Richard D.   RADM                      PBHOF, Class of 1961, inducted 1999; US Navy 37 years 1965-2002
                                                                                            Vietnam, Cold War, Gulf War; Oceanographer and Navigator of the Navy,
                                                                                            Distinguished Service Medal, 2 Defense Superior Service Medals, 
                                                                                            3 Legion of Merit
RADM; Univ of Rochester 1965
West, Ruth (Wyant)                                Cayuga County Welfare Departments 30+ years; community service;
                                                                                             graduated Sherwood School, Syracuse Univ 45, 63; b 1923; d 2010

Weston, Barbara
                                        Salutatorian, 1963
Weston, Lorraine                                      Salutatorian, 1951
Weston, Marian                                          Salutatorian, 1917
Westover, Stanley L.                              Teacher/Administrator 35+ years NY/PA schools; Oswego State Teachers College; 
                                                                                              b 1901; d 1972  Mt Pleasant Cemetery
Wethey, Carolyn (Copp)    RN          PBCS School Nurse 23 years, also at Auburn Memorial Hospital, Auburn Nursing
                                                                                             School 1963; Weedsport graduate 1960; SUNY Cortland; b 1942; d 2011

Wethey, Harold E.   PhD                       Art Historian, Chairman, Department of Fine Arts, Univ of Michigan 1940-1972;
                                                                                              Cornell Univ 1923; Harvard Univ 1935; also taught at Bryn Mawr Univ,
                                                                                              Washington Univ and Univ of Minnesota; author; 
                                                                                               b 1902 Port Byron; d 1984 Ann Arbor, Michigan

Wethey, Lyman                                           PBHOF, class of 1959, inducted 2007; Port Byron Trustee and Mayor; PBCS
                                                                                              Superintendant Buildings and Grounds 20 years 1981-2001 
Wethey, Ruth                                                Union Springs Elementary Teacher 20+ years; Class of 1961; Weslayan Univ, NE
Wheat, William K.                                   Physician Montezuma 1853-1866; Philadelphia Medical College 1853; Justice of the
                                                                                            Peace and Toll Collector; b 1830; d unk Michigan 

Wheeler, Valentine                     WIA Battle of Bunker Hill, Apr 1776, MA Militia, Revolutionary War, also served at
                                                                                             Battle of White Plains, Bristol, RI and Battle of Newport;
                                                                                             b 1756; d 1845  Conquest Village Cemetery

Whitcomb, Ozias Oscar                       POW Sep 1863 Sabine Pass, TX; US Army Civil War 75th NY Infantry 
White, Benjamin Marcellus             Port Byron Mayor 1971-1975; Cayuga Foundry Owner/Operator 1941-1966, community leader; listed
                                                                                         in Who's Who in Colored America 1950; member Negro Athlete Hall of Fame; US Army WWI;
                                                                                         community service; b 1900; d 1982  Mt Pleasant Cemetery

White, George M.                                     Died 1 Dec 62 Washington, DC; US Army Civil War; 111th NY Inf; enlisted Montezuma 5 Aug 62
White, Ruth (Langworthy)
               US Dept of Agriculture Stabilization Conservation Service 20+ years; b 1913; d 2009
                                                                                          Mt Pleasant Cemetery

Whitman, Alonzo
                                     POW, Reams Station, VA  paroled  US Army Civil War 111th NY Inf, enlisted Port Byron 1863

Wilczek, Mariann                                     Valedictorian, 1977
Wilder, Richard                                          WIA 24 Mar 67 Tamkey, Vietnam, CPL USMC, Purple Heart;  PB resident
Wiley, Russell W.   PhD                           Teacher/Educator/Author - Superintendent of Sarasota, FL schools; Class of 1934; US Army WW II
                                                                                           European Theater; Syracuse Univ 1950, 54; b 1917; d 1997 Florida

Wilkins, Samuel                                          KIA 19 Oct 1864 Cedar Creek, VA; US Army Civil War; b 1839; d 1864; Conquest Village Cem
Williams, George                                       WIA and died of wounds 4 Aug 1864 Frederick, MD; US Army Civil War 9th NY Artillery
                                                                                             enlisted Montezuma 14 Aug 62

Wilmot, Emily
                                              Valedictorian, 2000

Wilson, Aaron                           Died of illness (lung disease) contracted July 1864 Fort Magruder, Williamsburg, VA US Army
                                                                                            Civil War 16th NY Artillery; b abt 1816; d 1876

Wilson, Donald E.                                    WIA European Theater May 1945; US Army WW II, Korea CPL; b 1923; d 1985 
                                                                                           Mt Pleasant Cemetery

Wilson, George                                           US Navy 20+ years, Vietnam; Class of 1966
Wilson, George E.                                    Died 5 Sep 1940, from typhoid fever contracted during Army National Guard war games; US Army
                                                                                            108th Inf NYNG; b 1912; d 1940  Mt Pleasant Cemetery

