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this page is here to log those random conversations you have in pubs.

8th june 2006 - palindromic tmeses
after juggling in the park on a very sunny evening a group of about 10 of us sat around with few beers taking in the very pleasant evening. the conversation started off relatively innocently with a request to sourcing a good mozzarella cheese supplier, this prompted a short discussion of favourite and unusual cheeses. this lead to:
"arrr, but do you know why 'cornish yarg' is so called?" 
after a little debating the answer is given that it's the cheese makers surname (gray) backwards. this leads to why trebor mints are so called (same reason as the cheese). the discussion turns to palindromes in general.
"arrr, but do you know what a tmesis is?"
turns out a tmesis is a word split apart and a second word placed between the splits, eg abso-bloody-lutly.
so the conversation naturally leads into palindromic temeses (tmeses is the plural of tmesis).
"ab-did-ba", "ab-bob-ba", etc. followed.
it's just not very often you have 10 people sitting around discussing palindromic tmeses!

30th september 2006
jon from tumbridge wells juggling club ( very kindly pointed out that tmesis is the only word in the english dictionary that begins with 'tm'