Persatuan Bekas Askar British Malaysia (PBAB)

Membership of PBAB  
as at  30 November 2015  is   1133

Pingat Jasa Malaysia (PJM) - RCEL and Hari Pahlawan cheque presentation at MINDEF
5 July 2012
Che Onn Neamat collecting the RHP cheque from Defence Minister

Chee Shiuh Sing & Joseph Scully (R.Signals) with the PJM

Anuar Rahman & Awang Ahmad (REME) with their PJM
Hashim Abdullah (REME) and Yahya Md Isa (RMP/SGR) not in Pictures...

Sulong Yunus (Royal Malay) born 1911 and Ujang Mormin (Royal Malay) born 1921 
Both are receipients of RCEL Welfare grant.

Man Manja (RE) and Zaiton Mat Piah (wife of late Abdullah Hadani R.Signals) the other RCEL Welfare Grant receipients

Royal Commonwealth Ex-Services League 31st Conferance in Malta 

The Royal Commonwealth Ex-Services League 31st Conference in Malta on 5th -10th May 2012 was chaired by the Deputy Grand President, Gen.Sir Sam Cowan KCB, CBE and in attendance were almost 170 council members, delegates and their spouses from 48 Commonwealth countries and the United Kingdom. Malaysia was represented by Malaysian Ex-British Army Association's president Che Onn Neamat.

The conference was officially opened by Dr Lawrence Gonzi, Malta's PM and the first guest speaker was Louise J Stanton, British High Commissioner to Malta. Che Onn was later invited to join her table for lunch.

Among others, the following were discussed in the conference;
1. Relationships with the World Veteran's Federation.
2. Recommending that the 2016 Conference takes place in Malaysia (KL).
3. To amend Section 5(a) of the constitutions by deleting "Ex-Services Association of Malaysia" ( Persatuan Bekas Tentera Malaysia) and inserting "The Malaysian Ex-British Army Association" ( Persatuan Bekas Askar British Malaysia).

In the discussions Che Onn took the opportunity to highlight the establishment of JHEV by our Government in 2001 to provide financial assistance and other benefits to the Commonwealth veterans and widows and the Veterans Act 2011 which was recently approved by parliament to further guarantee and improve the aftercare of the veterans and widows of the ex-servicemen including payment of pensions to non-pensioners and our association's cordial relationship with the JHEV. This was spontaneously received by the participating countries.

The results of the Conference are:
1. The Malaysian Ex-British Army Association was voted in with 100% support as RCEL's new organisation member replacing Persatuan Bekas Tentera Malaysia (PBTM).
2. Kuala Lumpur too was voted in with 100% support to host 2016 RCEL 32nd. Conference.
3. As for the World Veteran's Federation future relationship, it will announced later on after receiving the conference reports.

Che Onn congratulate PBAB Patron Datuk Halim Yom and all the Committee Members for the splendid achievement and our success is the blessing of ALLAH SWT for it was only not only due to our perseverance but most importantly our honesty and sincerity in helping those veterans and widows who are in need. Your contributions is only ALLAH will reward you.

Che Onn also take this opportunity to thank Dato' Mohamad Suffian Awang, Political secretary to YAB Perdana Menteri for his support and Maj Gen Dato' Zulkiflee Mazlan, Director General Veteran Affairs Dept. ATM Ministry of Defence for all the advices, guidances and support.

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Group Photo of the Council members & Delegates

Che Onn with Brigadier JCKL King 
Council member for Malaysia

The Hilton with the Casino (Tall building)

General Sir Sam Gowen

Presentation of RCEL grants by Chief Minister of Malacca (August 2011)
L-R   Mohd Isro Hj Jabar RAOC - Puan Ramlah Hussain RAOC - Che Onn Neamat President PBAB -Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam Mentri Besar Malacca - Yahya Md Isa RMP
 - Md Zain Hj Samad RCT - Dalip Hassan RA - Jabar Mukibat Deputy President PBAB

Colonel Paul Davis Sec-Gen of RCEL visit KL on 2 February 2011

Col Davis witnessing the change in RCEL
representation in Malaysia.

PBAB headed by Che Onn Neamat
is the new representative.

PBTM is representaed by 
BG dato Nik Mohd Zaaba

Group photo with PBAB committee members and RCEL grant recepients

Presentation of Pingat Jasa Malaysia on 30 August 2010 at MINDEF

Presentation of PJM at Kelab Sultan Sulaiman in 3 November 2012

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