Matthew Sawyer is the author of the Pazuzu Trilogy. Matt revisits old sketchbooks and populates the mythology he creates for his bleak fantasy-horror story. Information about the author is available here on the website for the Pazuzu Trilogy. The Pazuzu Trilogy website provides samples of the books in the trilogy. Locations to buy the trilogy online are included with the synopsis of each book.  More samples and up-to-date trilogy news available on the trilogy's blog.

Brief Trilogy Synopsis -

There is no good, no happy endings - there is no God. Here is the world of the Shur desert. An ocean borders the waste on its northwest side, but there is nothing else. Nomadic heathens have lived in the Shur for generations, waging cold war jihads against their enemies the Chosen. (more)

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Reviews - 

"I love your pitch & preface that informed me of your "Ape" drug which turns users into gorillas :) - I laughed when I thought of "going ape." :) I know so many people that are ex-users, so it's not funny, but the play on words is what made me laugh. :) I can't stopping laughing at "securing another batch of Ape." "The Unchosen Caste" name made me laugh, too. :) "Eternity in Hell or oblivion" is quite a choice! :) I hope you will write a lot of books - what a wonderful mind, you have. :)"
Susie Gulick

"An appetizing 1st paragraph [Chapter 7] ... Yum, pizza. Just what I'd want after that. There's a sort of comedy to this. Squids are interesting. I'd been thinking it since the 1st paragraph: plague. Nice timing. A lot of tension with the lighting, much more tension now--Dil goes down. Waiting for something to go bang. You manage to create sense of tension and foreboding with the setting. The reader feels that something bad is about to happen, like every things going to get worse."
Benjamin Dancer
Author of Fidelity

"Your writing is clear and reads like the wind. This is not my genre however the writing is good enough to keep me in the story. Your dialogue rocks. I am so glad I went further than your pitch to read the prologue and Chapter One. I actually liked Ch. 1 the best."
A Zoomer

"You have such exquisite descriptions throughout this luscious and imaginative narrative.  Six stars for you and Pazuzu-Manifestation is going on my watchlist."
Walden Carrington

"I really think you've set the stage for an interesting story to take place here. Your world is far from generic and I like your creative naming of Kanen's drug of choice. Your writing is on point for the most part but I couldn't help but notice that you had one obvious grammar error in your prologue. * "What do want?" Kanen capitulated. Nothing a split second of editing wouldn't fix, unless it was intentional for some reason. I'm still into reading your novel at this point but so far so good. Rated 5 stars and added to my watchlist."
Wesley W.

"Finished all 3 books, Bravo."
Gary Campbell

Books in the Pazuzu Trilogy-

The wasted revision trilogy books are now available -

PAZUZU – MANIFESTATION is the first book in the Pazuzu Trilogy.

The second book is called PAZUZU – EMERGENCE.

The last book is called PAZUZU - ABEYANCE.

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