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Latest Updates:

21st June 2006
updated the thumbs page with a full description of the game

31st May 2006
quite a major update to the site, re-organised the rock paper scissors page heirarchy, started developing other parts to the web site to include micro manipulation and other stuff that amuses me. 

23rd May 2006
removed a lot of capitol letters to make the pages more asthetic, added a page about being part of a demonstration look over there game of rock paper scissors at the BJC2006 here.

10th May 2006
added pic of Anna to the rock paper scissors well, also added pic to rock paper scissors SLAP of a game in progress, and also added more text to the rock paper scissors statue page

5th April 2006
changed the look of the website as the old look didn't display the links very well. also added content and a picture from Tiawan to the rock paper scissors SLAP page 

3rd April
added rock paper scissors statue page and updated the look over there page with a picture of Matt Hall

27th March 2006:
added the rock paper scissors well page, after talking to my mates Austrian girlfriend about rock paper scissors.

24th March 2006: 
just added the email address on the page footer, and started work on the look over there and rock paper scissor SLAP pages

23rd March 2006:
i've wanted to create a webpage on rock paper scissor (rps) for a while now, thought about using But once my googlepages account was activated, after being on a waiting list, it seemed like the perfect time to kick things off.