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Additional Historic Events
     Elvin Freeman Band Years  1931-1951   
     Jon Bowen Band Years 1975-1979 

     PBCS Athletic Records   (need additional input - current list limited to newspaper reports)  
     New York State Historic Markers    
     Port Byron's Connection to the Titanic 
     Port Byron High School Junior Prom... Queens, Kings, and Attendants             Junior Prom Photos
     Outstanding Athletic Teams     (missing some championship teams and need additional input)

Veterans Master List                                                                                                           Veterans Markers and Headstones 
Revolutionary War         19 Apr 1775 - 15 Apr 1783 
War of 1812           18 Jun 1812 -  8 Jan 1815
     Indian Wars                        1 Jan 1817 - 31 Dec 1898
     Mexican War           25 Apr 1846 -  2 Feb 1848
     Civil War                          12 Apr 1861 -  9 Apr 1865      
     Spanish American War 
21 Apr 1898 -  4 Jul 1902
     Mexican Border War   9 May 1916 -  5 Apr 1917 
     World War I
                        6 Apr 1917 - 11 Nov 1918 
     World War II                       7 Dec 1941 - 31 Dec 1946 
     Cold War           2 Sep 1945 - 26 Dec 1991
     Korean War                      27 Jun 1950 - 31 Jan 1955 
     Vietnam War                    28 Feb 1961 -  7 May 1975  
SW Asia/Persian Gulf      2 Aug 1990 - 30 Nov 1995 
Global War on Terror     11 Sep 2001 - TBD

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Automatic Recognition Criteria for Hall of Fame:  

individuals born or buried or who resided for a significant period of time in the Towns of Conquest, Mentz, Montezuma, Throop or the Village of Port Byron, or attended school in the Port Byron Central School District geographical area and are one or more of the following:

 - Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient 
 - Individuals who died in the line of duty while serving in the military or while serving in law enforcement or in a fire department 
 - Individuals who were wounded in action while serving in the military, were awarded the Purple Heart Medal or who became
        Prisoners of War
 - Members of the Port Byron High School Hall of Fame (PBHOF)
 - Valedictorian of a Port Byron High School graduating class
 - Salutatorian of a Port Byron High School graduating class
 - Most athletic designation for boys (Clair Mapley athletic award or American Legion award winner or voted most athletic in
         yearbook or significant listing of athletic accomplishments in yearbook)
 - Most athletic designation for girls (Athletic Cup or Lillian Krayka athletic award
winner, or voted most athletic in yearbook or
         significant listing of athletic accomplishments in yearbook)
 - Individual with significant accomplishments in high school or college level performing arts or debate
 - Individual who played in a professional sport (or was drafted or signed by a professional sports team)
 - Individual with significant accomplishments in college level athletics
 - Individual with significant accomplishments in college level academics or who earned a doctorate degree (from an
       accredited institution - no diploma mill of Photoshop degrees accepted)
Individual who, while serving in the military, was awarded  a Bronze Star Medal (or higher level award) 
 - Individual who served honorably in the military or in local, state or federal government for a period of 20 years or longer
 - Individual who has served with distinction in an elective office at the local, state, or federal level
 - Staff or Faculty member who served in the Port Byron Central School district (or in the smaller districts that made up the 
       centralized area prior to 1936) with distinction for a period of 20
 years or longer
 - Individual who has distinguished themselves through exceptional service within their communities, professions or careers

  Submit names of eligible individuals to be included on the list to: pbahof [at] gmail [dot] com
There is no standard submission format - just describe what criteria applies and try to provide some type of evidence (copy of newspaper clipping, yearbook page, graduation brochure/program showing class awards, civilian and military records, personal recollections, etc.).  Self nominations are encouraged.
  First entry after name indicates first criteria met - other significant accomplishments and additional information added as discovered or provided
  Information sources utilized include online cemetery databases (from the Cayuga County USGenWeb site), cemetery walk throughs, online newspapers (for obituaries and 'In the Service' hometown news release type articles), yearbooks, online searches for individuals and personal contacts.  
   Disqualification criteria - felony arrest or conviction (for example, Melvin Hall Jr. would have been listed based on his playing Major League Baseball, but his arrest and conviction for felony sexual assault has moved him to the disqualified list).  Other disqualification reasons include dishonorable discharge from the military, desertion from military service (those individuals will still be listed in the list of veterans (at the bottom), but won't be listed in the Hall of Fame master list if qualified) and anyone who has submitted false information on nomination.