About me ... I don't have any awards - not even an honorable mention. Heck, I didn't even go to school to become a Writer - I was going to be a Fine Art Painter. Yet I had to pay my student loans. After college, I worked in Mental Health - as in schizophrenics and other assortment of severe mental disorders. All the while, I painted and sketched - and wrote stories. In that time, I speculated the story I really wanted to conjure - years of drawing monsters had spun my own mythology and I hoped for something comparable and real.

The narrative I wanted to create would fulfill a fading desire and breathe life into the chimeras I had drawn in my notebooks. That visual mythology had been collectively called "The Mortui Philosophies." I tried animation, but the repetitive work only produced frustration. So much in fact, I joined the 'sane' world and switched careers into Internet Technology. Secure, I had stopped painting and focused on a very rewarding career. After a few years lacking expression from my creative self, my Pazuzu Trilogy took its first breath.

And there is the reason readers should read my Pazuzu Trilogy - it is a unique, blasphemous, scrubbed-til-Sunday epic. The Eighth Revision was the first pass in which I did not make major changes - I found typos and a few obtuse sentences, but other than those, the changes are smattering instances of migrating blocks of text into dialogue. The following four revisions were then experiments with character names and locations. So yeah, the current and last revision is the Twelfth. It's called the Wasted Revision.

I hope readers enjoy the free ebook version of Manifestation - the first installment of the trilogy. And I'd like them to tell everyone they know and buy the second and third book. Manifestation is mostly background. It's where I introduce the consequences of a godless world. Emergence is when the narrative grows teeth and nails. Here is where Pazuzu is revealed and my alien gods find this feckless demon. Abeyance brings all to its mortal end.

Matthew Sawyer