Wilson, Jerome                          WIA date unknown (shot in hand); enl Mentz 30 Dec 63, 16th NY Hvy Artillery; b 1845; d 1875
Wilson, Lyman O.                                    Died in service, field hospital; US Army Civil War; enlisted Mentz 8th NY Cavalry
Wilson, Pearl (Kilmer)               Nurse 20+ years; Women's Union, 1932; b 1894; d 1993  Mt Pleasant Cemetery
Wilson, Philip R.                       Wounded accidental weapons discharge; US Army Civil War 9th NY Artillery; b 1843; d 1897
                                                        Mt Pleasant Cemetery
Wilson, Robert                                            WIA 6 May 1864 Wilderness; US Army Civil War 75th NY Inf; enlisted from Conquest 23 Jul 61
Wilson, Ronald E.                                    Clair Mapley Award, 1966; Teacher 33 years, PBCS Soc Science Teacher/Coach 28 years;
                                                                                           lettered 3 hs sports; SUNY Brockport; Port Byron Mayor 1984-1990, 1995-

Wilson, Silas                                                  KIA 5 May 1864 Wilderness, VA; US Army Civil War 75th NY Inf; enlisted from Conquest
                                                                                            23 Jul 61

Wilson, Stewart R.                                   State Service - Dept of Corrections; US Army Medic;  born Port Byron; b 1928; d 1997
Wilson, William J.                                   WIA 6 Jun 1864; US Army Civil War 75th NY Inf; enlisted from Conquest 23 Jul 61
Wilt, Barbara                                                Valedictorian, 1938
Wilt, Delvin ‘Ted’
                                     PBHOF, class of 1935, inducted 2006, community service

Wilt, Kathy                                PBCS Elementary Music Teacher 34 years, 1966-2000; Class of 1962; SUNY Fredonia 66;
                                                                                             community leader/volunteer

Wilt, Nelson R.
                                            USAF 20+ years, Vietnam, C-130 Pilot, Class of 1966; lettered 3 hs sports 
Wilt, Robert W.                                          PBCS Custodial Staff 38 years 1948-1986; US Army WWII; b 1924; d 2008  Mt Pleasant Cemetery

Winner, Robert                                           Died disease 17 Nov 1864 Nashville, TN; US Army Civil War 137th NY Inf; enlisted PB 12 Apr 62
Wood, Nathan  DR                                    First resident physician in Conquest; Cayuga County Medical Society 1808; b 1782; d 1824

Woodcock, Jean (Hoyt)
             PBCS Phys Ed Teacher 20+ years; also taught in Weedsport Schools; Ithaca College; b 1921; d 2007
                                                                                             Weedsport Rural Cemetery

Wooding, Cindy
                                        Salutatorian, 1975; Rochester Inst. of Technology 1975 w/distinction
Wooding, Sandy                                        Valedicitorian, 1975; Rochester Inst. of Technology 1975 w/distinction
Woods, James                                              Died in service. Camp Douglas, IL; US Army Civil War, enllisted Mentz
Worden, Culver                                          Died in service Harpers Ferry Hospital 17 Aug 1864; US Army Civil War; enlisted from Conquest
Wright, Beatrice                                         Teacher 33 years Auburn schools; Class of 1925; Oswego Normal School 1929
Wright, Kenneth                                        WIA 1 Oct 1944 France, US Army WWII Purple Heart SSG European Theater; Class of 1937
Wright, Olga
                                                  Salutatorian, 1924  
Wright, Ruth (Campbell)
                   Outstanding Performing Arts - drama, 1943; Weedsport CS Home Economics
                                                                                           Teacher 25+ years 

Wright, William G.                                  Died in service Aug 1961 USAF vehicle accident Sparrevohn Air Force Station,

                                                                                          Anchorage, AK; Class of 1955     

Yaworsky, Mary                                         Valedictorian, 1968   
Yaworsky, Michael  JD                           Valedictorian, 1972; St. Lawrence Univ 76 w/distinction; Cornell Univ Law School 79  
Young, Frank Levi                                   Attorney 1892; NY State Assemblyman 1909-1912; Westchester County Judge
                                                                                            1916-1922; NY  Supreme Court Justice 1925-1930; Cornell Univ 1888;
                                                                                             b 1860 Port Byron; d 1930  

Young, Henry
                                                Local/County Service 27+ years; NYU and Bridgeport Univ; Throop Town Justice,
                                                                                           Throop Supervisor 69-74; Commissioner/Chairman, Cayuga County Civil Service 
                                                                                           Commission 74-87; Community Service; b; 1919; d 1987  Fort Hill Cemetery  
Young, Henry C.                                         US Postal Service 20+ years Rural Carrier; PB School Boasrd Member, Vice-President
                                                                                            and President; Class of 1943; b 1925; d 2012    

Young, Jessie                                                 Valedictorian, 1955
Young, Larry C.     
                                 USAF 24 years Vietnam, Cold War MSGT; Class of 1969; b 1951;
                                                                                           d 2004 Iowa (farm accident)

Youngs, Kris                                                   Lillian Krayka Award, 1984
Youngs, Robert                                            Clair Mapley Award/and American Legion Athletic Award 1963, lettered 4 hs sports; 
Zubon, William James
                           PBCS Teacher 20+ years; US Army WWII; Albany State Univ, Syracuse Univ;
                                                                                            b 1909; d 1978  Fort Hill Cemetery